Music of the heart {Chapter 2}

In night Abhi was walking to and fro in his room thinking about Purab. Abhi”What happened to him? Why did he leave the office suddenly?” He was also feeling guilty of his harsh words towards Purab’s P.A. Abhi”Abhi you are such a duffer man. you threw your anger unwantedly upon him. Apologize to him.” Said his mind. He took his phone to call him. But, he received a call from Purab. He answered the call.Abhi”Hello. Purab yaar. Iam really very sorry yaar. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. i shouted on your P.A. without knowing the fact that you informed me yaar. I dont know the problem yaar. OK tell me where did you go? wha happened to you? why did you leave suddenly? Are you angry? Please scold me yaar? Punish me.” He was continuuosly speaking, while he heard Purab chuckling on the other side.” Why are you laughing?” asked Abhi innocently witha childish face. Purab”Stop it yaar. I am not angry for whatever you did.” Abhi” Sachi?” Purab” Muchi”Abhi” then thats soo sweet of you”.”Purab” I cannot believe myself.”Abhi” Believe what?” Purab” I cannot believe that the world’s youngest businessman will have such a kiddo side. You are really a kiddo yaar.Abhi smiled. Abhi” So you have given a new name for me?”Purab” Yes.”Purab” Can we be best friends?”Abhi”Best friends?.” Purab”Why dont you like being my best friend?”Abhi” No yaar. not like that. Infact i will be really happy to be your Best friend.”Purab” Then Ok my friend I am feeling sleepy. Can we talk tomorrow?” Abhi” sure yaar.. Good night.” Saying this Abhi drifts to sleep.
Other side, Purab” Wow Teddy! You just spoke like me.Teddy” I can even speak like him!”Purab” Really?” Teddy” Yes. Let me show you. Chico” Then Speak like him na..Teddy”Then give me a situation.Purab” How would he have shown is anger to my P.A.?” Teddy clears her throat and speaks”what is he thinking in his mind? I am waiting for him here, but he left without even saying to me?? Is this your future M.d’s attitude?? Think that i will cancel the deal with you if he shows his attitude to me in this way.”Purab”OMG!! These are the same words he spoke to my P.A. Even my P.A. didn’t tell it clearly. But how can you Teddy?”Teddy” That is the power of my… you know what i am coming to say.” and she blushed. Purab” Someone is blushing here.”
Teddy”No.. I..”Purab” Don’t worry Teddy soon you will meet him.”Teddy” yes. very soon!” Purab” Why cant you face the audience Teddy?” Teddy” There is still time Chico.”Purab to the audience” I think madam has not put make up for a year. Dont ask me how could i see her,because i am accustomed to see so. Now you can understand that she is deliberately avoiding coming on screen, since she knows that we may fear if we see her face.”Teddy being irked’ Purab!!!” And throws a pillow on his face. Purab” Ouch!! You devil!!”Teddy” Then you are ghost!!”Purab”hahaha!! both have the same meaning Teddy!!”

Teddy” Then.. then.. you are..”Purab” I am..”Teddy” Wait..Let me think” Purab” Teddy. dont worry. you will not get any word” Teddy” Hey you!!! You are idiot, stupid, buffalo, donkey, monkey..Then.. Purab” then you.. Idiot’s sister, Stupid’s sister, Buffalo’s sister, donkey’s sister and monkey’s sister. So. now this justifies that you are idiot, stupid, buffalo, donkey and monkey..Hahaha!!”Teddy being irritated” Mom!! your son is so irritating!” Purab”Same goes with your daughter mom!!” eddy” Mom” He is such a irritating idiot mom!! Their Mom” Omg!! You both fight worse than kids.”Purab and teddy at the same time” What???”Mom” Yes. Then what?? Keeping on fighting like kids. Don”t do this in front of your friends and your going to be in laws. Then i and your dad should feel embarrassed in front of them.”

Purab”Mom! We were just talking!!”Mom Talking just stuff and nonsense.”Teddy” Like you scold us with stuff and nonsense. Am i right Chico?”Purab” Bilkul. Bilkul.” Purab and Teddy share a Hifi.Mom” Arghh! You both!! I cannot tolerate your tantrums. I am going now. You both fight. I will not interfer in it. Do whatever you want. I am going now.”Purab and teddy” Hahaha!! Mom got irked!!”heir mom mumbles and comes out of the room. Just then their father enters.Dad” What happened Sarla?”Sarla” Prakash!! Ican tolerate with them. The started their dhamaka!!” Prakash”You wished this right.”
Sarla with tears in her eyes.”Yes.The past one year has shattered our life. My daughter has gone into coma and my son he turned silent. The whole home was like a hell to me. No laughter and no happiness . Purab has travelled this difficult phase of time just because of Tweety. I am really happy that i am going to have her as my bahu. And today is the day my daughter had won fighting the toughest part of her life. Today the home had become a paradise after the comeback of our brave daugter.” Prakash wipes her tears.They hear noise from the room again.Teddy” Ma. Chico is so annoying.”Purab”No ma.. Teddy is more annoying Hearing this, Sarla becomes upset.Sarla” Here they go again.”She nods her head hopelessly and proceeds towards kitchen while Prakash laughs.Sarla” Call them for dinner Prakash. I cannot speak with them.Prakash smiles and goes towards their room.

Prakash enters into the room to find the room full of cotton and the pillowas were lying here and there.Purab”Hey i win!!” Teddy” No.You cheater cock. I win.”Purab” No. I am the winner”Teddy” NO.Its me.” Purab” Its me who won the game.”Teddy” Chico. Don’t cheat. Its me.” Prakash” Stop it.”Purab and Teddy” Omg!! Dad!!” and they go and hug him.Prakash smiles. Prakash” Purab you are the future M.D and look at your state. and he takes the cotton from his head.” Purab” Dad. whoever i maybe in office. But i am still Purab in my family.”Teddy” Thats soo sweet of you Chico” and hugs him sideways. Prakash” Teddy and Purab come down for dinner.”Teddy’ Yes dad.” Purab” We are coming.”They have their dinner and drifts to sleep.

So guys how was the episode?? Sorry guys for being late.. I was held up with some works guys.. tell your comments about the story na.. And no idea who would be Prakash.. Suggest a person pls. And i will update the next episode very soon guys..
Love you,
Cutiepie Achu{Asmithaa}

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