Music of the heart {Chapter 3}

Next morning was a beautiful morning for Abhi. He realized that he slept very peacefully last night.Little did he know that was the magic of teddy for the peaceful sleep.He went to bath and changed himself into a white tee and a denim pant not looking less than a greek god.
As it was Saturday, he decided to take a walk around the city. He took his bike and just roamed around the city. He parked the bike safely at a parking and walked around the city with his helmet on his head. As he was a rockstar,he did not want to create a mess in the roads. so he started to walk with his hands resting on his packets. He could see people walking in couples in hand in hand and smiled. Never he would get an opportunity like this.

Abhi’s POV
They tell that Paris is the city of love. But i think i am the only one who is single here. Then he noticed that someone was coming towards him. He looked and found Purab coming towards him.Purab” Sir do you mind..’ Abhi” Hey Purab!! What are you doing here?”Purab was shocked. Purab”Sir.. Abhi!!”Abhi” Yes!.” Purab”Why are you wearing helmet??”Abhi” I don’t want publicity man.” Purab smiled” Oh i understand!!” Just hen his phone ringed. He give an oops reaction looking at the dialler.Abhi” what happened Purab”?Purab” I left my gf in the park there. She would be really angry at me now. I will come now.” Saying that he started to run towards the park.Abhi” Careful Purab”Purab” Haan!”Abhi to himself”Hmm! Even he has gf. But me,He took his mobile and looked at the wallpaper and kissed it.

“But i really miss you fuggi.” said Abhi whose eyes were wet with tears now. He sat in a public chair, smiling like a idiot looking at her pictures.Other side Purab reached the park. He was panting heavily while placing his hands on the knees. Just then a girl with her face hidden and only eyes visible came towards him.He got up. Purab”Tweety I am sorry”Tweety looked at him with a frown.”Where is the bike I asked for?” asked Tweety rising her eyebrows.Purab” Vo. Even i have ducati bike Tweety. So i thought..”Tweety”You thought and so you fail in your challenge now.Accept your defeat Mr. Purab khanna.”Purab” No and Never.”Tweety”No.Mr.Purab khanna. I am not going to give what you want.”Purab’You Dont stress yourself by giving it to me. I will just take it.” Saying this he moves forward.Tweety” No.No..” and moves backward.Purab pins her to the nearby tree. Purab” Always hiding your face with this irritating cloth and he tries to remove it.” Tweety” No.Purab. It is not safe.”Purab”Oh shit! I forget that.” and removes the cloth.Twety.”Purab!!”Purab” You dont want to yell this way.”Tweety”What if someone sees?” Purab” Nobody will see! Secrity is that tight!”{All might have guessed who is she.. She is none other than

Aliya….Oh no.. I could hear some scoldings and curses.. Just kidding yaar.. It is none other than our bubbly and cute Bulbul}
Now Purab took out a rose and kept it on her lips. Just like this

Purab”You are looking beautiful today Tweety.”Bulbul blushed.Purab” You look even more beautiful while you blush.” said Purab making Bulbul to turn even more red.Purab”I am sorry i cant control myself and pecked her lips. Bulbul was standing in shock to recollect what had happened while Purab turned and stood like nothing happened.Purab turned”Tweety. Come out of your la la land” and shook her.Bulbul” What just happened now Purab”?Purab” Seriously, you don’t know Tweety? if you want to know, i would do it again.”Bulbul looked down in shyness and said”I have to go now. or else my mom would search for me.” And she started to hide her face.Purab” Take care” and placed a kiss in her forehead. Tweety” I would” and she kissed in his cheeks and ran away. Purab came back to Abhi smiling like a idiot.

Abhi noticed this and called him near him.
Abhi” Purab” But he was walking on the road while he was smiling continuously. Abhi dragged him and made him to sit nearby him.Purab was still lost somewhere.Abhi shook him and he ca,e back to his senses. Abhi” Why on earth are you smiling like tihis.”Purab”Vo .. nothing.” Abhi suddenly noticed something and smiled. Abhi” Oh acha!! i understood everything”Purab” What??What did you understand Abhi?”Abhi” Kuch kuch hota hai”Purab” What?” Abhi” Dont act Purab. I understood why you was looking as a love sick teenager.

“Purab”How?”Abhi”Because of theis mark” and shows the lip mark on his cheek.Purab was embarrassed and wiped it with is handkey.Abhi grinned looking at his action. Purab” Hmm.. Well..What are you doing now?” Abhi” Just remembering sweet memories” and showed his phone. Purab” May i look?” asked Purab.Abhi”Sure.”and showed the photos. Purab felt amused to find how much Abhi loved his Teddy.”He did not want to ask who is that since he know that he will be hurt very much. He had her every photos that is, he had every reaction of hers.Then he looked at a photo which left him shocked.

It was his Tweety’s picture.Purab asked Abhi” who is this?”His reply left hime even more shocked as Abhi told”My sister.”

So guys that’s for today.
How was the episode?? tell your suggsetions and reviews na.. Bye guys take care.Love you..

Cutiepie Achu{Asmithaa}

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