Muskaan 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti leaves the house

Muskaan 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan and Aarti seeing each other and crying. They encourage and console each other. They sign and hug each other from far. Aarti asks her to take care, she will come back soon. Chadda takes Aarti away. Muskaan and Aarti’s sisters cry. Rakhi says drama is over, get back to work now, do you want to fight or you want to beg me for Muskaan, her life is in my hands now. Muskaan cries. Suzaine says you can never snatch the girl’s smile. They go.

Chadda says if you act smart, Muskaan will come in trouble, stop crying now, else I will send Muskaan somewhere else. He clicks her pic and sends to Tabassum. Rakhi comes and sees the pics. Tabassum says Aarti couldn’t adapt to this kotha, Muskaan will be happy here, we have to keep her well, she is the future of this kotha, if anything

happens to her, I won’t leave you, vacate Aarti’s room and use it for some other work. Muskaan hugs Suzaine. Tabassum and Rakhi come to them. Suzaine says Aarti just left, we came here as Muskaan can feel lonely. Tabassum says yes, you can keep Muskaan with you. Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi take care of Muskaan. Muskaan asks shall I take Ganpati from mum’s room. Tabassum allows her.

Aarti meets some women. She is given the ghungroos. The women compliment her dance. The man asks her to prepare for the dance. Muskaan prays and wishes Aarti comes back. Everyone prays for Muskaan’s wish to get fulfilled. They all cry. Muskaan wipes their tears and hugs them. The man says we will manage Muskaan’s expenses as long as you dance here, nothing comes for free. Aarti picks the ghungroos. She agrees and asks him to say when and where to dance. She goes to get ready. He smiles. Rakhi vacates Aarti’s room. Aarti sees Muskaan’s pic and cries. Muskaan sees her teddy bears getting packed. She asks Tabassum not to dump her toys.

Tabassum says you can get everything, but I have a condition. Aarti gets Muskaan’s teddy and says maybe this came in my bag by mistake, I wish mum makes her play as I used to do. Muskaan says I will do whatever you say, but I want my mumma back. Tabassum says fine, I will tell you what to do, the day your doll house gets completed, I will call your mum back. Muskaan says I can do anything for mum. Tabassum says so its decided. Muskaan says let me sleep in Aarti’s room at night. Tabassum says really, you want to get pampered. She asks her to stop dreaming. Rakhi laughs. Tabassum says you will sleep with other kids, stones don’t melt by tears, nothing can change here, you do a good drama. Muskaan cries. Tabassum says you will stay in Rakhi’s room and sleep on the floor. She goes.

Muskaan obeys Tabassum and does the work. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    It has become boring. Always crying. I just read updates here.

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