Muskaan 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan takes help from Ronak

Muskaan 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak saying I don’t know cooking. He says internet will help you. He plays the recipe videos. Bunty looks for Muskaan’s house. Ronak cares for Muskaan. Khud se bhi zyada….plays…. Bunty reaches some house. Muskaan and Ronak have cute moments while cooking. He says before anyone come suddenly, invite everyone. She says sorry and thanks. He jokes and goes. Muskaan calls Gayatri and everyone for having food. Bunty gets shocked seeing someone. Ronak comes to Sir ji and says you would be feeling good that Muskaan is doing all the rituals, Muskaan is becoming family member, mum is regarding her daughter. Sir ji says I told you before also, Muskaan is a brothel girl, its truth, this feelings are like water, don’t flow in it, think if your mum knows this, will her heart

not break.

Ronak asks what if your truth comes first, she will end relation with you first, why do you forget that your truth is bigger than Muskaan’s truth. He asks him to say the truth and make him free from this fake marriage. Sir ji says I m not bounded by promise for Muskaan, this is too much, if Gayatri loves me, she would love me more. Ronak says yes, but she doesn’t know you, if you say truth, she would not be so hurt, if some third person tells her, she will shatters, if you tell her, she may get much annoyed but she will forgive you, its better if you understand. He goes. Bunty meets Muskaan’s fake father. The man scolds Bunty. Bunty says I have come to know about Muskaan. The man slaps him and scolds. He asks the men to beat up Bunty. Gayatri praises Sir ji for being everything for them. Sir ji says no, I m not your Lord, I love you all and respect, I will happily eat the poison if you give me. He taunts Muskaan.

Gayatri asks him to have food. Sir ji eats the food. She asks how is it. He says please don’t feel bad, the truth is the food isn’t so good as you cook food. Ronak says yes, you are right, mum cooks the best, it doesn’t mean that my wife is less talented, else Sir ji would never eat the food. Hanumanth comes in disguise and provokes the men to beat Bunty. He laughs and says people always beat up the culprit, its fun to watch. The man warns Bunty against coming next time. Gayatri says you both talk such, I will taste the food and say how is it. She eats food and really likes it. She says its tasty, I didn’t cook food so well for the first time. Dolly also likes the food. Ronak eats the food and gets stunned. He sees Muskaan and says its really nice, but I like the food made by mum. Gayatri jokes. Ronak holds Muskaan’s hand and asks her to call Sir ji. Muskaan gets worried. Muskaan says Sir ji…. Sir ji gets shocked.

Gayatri asks Muskaan to call him Papa ji. Ronak gives him water. Muskaan asks is the food nice, I know I can’t cook like mum, even then tell me, how did you like me. Sir ji says I m finishing the food just to give it respect. Ronak and Sir ji argue in front of everyone. Ronak says you have to promise me that you won’t say bad about my mum and won’t hurt mum. Gayatri asks what do you mean. He reminds the promise to Sir ji. Bua thinks their argument started ruining the happiness, once Bunty comes, everything will change. She scolds Bua. Ronak answers her.

Gayatri wants Muskaan to become her bahu in all births. Ronak asks Sir ji to do something before this turns true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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