Muskaan 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya escapes with Muskaan’s help

Muskaan 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti telling Tabassum that she will do some other day as there is tension at home. Aarti goes to Muskaan. Muskaan asks her to go out. Aarti refuses and says we will spend time. Lumi comes and asks Aarti to take her for shopping. Aarti agrees. She says we shall have food first. Muskaan hugs Jaya and gets glad. Tabassum calls someone and goes.

Muskaan and Jaya leave by the duct way. Sujoy says I want to go to washroom, come with me. Rakhi is sleeping. He goes alone. Ghosh goes to sleep. Jaya says everyone left, now we can go. Jaya and Muskaan try to leave. Sujoy hears a sound and says ghost. He runs. Jaya reaches the door and sees Tabassum. She hides and says we shall leave fast. They hide from everyone. Muskaan opens the door and asks Jaya to come. Rakhi takes Sujoy to washroom. Jaya sees the guards outside and says what will we do now. Muskaan says there is an idea. She throws a stone at the stall. The vendor looks around and gets into an argument with the guards. The guards go. Muskaan waves to Jaya and asks her to go. Jaya runs away while hiding her face. A lady calls Tabassum and informs about Jaya. Tabassum asks where is Jaya. The lady says she is leaving. Jaya goes to railway station.

Tabassum asks the taxi number. The lady tells number and asks for money. Tabassum asks the guards to send all the men to railway station. Aarti and Lumi come from shopping. Tabassum asks how did you come in. Lumi says door was open. Tabassum asks how is this door open. Ghosh says I locked it. Tabassum says it means Jaya was inside the house till now. Rakhi says but we checked her well. Tabassum says there is someone helping her. Suzaine says who can it be. Muskaan looks on. The goons get after Jaya. Rakhi asks Aarti did she make Jaya run away. Aarti asks what do you mean to say. Suzaine says I will see Rakhi today. She scolds Rakhi. She blames her. Aarti thinks to manage Muskaan. Muskaan cries and worries that Jaya will get caught. Jaya asks the driver to stop the taxi. She gets down the taxi. The goons follow her.

Jaya runs from the goon. They catch her. She tries to escape.

Update Credit to: Amena

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