“Music of the Heart” Epi 3


thanks guys for support ..ha it’s 3 movie..but slight chances and the end will not BE the same..if you guys really want me to continue. ..actually guys now abhi has become a rockstar…

the episode starts with pragya comes to her room ..she cries hard..she sees passport ,visa and tears it ..she sits on the floor crying..sarla and bulbul comes there. bulbul says di…Sarla asked did you teared the visa,…hey I worked hard to reach this level but you destroyed it in one minute..why did you do this.pragya says bcoz I don’t want to go to abroad…Sarla leaves..bulbul hugs her saying di…pragya says I am fyn ..go and be with ma.pragya calls abhi but he didnt attend. pragya thinks to meet him next day…

pragya and abhi was standing in garden.pragya says I am not going to abroad.abhi looks on her.she says now I left my ma and sister. ..now marry me.abhi said are you joking.pragya says …look me..is it joking…I am serious abhi.abhi says I want TO think about it..give me tym ..pragya says take your time but not so much..they both leaves.

abhi comes to home and sees dadi sitting on couch.he says dadi ..I want to speak to you.dadi asked what..abhi says I want to marry dadi.dadi asked what..are you mad…abhi says everythg.dadi says your wish. .but I will not accept till her family accepts it.abhi calls pragya and asked her to come to register office.
pragya tells bulbul to take care of ma ..
she says she has no way..than marriage..bulbul says don’t worry di ..
next day
abhi and pragya married..
they both comes to sarla’s home.Sarla was shocked and says that her first daughter died..she has only one daughter…it’s bulbul. .pragya cries hard.but abhi consoles her..

abhi ,pragya reached abhi’s mansion.pragya for blessings from dadi.dadi blessed with half hearted.aliya hugs her saying welcome home…

aliya takes pragya to abhi’s room.she was little bit upset.abhi comes and sighs aliya to leave.abhi sits beside pragya. ..and holds her hand.pragya looks at abhi.her eyes were red…abhi sees that gets hurted.pragya hugs abhi…saying all here me.abhi says nothg like that and don’t worry…ma will definitely accept us.
abhi ,pragya sleeps

next morning..
abhi wakes up and sees pragya was not there.he called robin and asked about her.he says she is in dadi’s room.abhi rushes towards the room.
abhi comes in without seeing inside he says dadi..there is no fault on her.don’t hurt her..dadi asked who is hurting her.actualy I was quite impressed by pragya.pragya smiles.abhi says whatever I am leaving to office.pragya plse come.dadi says go beta…

abhi ,pragya comes to room.abhi asked how did you won dadi.pragya says I didn’t do anything. abhi says whatever…I am leaving as I have important meeting. pragya asked when we are going to meet me..abhi says wait…till the time comes.

days passed. ..
pragya and aliya went for shopping.bulbul sees pragya and hugs her from behind. she asked pragya how is she? pragya says fine.aliya asked its your sister and greets her.pragya asked about Sarla. bulbul says ma is fine di. not to worry.

next day is pragya’s bday.
abhi asked all not to wish her.pragya was in anger that none of them wished her.abhi calls her and asked her to come to his concert as he left the file.pragya cursed him and left with file..

in the concert.
pragya gives the file ,abhi asked her to watch the concert ,so pragya decided to stay there…
after abhi finished singing ..he says tday is a special day for me..my wife’s bday.I didn’t wished her but a little suprise is there for her.abhi asked pragya to come.pragya was happy.dadi,aliya,purab were watching this in tv…bulbul who is a great fan also watching this …sarla ma from behind. .she has happy tears on her eyes…

pragya cuts the cake and feeds abhi
abhi gives a ring to her and they both hugs..the crowd cheered them.
they reached home.pragya was happy.she hugged Abhi from behind. abhi asked so someone. is in romantic mood.pragya blushes
abhi ..pragya consumate their marriage…

days passed…
abhi was busy on his new album.he has no tym to spend with pragya.pragya was sad that abhi is not spending tym with her..moreover ..abhi’s concert model is tanu…tanu tries her best to separate abhi and pragya.bcoz she wants abhi for his fame.
so she creates misunderstandings between them by …
going to parties with abhi..though it’s official …media…will report that rockstar abhi is dating …bcoz its her plan

one day ,pragya asked can we go to ma’s home.abhi says I have important work.pragya asked then when we will go.abhi says if you want you go.pragya says disguusting. .abhi asked what..pragya says I convinced your dadi but you are not ready to meet my ma..you are getting ready to meet your girlfriend. abhi asked girlfriend. ..who…pragya asked if you want to hear by me..ok that tanu
.abhi says enough…pragya..you are crossing your limits…pragya starts to cry.abhi leaves from there in anger.

pragya packs her bag and leaves to sarla ma’s house.she rings the calling bell.sarla opens the door and was shocked to see pragya in such condition with bags.pragya hugged sarla saying sorry…ma …I was wrong…please forgive me and falls on the floor crying.sarla takes her inside and bulbul consoles her.pragya says I dont want to go there. .
sarla says ok…

abhi comes home…he thinks he had shouted at pragya…so decides TO take her to dinner.abhi opens the door and was shocked by reading a note.” I am leaving to my home- by pragya”

abhi leaves to pragya’s home.bulbul opened the door.sarla comes behind her .they both asked abhi to get in.abhi asked for pragya.sarla calls pragya…pragya comes and sees abhi there.she says to bulbul that she never wanted to see his face. ask him to leave.abhi comes TO speak but pragya leaves to her room. ..

will abhi able to win pragya…
keep reading…and give your feedbacks

Credit to: srisha

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