Muskaan 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan returns home

Muskaan 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum attending the guests. Baby doll….plays…. Sujoy comes to Suzaine and says someone is calling you. Ghosh asks who. Suzaine says the person who wants to marry me, I will go and meet him. Ghosh asks him to go. Sujoy collides with a man and steals a phone. The man goes. Suzaine gets the phone from Sujoy. She asks him not to make the small mistakes his habit. He says don’t worry, I will return the phone, call the number now. She calls NGO and tells about Muskaan. She says don’t come here, these people are dangerous, you will get the girl at the icecream stall, her name is Muskaan. She asks Sujoy to drop Muskaan at the icecream stall and not let anyone see him. He says I understood, I will manage. Tabassum asks Rakhi to make Muskaan wear heels and get her here. Rakhi

goes to get Muskaan. Sujoy comes to Muskaan and tries to take her out. Muskaan says Tabassum always gets angry on me, how will I get mumma. He asks her to have icecream with him. He insists and takes her. Rakhi says now Aarti will lose. She goes to Muskaan. Sujoy and Muskaan have icecream. He waits for NGO people.

Some men come to Muskaan to take her. He says I m taking you to your mum, I know Suzaine as well, come with me. Muskaan goes with the man. Sujoy sees her. Rakhi asks what are you doing here. Sujoy thinks mum must not see Muskaan going. The man takes Muskaan in his car. Sujoy says nothing. He lies to her. Suzaine praises Sujoy. She says we wish we could free you and Sapna as well, we should be happy that Muskaan got saved, she will go in a good world, where she will be loved. She asks Sujoy to go now. He goes. Suzaine hugs Lumi and Jaya.

Tabassum look for Muskaan. She sends the men to get Muskaan. She asks Ghosh to stop the clients. Ghosh tries to make the men wait, but they all leave. Tabassum scolds Suzaine. She asks Rakhi to find Muskaan. Ghosh says I tried my best, but guests don’t want to wait. She says fine, they will come back tomorrow. Muskaan comes home. Suzaine and everyone get shocked. Tabassum doesn’t scold Muskaan. She tells Rakhi that Muskaan will dance here by her own wish. Suzaine thinks how did Muskaan come back, NGO people took her. She signs to ask Sujoy. Sujoy says I don’t know. Muskaan thinks how she gets saved from the stranger. Suzaine says why did you come here, they were good people and were taking you to good place. Muskaan says sorry, I don’t want to go anywhere, I have to win toys and get mumma back, I miss her, I can’t stay without her. Sujoy says its good no one know about this. Lumi asks where is your locket. Ghosh says its here, I got this outside, I know everything. They get shocked.

Muskaan gets a toy. She hugs teddy and cries, asking Aarti to come back. She gets Aarti’s letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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