Muskaan 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya hides Muskaan

Muskaan 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady asking Tabassum not to send her husband to police station. She says our worlds are different. Muskaan eats icecream. Jaya looks on. She says we will play some game. Muskaan says some fight is happening. The lady tells Aarti that she would have understood her if she had a husband and daughter. Muskaan says how can she say this, I m Aarti’s daughter, I have to tell her. She goes out of window. Jaya stops her and says you will lose the game. The lady says I will sell my jewelry and free my husband, I know he will come here again. I got an identity and respect in society by his name. Muskaan says that aunty is scolding mum. Jaya acts to get hurt and stops Muskaan. Suzaine says men makes women dance on his tune.

The lady says you don’t know the meaning of sindoor and

mangalsutra, just do a favor, don’t let him come here tomorrow. She goes. Tabassum says we handle the people who break in outside world. Suzaine cries. Muskaan recalls the lady’s words. Aarti comes. Muskaan asks her about the lady’s words, why didn’t she tell her about having a daughter. Aarti asks how do you know, did you come out, do you know what the lady was shouting, she lost the game, so she got angry, this was her way to make me lose the game, don’t let anger dominate you. Muskaan agrees. Tabassum asks Ghosh to serve food. They ask for Suzaine. Suzaine sits sad and recalls the lady’s words. She cries. Aarti comes to her. Suzaine says our life is so strange, when someone shows us the mirror…

Aarti says we wish to break the mirror. Suzaine says if everything was fine, I would have got married as well. She cries. Muskaan talks to her teddy and goes to see Aarti. Suzaine asks won’t we get respect ever. Aarti says you have seen that woman today, she gets insulted in her own eyes to keep her respect in society, we have to make our own identity, we have to be strong, we have to fight with society and ourselves too, come for dinner. Jaya sees Muskaan and asks her to hide. Rakhi turns to see. Jaya says I m feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep. She goes to Muskaan. Muskaan asks where is mumma, I m hungry. Jaya asks shall I get food, Aarti went out. Muskaan says don’t get food, else I can’t eat food when Aarti gets it. Jaya calls her smart. Sujoy sees her. Jaya hides Muskaan and acts.

Aarti and Suzaine come. Tabassum asks them to have food. Aarti says I will have food in room. Suzaine says have food with me. Jaya asks Aarti to come with her, she has some imp work. Suzaine says fine, go with her. Jaya and Aarti go to the room. Jaya asks Aarti did she feel bad of the lady’s words. Aarti asks did you get me here to ask this. Jaya asks her to have food. She goes. Aarti apologizes to Muskaan and feeds her. They sleep. Aarti sleeps early and goes. She gets breakfast. Muskaan gets her books. Aarti says you should study at home since you took many holidays. Muskaan says my holidays are finishing now.

Muskaan plays with marbles. Sujoy sees her and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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