Muskaan 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets caught

Muskaan 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector saying we have to check the house as we are finding the child traffickers. He says we already saved five kids. Tabassum worries. Sapna and Sujoy call the ghost. Muskaan comes to them. They ask her if she has any power, she isn’t a ghost. Muskaan says fine, I will show you. She gets chocolates for them. Sapna says we won’t keep friendship with you. Muskaan says I m sorry. Suzaine looks on. Muskaan says keep the chocolates at least. They take the chocolates. Suzaine takes Muskaan.

Muskaan says I was so scared. Suzaine says now they will try to find you and yearn for your friendship. Muskaan agrees. Tabassum says there is no outsider kid here. Inspector says let us fine. Suzaine asks Muskaan to hide in her secret room. Muskaan goes. She thinks Tabassum got police

to catch me, but I won’t get caught easily. Police sees her and runs after her. Aarti thanks principal and says I will come with my daughter tomorrow. She leaves. Muskaan runs downstairs. Tabassum gets shocked and thinks Muskaan here…. Muskaan sees Tabassum and stops. Everyone looks on. Tabassum recalls Aarti’s lies. Suzaine takes Muskaan.

Inspector stops her and asks for kid and her mum’s names. Suzaine asks Muskaan not to tell anyone, else they will lose the game. Inspector says I know everyone, who is this girl, Tabassum will you tell me who is this girl. Aarti is on the way. She thanks Lord and smiles. Lumi says this girl is a neighbor, why are you asking mum. Jaya says yes, I know this girl. Sapna and Sujoy say we know her. Tabassum thinks they all knew her. Aarti says Suzaine wants to party, I will take some time. Inspector says we shall go to police station and talk. Sapna says I will say who is this girl. Rakhi asks Sapna not to say about ghosts. Inspector asks Rakhi to control her children. Suzaine asks him to leave Muskaan. Tabassum goes with police. Muskaan cries and hugs Tabassum. Tabassum moves her away. Muskaan cries. They leave in the van. Aarti comes home smiling and sees everyone crying. She asks what happened, will they tell her. They tell the matter. Aarti gets shocked and runs.

Chadda comes and asks about the girl. He asks Ghosh to find about the girl. Aarti goes to police station. Tabassum says I have no idea about her. Inspector asks Muskaan if Tabassum kidnapped her. Muskaan says no. She says I don’t know her, I live in neighborhood. He says don’t lie. He scolds Tabassum. Jaya says I wish nothing wrong happens. Ghosh says that girl doesn’t belong to neighbors. Chadda says then whose daughter is she. He asks everyone about Muskaan. He says you all didn’t see her, how. Rakhi says I doubted on Aarti many times, she was hiding the girl. Chadda says we have to check Aarti’s room. Suzaine says no, let Aarti come. He goes upstairs. Inspector asks them to send Muskaan to NGO. Aarti comes and says she is my daughter. Tabassum looks on.

Aarti gets shocked when Tabassum throws ghungroos for Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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