Muskaan 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya goes missing

Muskaan 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan running to free Jaya. Suzaine gets angry on Sapna and asks her if she took the nail paint. Sapna denies. Suzaine scolds her and goes. Aarti asks her to spare the kids, what’s the big deal. Suzaine says they should have asked me and got the nail paint. Aarti goes. Muskaan tries to open the lock. Jaya asks her to hurry up. Aarti comes there. Muskaan hides. Jaya calls for help. Aarti apologizes to her and goes. She calls out Muskaan and thinks she is sleeping. She says poor Muskaan would have got bored, I will play with her. She goes to check the doll house. Muskaan opens the lock and gets in. She hugs Jaya. Jaya asks her to free her hands. Muskaan opens the chains. She hugs Jaya. Aarti stops when Lumi calls her. Lumi says mum is calling. Aarti goes with her. Muskaan says we

have to do something, but what, just think.

A man tells Suzaine that he loves her a lot. She slaps him and asks him to get lost. He proposes her. She asks him to think of his wife, get lost. He says shut up, Lumi is better. He proposes Lumi. Everyone laughs. Lumi says fine, get baraat tomorrow, go from here now. Suzaine asks Ghosh to take him away. Tabassum jokes on the man. Sujoy tells Tabassum that Jaya is not in the room, the ghost has taken her away. They all run to see Jaya. They see Jaya gone. Tabassum shouts and asks who has opened the door and chains, tell me, else I will beat you all. She strictly asks them. Jaya is with Muskaan. Jaya thinks if everyone doesn’t see me, what will they do. Muskaan cries and says mumma won’t leave me. Jaya asks who is your mumma. Muskaan says Aarti, who else. Jaya recalls Tabassum’s words and smiles seeing Muskaan. She says it means you are alive. Muskaan says you are saying as if you don’t know about me. Sujoy and Sapna get scared of the ghost. Tabassum asks who has got sympathy for Jaya. Ghosh says I didn’t know about Jaya.

Muskaan tells about the game which Aarti told her. She says I will lose the game as you have caught me. Jaya thinks Aarti has so much courage, her daughter is so lovely, everyone would have known I m not in the room, they will find me everywhere. Aarti worries and thinks if Muskaan is behind Jaya’s disappearance. She comes to Muskaan and asks did you go out from here. Muskaan says no, I don’t have to lose the game. Aarti thinks why did Muskaan ask about Jaya that day. Muskaan asks why are you asking this. Aarti goes and checks the doll house. Muskaan gets tensed. Aarti doesn’t see anyone. She says what am I thinking, why will Muskaan go out and meet Jaya. She leaves from the room. Muskaan goes to the doll house. Ghosh asks did you check your room. Aarti says yes, there is no one.

Rakhi says like our rooms are checked by Ghosh, why is Aarti spared. Aarti says I have checked my room. Tabassum asks Ghosh to check Aarti’s room again. Muskaan is with Jaya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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