Muskaan 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak slaps Muskaan

Muskaan 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak meeting Suzaine. He asks her about Aarti. He says Muskaan wants to meet Aarti, Sir ji is framing me knowing about fake marriage, he wants this to become real marriage, it was a deal, she wanted Aarti and I wanted justice for Gayatri, just tell me the truth. Suzaine thinks I can’t let this happen, he can’t leave Muskaan. He asks who will help Muskaan, she is in much tension and pain. Suzaine thinks if I tell you truth, Sir ji won’t let Muskaan and Aarti live in peace, its better I don’t tell you anything, I want this marriage to happen really. She says I don’t know about Aarti, she is safe, Sir ji doesn’t know about her too, I have to go now. He says you know about Aarti, else how do you know that she is safe, you know where is she.

She says I was scared

that day, I m in senses, I don’t know about Aarti. He points gun at her. She gets shocked. He threatens her and asks her about Aarti. Sir ji asks Gayatri to stay happy and smile. Everyone waits for Ronak. Sir ji says its special sangeet function, the children have prepared the dance performance, bless them. Dolly and Bunty dance on Ashiq bechara…..Dolly says Lovely and Deep are coming next on stage. Lovely and Deep dance on Cutie pie….. Ronak and Hanumanth try to find Aarti. Shalu meets Ronak and shows Aarti, calling her mumma. He asks her to go to her mumma. She goes to Aarti. She shows Ronak to her.

Aarti turns to see. Ronak turns away. Hanumanth sees Aarti. She leaves. Hanumanth says I have to tell Ronak first. He says I got Aarti aunty. Ronak asks where is she. Hanumanth says come with me, she is there. Ronak asks where. Hanumanth says she left. Ronak gets a call and says I will call back, I m busy. He scolds Hanumanth. He says all problem will get solved when we get Aarti. Hanumanth says I got excited and came to tell you. Dolly calls Sir ji and Gayatri on stage. They dance on Ban ja tu meri rani….. Everyone smiles. Sir ji thinks everyone is dancing for their happiness, but how will Muskaan dance, she dances to make people happy. Dolly calls Muskaan for dance.

Gayatri says I will convince Muskaan. Muskaan refuses. Gayatri asks Muskaan to dance, even if Ronak isn’t here. She calls Ronak and asks him to get ready in room and come in hall, all guests have come. He agrees. Gayatri says Ronak is coming, you handle him now. Dolly insists Muskaan. They both dance on London Thumakda….. Dolly goes. Bunty and other men come on stage and dance with Muskaan. Ronak comes downstairs. He recalls Muskaan dancing in the brothel. He gets shocked. He gets angry and goes to her. He slaps her. She falls down. Gayatri asks how dare you slap Muskaan, what did she do. She holds Muskaan. Sir ji asks Ronak why did he slap Muskaan. Ronak says because she is….. He stops. Sir asks him to say. Ronak says shut up, enough of questions, I hate dancing, I don’t want to marry. Muskaan cries. They all get shocked when he leaves in anger. Muskaan runs to her room. Gayatri goes to Ronak and says you had no answer for that slap, you have to answer me now, what did Muskaan do that you had to slap her, I have accepted Muskaan for your happiness, I didn’t expect you will break my heart, why did you refuse to marry, you are already married to her.

Sir ji says Ronak has slapped you, as you dance in brothels, you are ready to die for Aarti, you are cheating Gayatri, if anything happens to Gayatri, you will be responsible for it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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