Muskaan 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan and Aarti try to escape

Muskaan 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti and her sisters dancing on Dil mera muft ka…. Aarti falls down. Rakhi scolds her. Suzaine and Lumi take Aarti with them. Muskaan runs to ask what happened to Aarti. Rakhi asks her to stay away. Muskaan asks them to take care of Aarti. Tabassum asks everyone to go and handle customers. She says I know Aarti, you will not act to faint, but if you fall this way, its not right for kotha, if you are planning something, then forget it, you know what will happen with Muskaan. Aarti cries. Muskaan recalls Aarti’s words and says I will become your strength. She sees Sapna and Sujoy sleeping. She goes to meet Aarti.

She enters by the window. She makes two men fight and sends the bouncers away. She asks Aarti to come fast. Aarti asks her did she switch off the current. Muskaan

says yes. Aarti touches and checks the wires. They remove the wires and run away. They hide from Tabassum and run, while the dance goes on. Aarti sees the bouncers at the door. Rakhi and everyone come back home. Rakhi finds Muskaan gone. She asks Sapna and Sujoy about her. Tabassum gets shocked and runs to check Aarti. She gets shocked.

Aarti and Muskaan leave for the bus stop. Muskaan says now we will win this game, I will not return there, Tabassum is really bad. They reach the bus stop. They board the bus and try to escape. Muskaan says we have come far, no one can find us, don’t worry. Aarti wishes this was easy, everyone would be finding us. Muskaan says Lord will grant my wish. Tabassum says Aarti cheated me, I will not leave her. Tabassum asks the men to go and find Aarti and Muskaan.

Rakhi scolds her children. Ghosh tells something to Tabassum. Tabassum asks Ghosh to get the jeep, they shall leave. She dons a burqa and goes to track Aarti. She finds them in a bus. She drags Muskaan with her. Aarti gets shocked. Aarti begs her to leave Muskaan. The man asks what happened. Ghosh and goons stop the people. Muskaan asks Tabassum to leave her and Aarti. Tabassum says you should have thought of Muskaan, she will be punished now, why did you run away. She brings them home. Everyone gets shocked. Chadda comes and points gun at Aarti. Aarti asks him to kill her and end everything. Tabassum says send Aarti to a different kotha, this is her punishment. Aarti gets shocked.

Muskaan asks Aarti not to go. She prays. Aarti says make me meet Muskaan once. Chadda drags her outside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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