Muskaan 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets accused

Muskaan 3rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak lying to Gayatri about Hanumanth’s birthday. Gayatri asks him to come home if he is done. They come home. She scolds Ronak for over drinking. Muskaan tries to defend Ronak. Gayatri asks her not to try to cover up his mistake. She says by covering loved one’s mistakes, we encourage them to make more mistakes. She asks Ronak to go and have food. She asks Muskaan not to cover up his mistakes next time, else she will scold her. She goes. Muskaan asks Ronak to have food. Ronak asks what’s this drama. They argue. He takes her to room. She says I wasn’t getting Gayatri there, but I had to come, as she was waiting for you, you will leave drinking now. He asks her not to become teacher.

He says mum got hurt today. She scolds him for not thinking about his mum. She finds

him asleep. She makes him sleep well. She thinks he was shouting like a devil just now and he is sleeping like a kid. Its morning, Ronak apologizes to Gayatri. He asks her to talk to him. She scolds him for being so kiddish. Muskaan sees them and thinks I will love Aarti the same way. Muskaan apologizes to Ronak. Gayatri says it was not your mistake. Ronak says fine, now I don’t have my mum on my side. Muskaan says forgive him, he is often proud of his mistakes. Ronak warns her. Gayatri stares at him. He asks are you getting me insulted.

Gayatri says she is saying right, I will forgive you on her saying, but on one condition, you won’t do this again. He says never. Dolly comes to them. Muskaan helps Dolly. Ronak says you didn’t use to talk before, you are talking a lot these days. Muskaan asks can I make a request, don’t do anything that mum doesn’t like. He asks her not to teach him. She says I m doing this just to find my mum, till then I have to do this drama. Bunty comes and asks what are you saying. Ronak asks him not to interfere in his matter. Bunty asks him to come downstairs. Dolly asks Muskaan to sit. She makes food and serves everyone. Ronak says we will open a good business this way by opening a Dhaba. Lovely defends their dad. Gayatri says we can send them out somewhere, Ronak and Muskaan’s wedding happened many days ago. Ronak says mum worries for me, I know dad will also want me to leave. Sir ji says I don’t want to do anything that hurts Gayatri. Ronak asks him to think where will this drama take him. Sir ji says I will fail your plans.

Sir ji and Ronak leave from home. Sir ji gives money to someone. He asks Ronak to have jalebis, they greet me well, I have a reputation here, you want me to lose all this, send Muskaan back to brothel, I swear I will tell truth to Gayatri. Ronak says you don’t fulfill promise. Ronak also orders jalebi. He says there is a special news today, a man appears Devta and runs brothel by hiding. The man says we should cage such Raavan. Sir ji looks on.

Ronak asks Sir ji to see their thoughts, there is still time, go and tell truth to Gayatri, else it may get late. He gets down the car. Sir ji thinks I don’t need to think what I should go. Gayatri asks Dolly to take Muskaan for shopping. Police comes home in search of Muskaan. Dolly asks what happened. Inspector says you couldn’t understand the cheater behind this innocent face, she is tricking police since years. He arrests Muskaan.

Ronak learns about Muskaan’s arrest. Sir ji asks what will you do now, I don’t know what will happen with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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