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Hii guys. ..Maahi again. I hope all of ur rocking in ur crazy world nd thnx a lotttt guys fr each nd evryone who supported me in my previous two updates nd thnxx fr deary silent readers too humbled at ur love…here I am again with sme of my thoughts hope all of u vil lyk dizz…

lets get into the story guys….

Its has been 6 months as she left me ..wat I said she left me haa?? no no I was the one who made her to leave but wat to do I dont want her to be hurted at any cost so I just did tht I made her leave me .I was clear with my decision but her smile over my decision is still confusing me nd the nly thing I hv been cing frm diz 6 months is her pure smile at me.I am wandering as a lonely cloud in search of the missing rhythm of my music.Diz is the 7th month frm the day I saw her…nd I would admitt tht day as the precious day in my life but I am wrong I met her even before .Evry weekend I used to search fr her in all diff places bcoz I cant bear her absence any more .ya I said weekends naa bcoz tht was her wish tht I shld b loyal towards my passion so I am being loyal to my love.It was completely my mistake tht I tried to hide the way tht hw much I love her but I too had a reason behind it.Destiny would play its own games all though v r intrstd r not soo I dont want to blame myself r anyone bcoz my blamings would nvr change anything right?? Tht day was the black day in my life till I met her on road the same day fr the frst time I was defeated by the fate I was nt able to do loyalty to my passion as tht day was my concert I was all ready fr performance but all of a sudden I was unable to speak nt evn a word nd I didn’t knew the reason behind it I was muted nd I really dont knw yyy but fr the frst time I was unable to sing nd my fans my sponsors all of them yelled at me as loser but nt my loyal fans ya my loyal fans just took ms out frm there as I was facing horrible situation over there nd fr the frst time ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA the Rock Star accptd his defeat nd I didn’t blamed my fate fr it bcoz I nvr blvd in it as I took all my loved ones frm me tht too whom I love the most soo I was stumbling in the road with an alchohol bottle in my hands nd I was abt to falk but two pretty hands held me frm falkung down but I nvr knew tht they r same hands tht would again drag me to my success ya fr the frst time I saw her .She was so simple yet elegant nd her pretty mesmerizing eyes looked at me in excitement tht I flt lyk those eyes r expecting smthng frm me but I ignored thm thn she said tht……

Life is a camera so face it with smile rockstar nt with alchohol bottle .Firstly I thought tht she would b one of my fans who always wanted my love fr thm through autographs nd photograph but she was unique she didn’t expected any thing frm me but I flt tht her eyes dfntly want smthng nd my thoughts were broken by her voice nd I soon realized it as my room nd ya I was in my room sleeping in my bed nd she was covering me with blanket so I dozed off but the nxt mrng I woke up nd saw her sleeping in sitting position on the couch nd as my head pained a lot due to hangover I think soo I screamed ouchh!!!nd with tht she jolted nd woke up nd smiled at me nd gv me sme cffe I think nd before I could speak smthng she just gv me a assured smile at me nd left but I was still in tht frustration of loosing my concert tht too fr nt cmng up with my voice fr 8 hours almost nd I again drunk to forget it but ven I was sipping my alchohol bttle she just arrived nd smiled at me .I think she had informed my maid to gv my updates so she came to me nd smiled nd slowly took the bottle frm me nd kpt it aside in dustbin nd was cleaning my room nd ven I askd her abt her behavior at me she just smiled again nd switched on the TV nd just gv the remote to me by keeping news channel nd wat I saw there shocked me yaa ir was a plan tht to block my voice sme waiter had agreed tht he just mixed smthng in my drink so tht I couldn’t perform in the concert nd he admitted his crime infront of media.I was shocked to c all tht bcoz hw did tht happened I didnt knw nd by thn she arranged my room neat nd I was abt to ask her smthng but She again smiled at me nd said ROCK STAR DRINKING IS NT THE SOLUTION FR UR PRBLM …LIFE IS LIKE A CAMERA SO FACE IT WITH SMILE nd by saying diz she again smiled at me nd left nd I was shocked again with her behaviour. Thn my day passed but I was lost in her thoughts nd mostly thinking abt her eyes nd ya by thn I decided to ask her directly abt her whereabts bcoz by thn I came to knew tht she was behind all of tht waiter admitting his crime.I was shell shocked again as I didnt knew her much but y she had done all diz to me nd thn I askd my maid to call her by saying tht I am drunk again so as expected she came with worrying eyes looking fr me but by cing me fit nd fine she smiled again nd I was shocked again as I thought tht she would yell at me fr my diz plan but she was Unique naa so she just came near to me nd askd is Evrything ok! I just nodded my head in yes nd thn no nd thn again yes haha nd cing diz she laughed at my antics nd blv me her laugh is sooo toxicated than tht alchohol bottle but tht gave me rebirth. I just askd her tht hw she managed to do all tht things tht too ven I dont knw her much nd y did she helped me??? I said in single breathe nd all the while her eyes r still expecting smthng frm me nd thn she smiled nd answered tht …..BCOZ I WANTED TO B THE ERASER OF UR WHICH REMOVES UR SADNESS RATHER THAN BEING THE PENCIL OF UR LIFE WHICH WRITES HAPPINESS IN IT WHICH ANYONE CAN DO BUT I NLY WISH TO B THE ERASER OF UR LIFE nd I was surprised with her answer nd I asked her tht yy she wanted to b the eraser of my life as there is no relationship btwn us nd she replied tht……SOME RELATIONSHIPS DOESNT HV CERTAINTY BUT NLY HV CARE ND CONCERN ND FRNDSP ND LOVE ….I was again impressed by her answer sooo I don’t knw yy without thinking fr a moment I forwarded my hand saying FRNDS?? nd as I expected she shook her hand with mine nd said FRNDS…..her smile assured me tht she vil b my forever frnd but again her eyes its was intensely questioning me to remember smthng …but apart frm a rockstar I am great buddhu naa so I couldnt remember anything nd by thn 29 days v rocked our crazy world with our crazy frndsp v nvr left any street of Tinsel town without roaming v just njoyed our days like insane ppl nd her company my god I flt magical nd I wanted it to everlasting bcoz by thn I was in love with her yaa I am crazy fr her , her presencr was always spcl fr me so I wanted tht my lifelong I knew tht she too have same flngs fr me bcoz though she nvr expressed tht her eyes goshhh they always said me smthng which she herself didn’t knew nd I thought to propose her in the beachside which was her favspot where she plays with the waves .Firstly I thought her tht she was the beautiful waves in my life but I confined tht by now she had became my shore so I just drove home to take her to tht place nd I nvr bothered abt her answer bcoz although she vil reject my love I had a strong flng tht she would hold my frndsp so I reached home nd ven I saw her looking at a photo nd speaking smthng I tried to eavesdrop it nd ya she was speaking tht….

I know till now u didnt recognized me but I dfntly blv tht u vil recognize me one day nd u vil call me the same chashmish again nd u would share ur pav-baji with me again. I came to know tht ur parents passed away after I left diz city nd I also came to know tht our sissy our buddy Alia to passed away 6 years before in an accident nd by thn u was devasted nd the nly hope u had to live was ur Music nd nw u became a rockstar but to reach here u had gone through much difficulties nd again tht day was ur concert nd I returned to the city 10 days before ur concert but I thought to surprise u in ur concert but unfortunately it was messed up nd u was shattered again so ven I saw u in tht condition my heart ached bcoz I couldn’t c u lyk tht afterall ur my LOVE naa ya u heard me right …I am in love with uuu frm years but I didn’t disturbed uu ven u was strongly trying to attain ur passion so I just secretly admired uuu nd tht day in concert I thought to propose u nd I nvr worried abt ur answer bcoz I nvr expected anything frm uu its just tht I wanted to tell u my flngs nd by thn I saw ur First Love yaaa It was ur music ur passion ven u was unable to do loyalty to it I saw ur pain behind tht nd u being my love I couldnt c ur pain so I somehow managed to get the truth behind tht nd I reached too bcoz my love fr u is strong enough to reach tht nd tht day wen u saw it on TV Screen ur eyes shown a relief tht ur nt disloyal at ur passion nd thn y called me hy silly planning nd I came nd u proposed ur frndsp fr me nd I smiled u knw yy I smiled bcoz buddhu v r already frnds naa again u was proposing fr frndsp as u didn’t remember me nd hw could u even remember me as I was so chubby nd bubbly by tht time nd u named me FUGGY too nd venevr u used to pull my cheeks nd call me as fuggy I showed my irritation but the fact is I was enjoying tht a lott nd again I accptd ur frndsp but ur eyes conveyed me smthng else nd I am nt sure abt it but still I vil confess to u my flngs rather than burying it in me so today I vil speak my heart out fr uuu my buddhu….nd ven I slightly peeped in saw the photo it was mine nd her’s childhood photo in which I was pulling her cheeks nd she was strangling my neck lol nd I was vry happy abt her flngs fr me nd I thought to take her to beach side to propose her by thn my mobile rang nd I attendes it .It was frm the doctor whom treated me on tht concert day nd he informed me tht my reports regarding my throat pain had came so I reached hospital on the way I saw there some photo shoot of new models I think soo I ignored it nd met the doctor nd he said tht I would nt b able to sing anymore as tht drug which was mixed in my juice intoxicated my liver so I shld just quit singing to be alive nd doctor said tht I was left with no option rather than quitting my profession to live long (guys imagine kamalhassan condition in dasavatharam while he was askd to quir his profession fr his family hope u guys got it ) so he just gv me sme tablets nd I accepted my fate again but diz time I am totally devasted .Firstly I lost my parents whom I loved the most at my childhood nd thn before 6 years my alia my sissy she too left me ven she met with accident nd nw my FIRST LOVE my Music it was also leaving me nd the Love which is gng to blossom my second love my fuggi imagining all dizz my heart popped out nd I was determined to not leave my music at any cost I thought to sing till my last breathe so fr tht I shld leave my fuggi as I vil nt live long I dont wanted her to suffer without me so I thought to break her hopes on I just drove my car to home nd on the way I just snapped a photo of one girl at the photo shoot nd I straightly drove car to the home nd I saw her exciting eyes which was abt to tell their flngs fr me but I just cutted of her nd I hv showed her tht girls photo and said tht FUGGY I AM IN LOVE FINALLY SHE ACCEPTED MY LOVE I AM SOO HAPPY nd I pretended to b like tht nd fr the frst time I saw her eyes pleading me but nt her smile yaa she again smiled at me nd congratulated me fr my love nd she askd me to be loyal to my work nd she just stared me fr a while nd in dizz gap her eyes spoke a lot to mine nd she smiled again at me nd left frm there saying Take Care with a friendly hug nd I know tht I had broken her heart but I was in such case I dont wanted her to get hurt more ven she comes to know abt my health nd I knw if I try to b evn friendly with her by hiding diz health issue I couldnt manage tht longer as I couldn’t lie to her anymore nd I just letted her to go nd it was 4 days by then as she left me but I evry second flt her presence around me nd thought to live my rest few days with both my frst nd second love but Destiny had smthng else fr me ya tht day I thought to the doctor as my throat was aching more venever I took tht medicines but the scenario which I saw there shocked me …ya tht doctor was mixed with tht RAJVEER SINGH my dad’s enemy who killed my parents as my mom nd dad’s was love marriage but tht Rajveer was mad at my mom nd as she rejected him he was angry at my mom nd dad although after 10 years of their marriage so one day ven me alia nd mom nd dad was at park tht fellow evily killed my parents nd he escaped frm there nd I lost my parents nd I came to know tht he was nly behind my aloo’s accident too nd nw at defaming my life soo I recorded both the doctors nd Rajveer’s crime by gvng me drugs insense of tablets soo I just submitted tht to police nd both of them was arrested nd now I am wandering lonely as a cloud in search of my second love with the help of my frst love nd today I am gng to Araku valley to find my love so now…..ohh shittt my car tyre got punctured nd its being a valley area no shops was available I waited fr a long time fr vehicle but none came nd finally one bus stopped nd I got it nd being a rockstar I was offered fr many photographs and autograph nd I did fr all of them nd finally I took one seat nd sat there in her thoughts nd by thn I saw a lil girl staring at me with a notepad in her hand nd the other on her cheek nd looking at me doubtfully she was soo cute in tht pink frock with s pony with chubby cheeks just lyk my fuggi’s nd I called her nd askd her tht y she was staring at me??thn she answered tht….Uncle u knw I am ur crazy fan nd my sweety too nd I saw uu more exhausted but I wanted ur autograph so nly thinking whether to disturb u r not? ? bcoz my sweety always says thy v shld nt disturb ven ppl vil b tired so nly……nd I smiled at her answer nd innocence nd I signed fr her nd she jumped in joy nd said tht she would show tht too her sweety as she is also my fan so I askd abt her sweety thn she said tht….Uncle u knw my sweety is the best she is soo sweet she teaches me salsa although grand pa doesnt allow me but my sweety without grandpa’s knowledge she made me to dance u knw wat uncle she met me 6 months before ven my parents passed away she was the one who made me to smile again nd I love her a lot nd she is the nly person I love after grandpa nd v both r crazy fans of uu always v use to dance on ur songs nd she Is also vry big fan of uuu nd she prmsed me tht if I do well in exams thn she would take me to ur live concert but c na I met u before her ….nw I vil surprise her uncle vil u cme with me to our home plzzz uncle plzzz I want to surprise my sweety plzzz nd today I vil gift her with diz surprise plzzz…….nd as soon as she said diz I remembered my fuggi ‘s frndsp nd tears rolled down frm my eyes nd b cing diz the lil girl said tht. said tht uncle plzz dont cry uknw The prettiest eyes had cried most tears

The prettiest smiles hide tht deepest secrets nd The kindest hearts had flt the most pain ever so u hv pretty eyes naa lyk me wenevr I used to cry my sweety said diz to me so u too dont cry uncle plzz if u r nt willing to come with me then its kk I vil nt force u but I thought to surprise my sweety fr diz nly I askd nd made a pout nd askd me so cutely so I couldn’t resist as I njoyed her cute antics but I said tht ….I vil come with uu nly if u call me abhi nt uncle…..thn tht lil girl replied tht …but sweety vil shout at me if I call elders with name ……nd I said her tht I would speak to her sweety thn she kissed me on my cheeks nd sung jeena jeena kaise jeena which was my new song which I dedicated to our frndsp nd tht lilgirl stopped at hum hum hum…..thn I smiled at her nd cmpltd Dum thn v both said humdum …thn tht lilgirl giggled nd said tht…..rock star always my sweety used to cmplt it but today u did it nd I loved her innonence nd finally v reached their home nd I knocked the door but I nvr expected tht my love would open the door nd I was dumbstruck fr a while but my fuggi she remained the same she smiled at me again nd our silence was broken by tht lilgirl who shouted HAPPY FRNDSP DAY SWEETY HERE U GO DIZ IS MY SURPRISE FR UU nd took me to her by holding my hand nd thn she left frm there saying tht she would take her snoopy to me nd thn my fuggi askd me with a smile tht WASSUP BUDDHU ……..nd I just hugged her really tight nd said srry …..she said its kkkk…thn I askd her tht y she didn’t questioned me abt my sry thn she said. ….bcoz I knw u lied to me….nd I was shocked nd askd her tht how did she knew tht thn she said tht….buddhu although ur heart is nt enough brave to share the thing with me but ur eyes r strong enough to tell me tht ur lieing to me so I thought nt to knw the reason bcoz I knew tht our loved ones lie to us nly ven they nt wanted to hurt us r they nvr wanted to go through the pain which they r suffering soo nly I didnt questioned uu but I knw one day u vil cme to me to tell the truth bcoz destiny is loyal towards whom r loyal at their relations nw tell me the truth buddhu…..nd I just said her everything nd said tht I couldn’t afford losing her after getting more addicted to her thn she just slapped me hard nd collapsed on the floor nd I kneeled down infront of her nd I kpt my hands on hers but she grabbed my collar nd askd tht…..y u did do diz to me as hv already told u tht I wanted to b the eraser of ur life thn y did u lie to me watif smthng had really hppnd to u thn wat can I answer to my heart which nlg holds uuu .U idiot dont talk to me just get lost nd she sobbed hard saying diz thn I said tht ….Bcoz I wanted to be the pencil of ur lyf to write happiness .I dont wanted to b the eraser of ur lyf bcoz wen I am around uu I would nvr let sadness to touch uuu.I just wanted to c u smilig all the time nd u came to knw abt my health u would be shattered bcoz I knw u love me nd to protect my love frm being hurted I just lied to uuu I nvr love anyone like I did love uuu …..thn she askd really??with teary eyes nd I took her hand nd kept it on my chest nd said tht..I LV U WITHOUT KNOWING FROM HOW OR WHEN OR WHERE
I LV U IN DIZ WAY BCOZ I DIDNT KNW ANY OTHER WAY OF LOVING IN DIZ WHERE THERE IS NO I OR U , SO INTIMATE THAT THE HAND ON MY CHEST IS OF URS , SO INTIMATE THAT WHEN I FALL ASLEEP UR EYES CLOSE I LV UUUU FUGGI….nd thn she cupped my face nd said BUDDHU I LV U TOOO U WANTED TO C MY SMILE NAA IDIOT UR THE REASON BEHIND MY EVRY SMILE ( muskurane ki wajaah tumho) nd we both knocked our foreheads nd thn I wished her happy frndsp day as it was frst sunday of August nd thn she too wished me nd I askd her tht hw did she know tht the girl’s photo is even a lie nd thn she said ….buddhu bcoz she is my bestie frm past 6 years since I left the city , u knw ppl around us used to mock at our frndsp saying tht is nt true smthng smthng may b ours is nt perfect true frndsp but v r pretty close to it nd as u showed me her photo I confirmed tht ur lieing bcoz tht girl nvr keeps any secrets frm me nd evn I can bet on it so I just left the city waiting fr my love to find its path I didnt evn told her abt my where abts bcoz I cant lie to her at any point nd I just left frm there nd I knew she would be vry angry at me fr diz..nd saying diz tears rolled frm her eyes so I thought to surprise her I made an excuse nd called her frnd smehow as I was the one fr whom she left without talking ti her frnd nd I just gv my mobile to her nd she took with confused eyes askng wat?? I just askd her to answer the call so I think she understood it nd she turned on the speaker nd kpt silent as tears r rolling frm her eyes nd the other side voice said hello hello hello hello thn tht girl also kept quite fr smetime nd said HAPPY FRNDSP DAY SWEETY nd I was shocked by thn hearing tht hw could she identify tht it was her frnd??may b diz is called as true frndsp nd nw my fuggi bursted out her tears nd said same to u CUTIE (TANU pragya used to call her cutie where tanu calls prags as cutie) nd thn her frnd my god continuously scolded my fuggi fr abt half an hour fr leaving her without informing nd by thn I saw a responsible frnd in her but my fuggi was smiling here nd lastly said srry nd thn I took the phone nd explained her evrything nd thn she scolded me to fr tht situation nd thn I switched on the video calling mode nd finally they both talked fr abt 2 hours nd thn lastly her frnd bursted out in laughter fr showing her photo to my fuggi nd teased me saying buddhu buddhu u knw my sweety knws psychology being a psychological student she identified tht ur lying to me nd thn I askd my fuggi abt diz nd she nodded in yes nd I again pouted nd v trio had chitchatted fr a while thn our honey entered with her snoopy singing jeena jeena kaise jeena naa seekha kaise jeena tere bina hum hum hum nd looked at us nd v both at a time said Dum nd v trio cmpltd it as HUMDUM nd smiled at each other nd vrn honey askd abt the meaning of humdum v both pointed each other nd said FRNDS FOREVER after all our love started frm frndsp right so v are best buddy’s tooo nd with tht I took her with me along with honey nd her grandpa nd her snoopy too nd now my music is the sensation in my world bcoz her rhythm always tuned to my music nd with tht v flowed throughout our life in rhythm of music of our love.

Hope u all guys liked it .I myself felt bored while writing nd I am confused now nd ur views would clear my confusion.if uall feel it worth cmmntng plz do cmmnt guy.Life is fleeting to not to be lived happily so njoy evry second of ur u all keep loving keep caring nd keep rocking guys ..stay BLESSED…loads of love

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  1. sheerapthinisd

    No words to describe the goodness of ur ff so nice

    1. Maahi

      thanq uu yaar shree fr ur sweet cmmnt

  2. Woòwwww supb os???

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu dr fr finding it superb humbled

  3. Awesome os…. Loved it..??

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu abhigya fr ur sweet cmmnt

  4. Awesome awesome awesome……no words to express my joy

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu anjali dr fr ur awesome cmmnt humbled

  5. Riyashri

    OMG !!!! Itni Long Update !!!! Hats Off to u Maahi Di !!!!
    All together know as ” MAAHI ” ……….Mera Pyaari Bestriter !!!!!!!!!
    Again u proved that u Stubbeen by adding your last lines……..I would seriously tell that those last lines are really boring for me….Please do add the type of ending lines as your story …I mean end your update also in your ROCKING WAY !!!!
    THIS HAS BECOME ONE OF MY FAV UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LUFE (Love U Forever & Ever)
    With Love,

    1. Maahi

      haha riyuuu long update bcoz I vil update rarely naa honey so ro remaind u of me I updated dizz long nd kkk I shall nt tell tht lines again boss ur order my worship nd dr thnxxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr liking my silly thoughts nd yaar LV UUUUU ND AS I ALREADY SAID THT UR A CUTE STAR IN MY HEART WHO VIL SHINE MORE ND MORE nd haha guruji haa lol dr I am ur sissy naa then hw cme I became ur guruji honey???? but I am on cloudnine by cing ur love stay blessed stay happy lv uuuuu muaahhhhhhh nd in my style KEEP ROCKING HONEY ND I KNW THT U ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKZZZZZZ nd again thnx fr ur sweet nd cute support nd fr reading my lambiiiiiiiiiiii kahani lol I myself got tired of typing but wat to do as a worship fr my boss nd to fulfill the wish of OUR IB I did soooo xoxo keep smiling dr

  6. Krish

    Maahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii u r just Awesomeeeeeeee yaarrrr seriusly u r drivng me crazy wit ur OSes ho no wat an os dr i loved it to te coreeeee so finalllyyy shall v be frnds actually i already accptd u as my frnd so will u accpt me as ur frnd???!!!……………..keep continueng dr vry egarly waitng fr ur nxt wrk…………….luvvvv uuuu my dr frnd!!!!!!

    1. Maahi

      heyyyyyy krishhhh thnq uuuu fr liking my silly thoughts always humbled at ur support nd yaar is diz a question to ask ofcourse u r my frnd soooo FRNDS….FRM NOW HAHA keep rocking yaar nd loads of love stay blessed keep smiling yaar

  7. Superb….!! Fabulous….!! Awesome…!! Mind blowing…!! Wowwww……..!!!! Really loved it to the core…!!! Keep writing…..!!!!!

    1. Maahi

      omg dizz many words haa thnqq uuuu fr ur sweet sweet cmmnt I am so glad nd humbled dr keep rocking

  8. Mahii hats off dr really suprb nd awesmeeeeee baby….loved it vry much….no wrdsssss….keep rocking like ths nly….

    1. Maahi

      omg dr just nw I am thinking to msg uu the link but yaar u surprised me with ur cmmnt so did u liked it dr??? I am sooo happy fr ur cmnt lvuuu pooju

  9. Sharaya

    Maahhhiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! How you managed to write this much perfectly?! Itdls so so so so awesome! Loved it to the core ‘ROCK STAR DRINKING IS NT THE SOLUTION FR UR PRBLM …LIFE IS LIKE A CAMERA SO FACE IT WITH SMILE’ this line is so so so true



    Your os never forget to me like this ???? seriously loved it to the core each and every line was so awesome and perfect and yeah now you got a new biggest fan of your writings??

    1. Maahi

      thts sooo sweeeeeet of uuu sharu but its nt so perfect dr there r many mistakes but I am soooooooo happy tht u liked my silly thoughts nd the way mentioned ur love fr me was sooooooooo sweeeeeet nd thnxxx again fr ur sweeeeet cmmnt fan haa nooo dr I am nt so gud at writing tht to b my fan but u vil dfntly b my frnd keep rocking dr loads of love

      1. Sharaya

        Arey no thanks and no sorry between friends!

    2. Maahi

      kkk dr frm nw onwards no thnx nd no srry keep rocking

  10. Vaishali

    OMG !!!! Hats Off to u Maahi Di !!!! Awesome awesome awesome……no words to express my joyu r just Awesomeeeeeeee yaarrrr seriusly u r drivng me crazy dii superbbbbbb wowwwwwwwwww fabulousssssssssssss.Amazing…………..Astonishing…………. LOVED IT TO THE CORE !!!!loved it vry much….no wrdsssss….keep rocking like ths nly…. loveu loadzzz diii

    1. Maahi

      vaishuuuuuu thnq uuu sooo wala much fr ur awesome awesome awesome cmmnt yaar but here I am waiting fr ur sweet cute updates but u r nt at all updating yaar remember tht I vil b waiting for ur magic arey yaar its uuu who drove me crazy with ur cute episodes b back soon dr lv uuuuuuuu tooo loads of love my girl

  11. Omg awesome I loved it to the core no words is coming

  12. Maahi

    monu dr thnxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur awesome cmmnt yaar

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    OMG!!! You R Really Talented yaar…………Such a Beautiful story……….I Don’t know what to say……….You made Me Speechless……… Its Just AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! & You R Really AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!!! Each lines in it are Really Meaningful………Loved it to the Core………..Keep writing like this…………You Made My Day………

    1. Maahi

      reshuuu yaar nd ur cmmnt made my evng sooo bright nd thnxxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur sweet cmmnt nd I am speechless to express my gratitude nd ur profile pic is soooooo lovely

  14. Oh god it’s really awesome os yaar no no awesome ff I thk a grt start grt twist grt end really awesome ff..

    1. Maahi

      omg durga yaar I too nvr thought tht diz OS has a start twist nd end but I am sooo glad fr ur awesome cmmnt

  15. Omg mahi dear its really awesome yaar loved it and love u???

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu saru dr frvur awesome cmmnt lv uuuuu tooo

  16. Prathi

    Wow Maahi!!! I loved the Life is like a camera line

    1. Maahi

      thnqq uu prathi yaar humbled

  17. Maya

    Is this a silly thought for u? ??? U have to be kidding me!??? and it was so wonderful….no…magnificient?????????? each and every line captured my heart like a camera????? Love u for this OS!??????

    1. Maahi

      yaar IB wat to tell now honestly I myself flt it silly so nly I shared it with uu afterall ur my IB naaa but thnxxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur sweeeeeeet support love uuuuuuu tooooo love uu threee love uuu four nd haha love uuu infinity keep rocking dr

  18. Oh My Goodness maahi! How i missed.this ff yaar! Itna acha ???????????????????????? har ek line m perfection! Everything was so perfect and that line i was wandering as a lonely cloud, you know there’s a poem with it ,it’s called daffodils! Lol actually the line reminded me of that poem! But this OS is spectacular! It was so awesome each line got me like this ???????????????? you know you are a shining star in my Galaxy! You are a beautiful pearl in myy ocean and a best girl in my eyes! SeSeriously best OS i have ever read! Hats offff

    1. Maahi

      arey yaar somu frstly no srry fr my late reply haha wat to do yaar my mobile was suffering frm netphobia lol nd yaar thnxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr such sweet sweet cute cute support humbled but it is nt so perfect dr nd yaar I am so touched nd I am vrrrrrrry happy tht I mean smthng to uuuuu tht is so sweet of uuu nd U The Crazy Girl Ever Remember UR A BEAT OF MY HEART BY THN BY NOW ND FR EVER ND I MEANNNNNN IT DARLU KEEP ROCKING LOADS OF LOVE ND TIGHT HUGGY

      1. Tight hugsss from my side toooooo! ???? it’s much perfect ,i have alrdy told don’t comment over your creation let us comment and it’s so perfect and i mean ittt!

    2. Maahi

      kkkk yaar I shall nvr say tht again haha no thnx fr ur support keep rocking

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