Muskaan 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum turns ruthless

Muskaan 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum scolding Aarti and everyone. Everyone tries to help Muskaan. The bouncers catch them and hold them back. Muskaan hugs Aarti and cries. Tabassum says you lost the game, you will be punished, you will stay away from your mum, if anyone does mistake now, Muskaan will pay for it. Suzaine says no, we will raise a voice against wrong, I will see what you do. Tabassum asks Rakhi to lock up Muskaan in the dark storeroom. Rakhi drags Muskaan. Aarti cries and tries to get Muskaan. Tabassum drags Aarti with her. Rakhi ties up Muskaan and leaves her in the storeroom. Muskaan begs her to leave her. Aarti asks Tabassum to leave Muskaan.

Tabassum says you have to agree that Muskaan will stay here, I will keep you two caged till then. Aarti says don’t do injustice with my daughter.

She cries. Suzaine, Lumi and Jaya think what to do. Lumi says no one will listen to me. Suzaine says we have to do something. Tabassum says don’t think so, else I will send you away. Sapna and Sujoy feel bad for Muskaan. Rakhi comes and asks Tabassum to be such ruthless. Tabassum says don’t teach me what to do. Suzaine says you have a daughter, how can you let this happen with Muskaan. Rakhi asks why, you all didn’t help my daughter, everything will get fine. Aarti begs to Tabassum. Rakhi goes to Muskaan and asks her not to shout. Tabassum comes and scolds Rakhi. Muskaan asks Aarti to come and help her. Rakhi says even Aarti is locked in the room. Aarti and Muskaan cry. Suzaine, Lumi and Jaya come to Muskaan and cry seeing her. Rakhi and Tabassum asks them to help Muskaan. Muskaan begs them to help. They recall Tabassum’s words and cry. Aarti prays to Lord. She takes a stick and breaks the door lock. She runs out and comes to Aarti. Tabassum makes Aarti away.

Tabassum drags Aarti out and pulls her hair to hurt her. She locks Aarti in the room again. Aarti and her sisters cry. Tabassum makes Ghosh put the current wires outside the door. She opens the door and asks Aarti to come out now, she will get an electric shock. Lumi asks Aarti not to come ahead. Aarti asks Tabassum how could she become Muskaan’s enemy. Tabassum says you changed, you forgot my promise, you got Muskaan here. Aarti says but how can you punish Muskaan. Tabassum says I have to run this kotha and keep my fear, I will not change for anyone. Aarti and Muskaan cry.

Muskaan says please free my hands. Jaya cries. Muskaan says I freed you last time. Tabassum hears this and gets angry. She throws Muskaan’s food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Muskaan serial is good.. Bt mujhe lagta hai a jada horahi ha muskaan ke sathe. Strict ho par etnivi nehi. Tabasum ko tori naram karo plz.

  2. simplyumbrella87

    Aarti and muskaan. Jitna royenge utna trp bad jayega!

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