“Music of the Heart” Epi 2


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the episode starts with PRAGYA leaving from there ,abhi follows her by saying listen to me…just once..but pragya doesn’t . ..sarla was in her way to home sees abhi following pragya…she slaps him and says not to follow pragya.abhi was hurt. purab says Abhi let’s leave.she is not worth for your love .abhi says don’t say anythg about her.I will wait till she accepts me.they both leaves to respective homes.

next day pragya was waiting for bus. abhi comes there in a bike.he gets down and goes before pragya.pragya looks at him.and ask him to leave.abhi asked ,it’s last time I am asking will you accept me or not.pragya says no.I will not…abhi says then goodbye. pragya was confused.

abhi then relaxes himself and opens his hands on both sides….like wings.
he closed his eyes. he crosses the road without seeing back or anywhere as he closed his eyes. the vehicles were moving fastly.pragya shouts abhi…please come..let’s talk and solve. .but he doesn’t listen.one bike hits him and pragya closed her eyes.but he falls aside the road…pragya opens her eyes and sees abhi lying on the road ..she crosses after the green signal for walking…and goes near him.she helped him to stand and abhi says I am ok.pragya slaps him.she asked are you mad…if somethg hapnd to you…then I would be blamed. abhi says i want to live with you nor I want to die before you…infront of your eyes…pragya gets tears and hugs him….she says I love you.abhi says I love you too…

pragya breaks the hug and says I want to say something.I like you but …abhi asked what..pragya says my ma want me to continue my higher studies in abroad.if I got visa I will leave. .you should not blame me.abhi says as per your order…come I will drop you …and both leaves to school.

pragya and abhi was happy…abhi doesn’t likes to read..but pragya helps him in public exams …neither dadi nor Sarla knows about their love.bulbul and purab knows ..as time passes they both fall in love.the four will go out …abhi with pragya in one bike and bulbul and purab in one bike….
after exams …they joined same college and all four were enjoying…as pragya didn’t get her visa, so she accompanied with all three..abhi was happy that pragya didnt leave him…abhi concentrated only on music as it’s his life. he was selected by many people to join him with them in their concerts.for selection…pragya also accompanied him.she gives him hope .finally after all flaws he was finally selected..he was at the top of world he hugs pragya and she congrats him.

at the same night..purab ,bulbul,pragya,abhi all were in a club.abhi says to pragya ,I love you.pragya says me too…and pragya gets a call from Sarla..she attends it and was shocked..she asked bulbul to come with her as ma asked to return home. abhi asked everythg was fyn. pragya says yes Nd leaves.

next day ..
pragya calls abhi and they met each other in cafe.pragya says ,abhi I got seat in London university. .I got visa TO go..abhi asked what you are going to do….pragya asked what should I do..If I go..you will get hurt..if I don’t go ma will get hurt…abhi says just go. …don’t come infront of me….here after. ..

it’s just a five part story….so comment if you like or not…next part will be updated tday…..hope you all love this story line…

Credit to: srisha

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  13. Nice yaar..its really like a 3movie..keep it up

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