Muskaan 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti takes Muskaan home

Muskaan 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan and Aarti leaving from the school. All the students wave her bye. Aarti thinks of the taunts by school staff. Aarti turns to look at everyone. Muskaan asks her to come. Tabassum says you have to work hard, we made this world for you. She scolds Sweety. Rakhi says just slap her and make her get senses. Tabassum says she is like you, lazy. Rakhi says you just focussed on Aarti, if her daughter was alive, she would have helped. Aarti and Muskaan walk on the roads. Aarti buys some stuff to cheer her up. Muskaan says hire some cab, how long will we walk. Aarti thinks we don’t know where to go. She says these cars don’t go to our house, we have to walk. She thinks to call mum and inform her, she has to arrange Muskaan’s accommodation. Tabassum taunts Rakhi and Suzaine and defends

Aarti. Rakhi gets arguing. Lumi says Aarti will get a silver ornament for you too. They laugh. Rakhi asks Lumi to stop it. Tabassum gets a call and says don’t worry, I will tell Aarti, your guests will be attended well. Muskaan says I can’t walk more. She sits. Aarti buys icecream for her.

Tabassum says Chadda and his guests are coming. Tabassum gets Aarti’s call and says Chadda is getting guests, you know Chadda, I can’t do anything, you just come home. Aarti worries. She thinks how to reach home. Muskaan asks what did Nani say, tell me. Aarti asks her to sit quiet. She takes a cab to station. Ghosh sees Jaya. He says if this goes on…. Tabassum says she is responsible for her state, just let her be. Muskaan says I m upset with you. Aarti asks driver is there anyone to adopt Muskaan. Driver says yes, there are many couples who adopt kids. Muskaan cries and says don’t do this, I can’t live without you. Aarti says I was just joking. She hugs Muskaan. They board the train. Aarti reaches her city and tells Muskaan about her other mum. She takes Muskaan to the lady who raised her. She fails to find her. Muskaan says enough, I have to go home now.

Chadda comes and asks Tabassum about Aarti. She says she will come. He says if she doesn’t come home, then I will see her. Aarti tries to get a room in hotel or hostel for Muskaan. Everyone refuses to give the room to a child alone. Muskaan gets tired. Tabassum calls Aarti. Aarti says I will come tomorrow. Tabassum says just come fast. Suzaine asks Tabassum to get a big box and arrange clothes. Tabassum asks her to shut up, else she will shut her in the box. Aarti hears her and gets an idea. Tabassum asks Aarti to come soon.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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