“Music of the Heart” Epi 4


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abhi asked pragya to listen to him once…but pragya didn’t open the door.abhi comes out of the home..bulbul follows him saying I will help you come tomorrow by 4 pm …I will come with pragya to cracks mall.abhi agrees.bulbul calls purab and says about it…purab agrees with her plan.

next day bulbul brings pragya to that mall by saying that she want to buy dress for her birthday..same time abhi comes with purab. bulbul messages purab. both meets…purab asked where is di…bulbul shows him…and she asked about abhi…he shows her. ..both laughs…abhi …pragya on moving..dashes at each other.abhi holds pragya …pragya looked into abhi’s eyes.both shared an eyelock.bulbul comes asking jiju …you are here…abhi nods yes.purab says di..you are..pragya smiles at him.purab says ok let’s leave and four comes out of mall.purab asked both sisters to come with them but pragya refuses…bulbul says please di…pragya accepts it..
purab and bulbul sits behind abhi …pragya sits front.
the car starts…

on the way bulbul says ,jiju stop. .he asked what…bulbul says pani poori and asked purab to come with her.they both gets down the car…

pragya looks outside the window…suddenly she feels dizzy and falls on abhi’s shoulders. ..abhi says pragya…and calls purab and bulbul.

they admitted her in hospital..the doctor checks her and says congrats mehra she is pregnant. Abhi overjoys and hugs purab and bulbul.he informs dadi and bulbul informs sarla

pragya opens her eyes…abhi comes in Nd hugs her.but she breaks the hug..abhi says arey mumma..you should not di lyk this.pragya was confused.abhi says I am going to become father and you mother. pragya was happy…
abhi says i am sorry .
..pragya. .I should not have talked to you like that. ..they both hugs…purab and bulbul also comes and they shared a group hug..

one more part remaining….

Credit to: srisha

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