Muskaan 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum searches for Jaya

Muskaan 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghosh checking everyone’s room. Jaya comes to the doll house and recalls how she tricked Aarti. Muskaan says we will share the food which Aarti brings, I have to spend time with her, till then you play with the doll, you are smart enough to know the rest. Jaya smiles. Tabassum asks the men to find Jaya everywhere. Rakhi stops Aarti and asks Tabassum to check Aarti’s room, since Ghosh has checked everyone’s room. Aarti says you mean I have hidden Jaya. Rakhi says I mean maybe Jaya has hidden there. Aarti says I have checked my room. Tabassum asks Ghosh to check Aarti’s room again. Rakhi asks Aarti to say if she has objection. Aarti says no, check my room, I have no objection. Rakhi says we all will check the room.

Aarti unlocks the room. They all get in and check the

room. Aarti gets tensed. Muskaan and Jaya worry. Tabassum asks Ghosh to go, and not give food to anyone tonight. Suzaine says but we didn’t make Jaya run away. Tabassum says then get Jaya back. She goes. Suzaine says why should we bear this. They all go. Aarti shuts the door. Muskaan comes to her. Jaya looks on. Aarti answers Muskaan and says mum is angry as she lost twice, she couldn’t find you and Jaya. Muskaan says it means we will win. Aarti gives her food. Muskaan asks won’t you get food today. Aarti says its fine. Muskaan feeds her. Jaya smiles seeing them. She thinks every daughter should get a mum like Aarti, she is doing all this to make her daughter win, everyone can’t do this. Aarti cries.

Jaya thinks I shall leave from here, but I will pray for you two that you win this game. Aarti hugs Muskaan and cries. Suzaine and others discuss who has made Jaya elope. Ghosh says who has given water and food to Jaya, there is someone in this house. Tabassum asks who. Rakhi asks ghost. Sujoy says yes, Sapna has also seen it. Rakhi scolds them. Aarti says we got saved today, if everyone knew it then, I don’t know how will I do this, I just know I will fight for you. Jaya says Muskaan is an angel for me, thanks for whatever you did for me. Its morning, Rakhi drinks tea. Tabassum stays tensed. Chadda comes and asks them to find Jaya. Rakhi taunts Aarti. Inspector comes and greets Chadda. He asks for Jaya’s pic. Aarti says I have her pic. Inspector says I will ask my men to find her, where will she run, don’t worry, you will get her. Chadda gives him money and thanks.

Muskaan and Jaya eat cookies. Muskaan says I think everyone got tired. Jaya thinks I wish, but no one will get tired here. Muskaan asks what will be our next step. Tabassum says I won’t leave Jaya. Aarti comes to her and says I have come as you are worried. Tabassum says Jaya is making me worried. Aarti says we will get her, we all are hungry. Jaya and Muskaan make a plan. Muskaan likes the idea. She asks if everyone doesn’t give food to everyone, how will everyone sleep. Tabassum says yes, we will have food together today. Aarti thinks when everyone sleeps, I will get time to spend with Muskaan. Muskaan says mumma won’t sleep, she promised she will spend time with me. Jaya says you have to send Aarti out of house. Muskaan says we have a team. Tabassum says you have to go and meet Muskaan right. Aarti gets thinking.

Muskaan and Jaya leave from the room. Sujoy comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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