the music of my life (swasan) (few shots) (prologue)

It was 6 o clock in the evening . all the things were quite and beautiful near the sea . the nature also stopped and admired the beautiful and sweet voice of a beautiful girl sitting and teaching music to some children . she said “children come back tomorrow at the same time same place , ok ?”

She then went towards the water . she touched the water and felt a rush of excitement . water was always a surprising thing for her . she had never seen water in her life . infact , she had never seen anything in her life , she again touched the water and felt it . she heard somebody calling her . she at once knew it was her dadi , her dadi had come to pick her up . her dadi was the only strength to her , her dadi was her eyes , her life and everything to her . she went and touched her dadi’s hands and confirmed herself that it was her dadi . “i was searching for u shona”said her dadi .

she new about her dadi , she always searched for swara even though she knew that swara would have finished her music class and come near the water and enjoy there . this was how swara’s life went everyday . her parents had died in a car accident and the only left ones were swara who was visually impaired and her dadi ,she worked as a music teacher in a school for the blind and took music tutions for children . not very far away from there was a beautiful house…….and there lived a handsome boy ………………….
A lady is seen waking a person , she says sanskar uto , ab utne wale ho ya nahi . sanskar ab uto , u told u had a recording today . sanskar wakes up with a start , he says good morning rags bhabi . yes it was our cute ragini and sanskar’s bhabi . she says good morning sanskar .
“bhaiya went to hospital?” ,
Ragini: yes sanskar he left and its already 9 o clock , u told u must be at ur studio for a recording at 9:30

Sanskar:yes bhabi , i am going bye
Ragini :sanskar eat and go , i will not allow u without eating
Sanskar goes and prays in front of a photo and says mumma papa , hope my day is good .
Sanskar says bhabi pls , let me go today , i will back to lunch very early , he goes and a kisses a beautiful girl (played by Dishita Sehgal ) . love u neenu . naina his cute niece kisses him back and says love u chachu bye

So this was sanskar , he was a renowed music director/composer , music was his life . he had lost his parents at a very young age and loved his bhabi ragini as a mother and bro, laksh very much, he was very close to his ragini bhabi
How will their life get interevened

stay tuned to know more about them


  1. Seebu_s


    |Registered Member

    concept is so fresh…blind swara n sanskar’s story by music…would love to read this…and a request..pls write in english only…

  2. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Wow varshini
    Loved it…
    Vry intrstng concept.. wud love i read..
    It was lyk some fairy tale wen u were dscrbing swaraz scene…
    Continue soon

  3. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    swara as a blind music teacher and sanskar as a music coincidence is that in my collaborated FS with piyali swara is blind.surprised to see raglak as sanskar’s brother wife.
    please message me whenever you update this.please update your raglak ff. ..kaira ff. .and swasan raglak arshi ishra one

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