Muskaan 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan helps Jaya

Muskaan 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti saying you will be going to a new school. Muskaan asks will my friends and warden be there. Aarti says no. Muskaan says then I won’t go, all my friends are in Darjeeling, I will study there. Aarti gives the spiritual thread and says this will always protect you from evil eye. Muskaan asks will it help me in winning the game. Aarti gets ready and makes Muskaan ready as well. Muskaan asks why do you dress up like a bride. Aarti says don’t say anyone, I m a supergirl. Muskaan laughs. Aarti asks her to hide and not tell anyone her real identity. Aarti goes out and sits to wear ghungroos. Rakhi sees her and asks her why is she wearing it outside the room. Aarti jokes. Muskaan sits in the doll house and talks to the dolls. She goes out to see. Aarti goes. Muskaan sees some men

and thinks who are they.

Aarti meets the guests. Jaya asks for food. Muskaan goes to get food. She sees sujoy having food. He gets scared. She takes away his food. Sujoy tells them about the ghost. Tabassum gives Jaya’s room keys to Ghosh. She goes. Muskaan goes to Jaya and gives her food. Ghosh comes to Jaya and sees her having food. He asks what are you doing, who gave this to you. Jaya thinks who is helping her. Muskaan sees some men coming and hides under the bucket. The man sees the bucket moving and gets shocked. Muskaan goes.

Suzaine says its better I go and sleep than meeting such men. Tabassum says he has paid you, how could you run away, you get the maximum here. Suzaine says I won’t go to the man I don’t like. She goes. Its morning, Aarti sees Muskaan sleeping and leaves. She goes to the school for Muskaan’s admission. The principal asks Aarti to wait outside. He says Muskaan left the big school, why did she get her here, call the school and find out about her daughter. Muskaan eats the chocolate. The lady says school authority said they expelled Muskaan as Aarti is a dancer. Principal gives the papers to Aarti and denies admission. Aarti gets shocked. He says you are a dancer, we can’t spoil our school name. Aarti cries and begs him not to spoil Muskaan’s future. He says her future spoiled when she was born to you. She begs him. He goes.

Muskaan goes and keeps chocolate for Jaya. Jaya holds her hands. Muskaan says leave my hands. Jaya asks who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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