Muskaan 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan and Jaya make a plan

Muskaan 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti and Chadda arguing. Tabassum asks her to answer where did she go. Aarti says I went to buy few things from market. Aarti worries when Rakhi asks her what did she buy. Chadda asks her to show what did she buy. Aarti asks her not to check her bag. He gets insulting her and laughs. She thinks he will know about Muskaan. He takes her purse and checks. She prays that she gets saved. Some men come and ask for donation for Mata Rani’s bhandar. Chadda goes for work. Aarti gets saved Tabassum gives the donation. The men ask them not to come in Bhandar. Suzaine questions them why are they taking money from them. Aarti comes to room. Muskaan talks to the teddy and asks him to sleep. She goes and thinks to keep her promise. She hugs Aarti. She asks are you a housewife. Aarti says yes, I have many things to do. Muskaan says share work with everyone. Aarti smiles. Muskaan says you stay with me till I return to school. Aarti thinks you have no place there now. She agrees. Muskaan smiles.

Muskaan goes to Jaya and meets her. Jaya says I knew you will come. Muskaan says I will win this game. Jaya says me too, but they chained me. Muskaan says maybe you did mistake. Jaya says no, they didn’t wish me to win, so they did cheating, will you help me, I will help you win the game. She tells her plan. Muskaan agrees and goes. Jaya says my unknown niece will get me out of here now. Aarti dances on the stage on Deewani Mastani…. Muskaan recalls Jaya’s words and thinks to find Tabassum’s word. She sees Tabassum and follows her. She hides and enters her room. She looks for keys. She doesn’t get it. She picks a nail paint and goes. Rakhi and others come back home. Muskaan hides from Tabassum and laughs seeing her. She looks for keys again. Suzaine finds the nail paint missing and thinks Sapna has taken it. She goes to Sapna. Muskaan checks the pillow cover and gets the keys. She smiles.

Aarti thinks Muskaan is sleeping. She thinks to play with Muskaan. Muskaan hugs Jaya and frees her from chains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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