Muskaan 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayatri meets Sujoy

Muskaan 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan doing the rituals in Kanchak puja. Pandit asks them to feed the girls now. Gayatri says Muskaan has done all the arrangements, she is living here as my bahu, but her reality is something else, she is a brothel girl’s daughter, a dancer. Muskaan and everyone get shocked. Bua says Gayatri wanted to insult Muskaan, she hates Muskaan a lot. Gayatri insults Muskaan. He asks her to dance a little and show them. She says everyone will be happy seeing your good dance, you are number one dancer. She scolds Muskaan and Ronak. The pandit and all the people refuse to stay back for puja. They leave. Ronak says Muskaan did what you wanted, why are you doing this, its not injustice. Gayatri says I will do this with her, I m owner of this house. She gets crying and goes. She says

I made a big mistake, I always misunderstood you and just saw your past, I failed in knowing a human. Kajal acts in front of Ronak. Muskaan cries. Ronak consoles her.

Gayatri says how can I stop all this. Sujoy comes and says there is one way to stop all this. She gets shocked seeing him. Ronak says mum will value your efforts and hug you one day. He asks her not to worry. Hanumant asks what’s happening, everything spoils between you and Muskaan all the time. Ronak says leave it, just call the girl from the temple for puja, get a pandit as well. Hanumant goes. Ronak says we will do the puja at any cost. Kajal thinks Gayatri will never accept Muskaan now. Sujoy shuts the door. Gayatri asks are you alive. Sujoy says I have less time, your questions are not imp, we have to expose Kajal, I know her truth. She asks what.

He says I can’t come in front of the world, think of Muskaan and expose Kajal’s truth. She says no, Kajal will kill my family, she has killed many people, she has threatened me, I can’t take big risk. He says but we have to expose her. She says I m thinking of everyone, you also be quiet and don’t tell anyone. He says Kajal is doing a crime, how long will you bear. She says I will bear it forever and protect my family, never come here, just go. Kajal comes there. Ronak asks Muskaan to do the puja, the pandit and girls are here. Muskaan thanks Ronak. Kajal asks did anyone come in this room. Gayatri says no, who will come. Kajal asks her to dance on her tune.

Kajal takes Gayatri with her and sees Muskaan doing the puja. She asks what does dancer mean, why is Gayatri calling mumma as dancer. Ronak says don’t say this, I will explain after puja. Muskaan greets pandit and says my puja was incomplete, pandit had a problem that I belong to a brothel, if you also have a problem, you…. Pandit says such poor kids are called in your palace, they are given respect, who are humans to be biased, I won’t leave, I will complete the puja. Ronak and Muskaan complete the puja. Gayatri thinks my blessings are with you, I wish I could say this. Pandit blesses them and says you will always stay as each other’s shield. Kajal thinks I will soon kill Muskaan.

Ronak asks Gayatri why isn’t she accepting Muskaan. Gayatri insults Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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