Musical relations – Episode 2

Yippee oh god oh god I didn’t even expected 5 comments I’m so happy u guys are reading and commenting on my story actually I’m very lazy and take a week to write long stories but after reading comments I kind of got magic in my hands I wrote this episode long back but became busy then net pack finished so I’m sorry plz don’t beat me don’t scold me and don’t be angry on me ? ok now I’ll shut my mouth or else I’m afraid I won’t stop blabbering and ur eyes will bleed ? so here you go…

Swara,Ankita,sanjeevani,Nandini,shruti,simran,Laksh,Sidharth,Rishab,Gaurav,Albert,Shivam are all members. swankita (Swara + Ankita) are bestest besties and swasanjita (Swara +Sanjeevani+Ankita) are besties swankita are totally opposite of each other Swara is kinda tomboy more in actions but she respects elders and loves to wear traditional clothes at times depends on Her mood her mood swings are terrible her emotions are very strong especially sadness and anger these things makes her blind care for her brother and friends a lot and hate love and relationships but…

(I’ll tell later Ok if I’ll explain about her whole ff will finish)whereas Ankita is a sweet girl who shows her anger only to Swara and sanju mainly Swara as she’s her benchmate ,a very sensitive girl has no courage to answer back or fight back Swara has to answer back for her she’s a cutie by heart but gorgeous in external beauty where as swara is stone hearted and cute in personality but at times she too can look gorgeous because of her attitude and dressing sense. sanju came later she’s a sweetheart full of suggestions nice in studies known as English literature in class answers questions from every pov cause of her no one else is able to answer so all are jealous of her even swankita (not in a bad way) if you feel down she’s the best person to talk she gives best suggestions she is funny does shayari and is like a elder sister at times (I love her)

Nandini’s newcomer but because of our Swara’s friendly sorry over friendly nature she’s here ooops continuation they were staying in their personal farm house from the time they were in 8std they contributed all of their pocket money and extra money Lucky’s dad is business man so he too contributed some money after 2 years they bought a farm house near woods but not too far from city they live there only and visit their own house daily for breakfast there house ok continuation.


Boys are sitting on bean bags and girls are sitting on couch suddenly someone came inside… By window and started doing karate steps, while everyone in hall started making Faces Swara came down stairs she saw her and smirked
Swara:hey Simmo lets sing ?
Swara:duao mein ?
Sid closed Simran’s mouth and laksh closed Swara’s,everyone else were looking at both boys as if they saved their lives,they nodded knowingly
Swasim:what the hell

Sidlak:oh thanks for the compliment
Rishab:plz yaar Swara is kinda ok but simcard u plz don’t sing or else I’ll suicide
Swasim kicked both boys on stomach and they left girls due to pain and girls started laughing hard
Sidlak:you idiotic fools who told you to sing and Simmo you already broke the window glasses 5 times not again
Sim chuckled:sorry dude
Swara:practice time
Everyone was divided into two groups one for dance and another to perform a song and a solo performance of Swara’s sfy
Dance song : sun sathiya

All girls stood at front and boys stood behind them and slowly caught their hands turned them towards them held their palm tightly and swung their left then right hands from sides then girls slipped their legs and swung their arms upwards and fell on floor with both legs stretched then stood up and did some ballet steps and boys went behind in darkness where as girls seperated and started doing some steps from the movie “step up 2 the streets” then at last boys came out held the girls and did some passionate romantic steps

Then everyone came down the stage smiling and grinning waiting forthe day of their performance when they’ll rock the stage,every mind in there was thinking about performance apart from 4 swasanjita and Nandini. Nandini was afraid of Swara’s next step,sanjita(sanjeevani + Ankita) saw swara while dancing her dance was a pure form of intense anger while swara was boiling in anger and nobody can say that because she is expert in masking emotions but her dance and intensity while singing tells everything,indeed she was blinded by her anger, her devilish side was coming outside.

PRECAP:swara(with blood boiling in anger and blood shot eyes):swagat nahi karoge hamara
Sanskar(paniced and afraid):shit, Swara please forgive …
Swara pushed Sanskar

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  1. Joyful Jessica

    wow. awesome…… n yeepiee i m the 1st 1 2 comment

    1. Shubhangi

      Yeahhh yepieee ur the first one to comment I’m soooo happy I was waiting for 1st one and I’m glad uliked it ?

  2. Ranabulbul

    Haye meri shubhu
    Loved every bit of bit…
    Can’t wait for next..
    And precap seems interesting. …
    Sawagat nhi karoge hamara….
    Post kr de Ab…

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you yaar,post kar dun? Kaise? Likhne mein ek week lagta hai ? waise toh Yeh episode pura ka pura gadbad tha pura ka pura I will try to make it better next time

  3. SidMin

    Shush Loved it 🙂 Awesome episode 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Shubhangi

      THANK YOU I’ll try posting soon yeh acha nahi tha itta confusing tha aur beech ka thoda part missing bhi h

  4. Angita

    Wow wow wow
    That was a blast yaar shubhu
    Precap is extremely exciting dear

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you yaar I’ll try to make it interesting thankyou so much

    1. Shubhangi

      Thank you ?

  5. Dnt talk to me, okay?
    Waise bhi, I am very angry.

    1. Shubhangi

      Oh nooo sorry sorry sorry gussa na Ho yaar tere liye hi toh likhna shuru kiya tha bhul gai thi main sorry plish

  6. Mica

    just the way they are.. so funny.. love it Shubbu! ty

    1. Shubhangi

      thanks I grateful to u that u liked it I know this episode was a bit messy but I’ll try to make it better

    1. Shubhangi

      thankyou 🙂

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