The Music Of My Silence (Ragsan one shot)

It’s a Ragsan one shot for the Champion Writer OS Competition. Hope you guys will like it.

Isolated in a dark, cold room his gaze didn’t faltered for a single second looking at those four words.
The question repeated itself over and over in his mind like a broken recorder.
He didn’t feel any pain. Not at all.
He wanted to scream his throat out. To vent out all his agony. But not even a single sound escaped his chapped lips. Nothing.
His senses were numb. His heart devoid of any emotion, any ache.
Kneeling down on the marbled floor with a sheet of paper lying before him, his eyes were dry. He wanted to cry, to flush all the sorrows out of his system but it seems like his body was also punishing him for the sin he committed.

A feminine figure entered the room. Picking up the paper in her hand, the lady in her mid forties started reading it out loud.

Still a sweet smile stretch out on my lips whenever I remember our first meeting.
It was not your looks that had me mesmerized but the whirlpool of emotions in those deep black swirls that captivated me at first glance. A deep loneliness hidden behind those intense hues. And I wanted to be the one to make it disappear.
Our love may have fell apart but I will continue to cherish all the beautiful memories in my heart that we made as the time passed by.

A lump of guilt formed in his throat, that he wasn’t able to get rid himself of.
The moment left the bitter sting of sorrow in his eyes.
The moment of REALISATION.
The evidences were laying right before him. Mocking him.
He chose not to believe her and now he is paying for it with a guilt ridden conscience.

“It’s all about trust Sanskar.” Were the parting words of his mother before leaving in tears.
Curled into the corner of a white room, knees tucked closer to her chest, her lips tucked upwards in a soft, small smile as her mind swarmed with beautiful memories of her past. Memories of him.
She was never a shy person to begin with. Always in a jovial mood with eyes twinkling in mischief one would know she was the apple of everyone’s eyes.
Aspiring to be one of the best heart surgeon out there she invested all her hard work to fulfill her dream. That’s when she saw him for the first time.
Sanskar Maheshwari, the rockstar of this generation. Sculpted with a Greek god like physique and that charming smile of his, he is everything a girl could wish for.
But that wasn’t the case back in college days.
Bullied due to his stuttering and nerdy look along with being berated by his own father, his self confidence mirrored a piece of shredded cloth.
She wasn’t the one to judge a book by it’s cover. She saw right through him. She became his strength. His support. The only person who stood beside him through thick and thin. She gave him a shoulder to cry on. She led him to light and taught him how to smile a real smile.
It was not easy to break down the walls he build around himself but she wasn’t the one to accept defeat.
A tear of happiness rolled down her sleep deprived puffy eyes as she recalled the moment they tied the knot together.
How happy the couple was as they decorated their new life with love, care and compassion.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a loud clank echoed through the empty room.
Closing her eyes she pretended to be asleep as footsteps approached in her direction.
It took all her willpower to not recoil back from the touch as she felt someone caressing her left cheek.
Before she could do anything something sharp pricked her neck and she fell unconscious on the floor.
“Why me?”
Lying lifelessly on the bed like a broken porcelain doll, the single thought echoed over and again in her mind as she stared blankly at the white wall across her.
When you have been hurt for so long, there comes a moment when you stop hurting. Your body feels numb of all the emotional as well as physical trauma. This was what she was experiencing at the moment. The feeling of being numb. Shut down from every misery.

Drugged to the point of losing the last bit of strength left behind and raped brutally from past one month did shattered her but his distrust on her broke her soul to pieces, for never to be joined again.

The hands that promised to held her always, pushed her away. The intense love was now replaced by pure hatred. Hate for her.
She begged him. Pleaded for him to trust her. To listen to her side of story for once.
Alas!! He pushed her away. Left her alone in the darkness. He left her in tears along with a broken heart.
Never to look back again.
He was her pride. Her sanity, her laugh, her happiness, her everything.
But he wasn’t here anymore. He chose to trust the fake evidences.
Now, standing here in an almost empty room of a mental asylum after being held convict for the murder of her father-in-law , the person she looked upon at more than her real father, she was sent to the asylum deemed as a mentally unstable person.

Life slowly vaccated those bright innocent hues as the red crimson liquid dripped from the deep slit on her left wrist.
She wasn’t weak but she has nothing to live for. The love of her life is going to get engaged with someone else. What is left for her.
With a broken heart, detached soul and shredded dignity what’s the point to live.
So she is leaving.
It’s her punishment for him.
He chose not to believe her.
And now she is leaving him.

Ragini Gadodia, Ex-wife of rockstar Sanskar Maheshwari committed suicide in mental asylum of Mumbai last night.
Found dead on the spot.” were the headlines next day.
Not everything we see is the truth. If you truly love someone them trust them with everything because not everyone gets the chance to rectify their mistakes.

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  1. Shrilatha

    There is no need to ask how is it Rakhi…it’s it is by u on our heavenly couple (((((ragsan))))) it will be amazing

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    It’s touching…your language is so beautiful…loved it…well arranged too…ALL THE BEST

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    Sad story?
    Nice concept

  4. Outstanding
    It’s sad but your concept TRUST is awesome
    Write more OS

  5. AMkideewani

    Heart touching??but fantastic

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    It was a truly touching piece of work. Amazing and do keep it up?

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    wow dear it’s fantablous…heart touching os…loved it alot…All the best….tkcr dear…

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    Gosh!!!!!! ????? no words to describe yaar!!! The way u expressed their emotions were just……. Awesome!!!! TRUST! Which can make a relationship or which can destroy a relationship…… Amazing concept and amazing story!!! Loved it so much!!!! ???

  20. Aasthu

    very nice…I loved the sentence about trust and also “to enjoy the music of her silence”

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