Muskaan 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum catches Muskaan

Muskaan 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan waking up and hearing Aarti. Tabassum says you slept with me last night, so Aarti is worried. Muskaan kisses and greets her. Aarti asks Tabassum to open the door. Tabassum opens the door. Aarti rushes in and hugs Muskaan. Tabassum asks Ghosh to call pandit. She asks Rakhi to prepare for puja. Muskaan will do puja of her ghungroos. Rakhi laughs and says my daughter also did puja of ghungroos, its happy thing, sing and dance, why are you sad.

Aarti cries and hugs Suzaine. She says I will lock the door and stay here all life. Suzaine says these doors can’t protect our respect, you think is this a solution, no. Muskaan talks to teddy and says mumma isn’t talking to me, don’t know what’s the matter. She goes to hear. Aarti says I will die, but I won’t let Muskaan

wear ghungroo. Muskaan asks who wants me to wear ghungroo. Aarti asks her to go to her place. Muskaan asks what happened.

Suzaine says Tabassum wants you to wear ghungroos, but you will lose the game, so we are worried. Muskaan says but she is also in our team, how will I lose the game. Suzaine says Tabassum is clever, she is fooling you to win the game. Muskaan says I will see how she makes me wear ghungroos. Sapna says Muskaan will also wear ghungroos and dance along with me. Aarti asks Muskaan to run away from the house. Muskaan asks where. Aarti says anywhere, just do one thing, go to the temple and hide till I come, we have to win this game. Pandit starts the puja. Muskaan tries to leave and sees Ghosh. Aarti asks her why did she come back. Muskaan says Ghosh is there.

Aarti says we will think for something else. Muskaan says I don’t want to lose this game, just pray to Lord, he will make everything fine, trust me. Everyone prays for Muskaan. Tabassum goes to get Muskaan. She asks the bouncers to break the door. Aarti hugs Muskaan. The bouncers drag Muskaan. Aarti begs Tabassum to leave Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to just run. Muskaan runs out. Tabassum catches her. Muskaan says leave me, its hurting. Aarti shouts. Lumi asks Rakhi to support Aarti. Suzaine says Muskaan has big dreams, just see her, you are a loser, I pity you. Rakhi gets angry. Muskaan bites Tabassum’s hand. Rakhi catches Muskaan and makes her sit in the puja. Aarti cries. Tabassum says I m Muskaan’s mum from now, as I m your mum, I will do the rituals, as you won’t go it. She makes Muskaan wear the ghungroos. Aarti asks her to leave Muskaan. They all get shocked seeing someone coming.

The man asks Aarti what does she want Muskaan to do. Aarti says I want Muskaan to study. The man asks Tabassum not to become a pujaaran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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