Muskaan 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya gets caught

Muskaan 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya running away from the goons. Muskaan worries and thinks if Aarti got to know about her. Aarti thinks to keep Muskaan away from the matter. Muskaan goes to Aarti and gets tensed. The goon catches Jaya and snatches her dupatta, which blocks his sight. He falls down the bike. Aarti tickles Muskaan and makes her laugh. Muskaan gets relieved. Jaya runs away again. The goons follow. Tabassum says when we get Jaya this time, we will hand over Jaya to Chadda. She turns angry.

Aarti says I have got many things for you. She asks Muskaan to see the gifts. Muskaan sees the clothes and says its just okay. Aarti shows more. Muskaan doesn’t like anything. Aarti says I won’t get anything again, didn’t you like it, say the truth. Muskaan says I liked it all, I was teasing you since you tickled me. The goons catch Jaya. Police comes and asks what’s happening here. Goons run away. Jaya says some goons were following me. Inspector asks her to come with him. Sujoy and Sapna get scared of the ghost and hide. Inspector sees Jaya and gets glad that he found her. He says I will drop her at the station. He calls Chadda and informs that they found Jaya. Tabassum calls out and tells everyone that they found Jaya.

Muskaan worries and says Jaya got caught. Aarti asks how do you know. Muskaan says I heard it. Aarti says don’t worry, you didn’t make Jaya run, you are playing well. Jaya fakes nausea and goes to vomit. She doubts on the inspector. She runs away. Inspector runs after her. He catches her. She asks him to please let her go. He says no, we can’t leave you. She asks the people to help her. No one helps. Inspector drags her home and asks Chadda to get Jaya. Tabassum stares at Jaya. Everyone looks on as Jaya gets mistreated. Tabassum asks who has helped you in escaping, tell me. Muskaan looks on. Jaya sees Aarti. She recalls Muskaan. Tabassum asks her to say the name. Muskaan says don’t say my name please. Jaya says she is an angel. Muskaan smiles. Tabassum slaps Jaya and says tell me the name of the angel. Jaya says angels don’t have name. Tabassum beats her. Jaya is taken to her room.

Muskaan gets money and thinks to get icecream. She worries that she may get caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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