Music of the heart {Chapter 10}

One fine day when Teddy was walking in the corridor, she was called by Abhi. She went inside and greeted him while he replied her the same. There was a professional talk between them And at the last the news told by him made her to become shocked.

Teddy”R u sure sir?” Abhi”Yes Anamika. You have to work with me,in this cabin for few days.”

Teddy”But why sir?” Abhi” It is because your cabin is under renovation and so that you will not be able to work there.Since any other cabin is not free you are asked to shift to my cabin.”

Teddy”Sir..hmm.For how many days sir.?” Abhi”Just for 1 and half month.”Teddy”what?!”

Abhi”Why Anamika don’t you like to work with me in the same cabin? D o you fear that I wold harm you?”

Teddy”NO.. How can you even ask like this? I know that you are the one who would protect me. How the one i lo..” she realised what she came to say and bit her lip.

Abhi”The one who you..” Teddy”hmm.vo.. the one whom i.haa..I trust could harm me.” Abhi smiled and said”Hmm.So you trust me uh?”

Teddy”Blindly” Abhi thinks”Then why do you want to hide yourselves from me Pragya?”

Teddy thinks”I am so sorry Rockstar..I trust you blindly but i am not able to reveal myself with you. I am so weak now..”

Abhi thinks”You are not so weak fuggy. I know you are so strong. Perhaps the strongest women whom i have seen.You never felt defeated fuggy.But why now?”

The silence is breaken when Raghav comes inside with Pragya’s mobile.” Raghav”Di.I found your mobile ringing in the cabin.” Teddy smiles and gets it while signing thank you to him.

Nowadays Raghav calls Teddy as di as they both shared a brother and sister bond.” While she was walking out she passed Purab who was keeping on smiling at her.

Purab”Hii Ms.Anamika!”Teddy”Hello Mr.Purab” Purab’Aisa math bulao na.It feels very strange.”

Teddy”If you call me like that i will call you like this”Purab”OK meri maa.. I will not call you like that.”

Teddy”Thats like my boy” and pulls his cheeks. He smiles and goes towards Abhi’s cabin. Abhi is see standing outside watching Teddy.

Purab”Hii buddy.” Abhi”Hello buddy.” and hugs him. They settle in the cabin. Abhi”Lagta hai you had made friendship with Anamika.”

Purab” hey!! Not the way you think Abhi.She is like my sister.” Abhi”Like sister or Sister?”

Purab was shocked.He became nervous.Purab” can..not..under..stand..”

Abhi”Hey buddy why do yiou want to stammer this way? I just asked like whether yo accepted Anamika as your own sister uh?”

Purab sighed and told”Hmm.hmm..Yes you can say that way too.” Ahi smiled and thought”Why this Purab is stammering when i asked whether she is his sister or not?Hmm..pata lagana hai mujhe.”

Meanwhile the other side,

Tanu is seen sitting in the room meanwhile the person comes and tells” You stupid! Dont you know how to behave infront of my guests?”

Tanu” Hey! Did’nt you see,they were very happy to have all the food items on their faces.Haan! the funny part is that they even told me that they would be very happy if they got beatings from slipper instead of food trays.”

Person”Hey you!! and goes to slap her.” Tanu grabs hois hand and makes himto slap himself.

Tanu”Now i think you should get what you deserve and she starts to scold you..************************************************************************* ” The person cannot bear and runs away from there.

Tanu laughs”Stupidic person.Thinks he is a great blackmailer but cannot even hear my words.

She senses that somebody is coming inside her room.Tanu”Who is that now?” The person”Your love,my love”

Tanu seeing the person went and hugged him tightly.The person hugged her back and was consoling her.

Person”How did you end up here?” Tanu tells everything to him. Person”Dont worry dear.I will take you away from this irritating idiot.”

Tanu”Nikhil.BUt he has threatened Pragya na.” Nikhil”If i take you from here,he would not be able to do anything.”

Tanu”No Nikhil.This cannot happen.If you take me away he may cause harm to any other member. He may harm Praniti next.”

NIkhil thinks for sometime.NIkhil”Yes you are right. But i cannot leave you alone here. I will get you to my mansion.”

Tanu”What? and how can you?” Nikhil”Dont worry baby.I know what to do.” Tanu” One more important thing. That idiot keeps on hearing what Pragya is speaking to each and every person you know. I don’t know how he is able to hear that.”

Nikhil”Are u serious?” Tanu”Yes baba.I am telling the truth.”Nikhil” hmm.I think he has fixed electric bug in any one of her belongings.”

Tanu”Omg!! How can he even do that?” Nikhil” I am feeling disgusted to have panership with such a bastard who kidnapped my own fiancee”

Tanu”However we must pass this information to Abhi Nikhil.” Nikhil”Yes you are right. It is very painful to see our love infront of us with another identity.”

Tanu shous “You stupid! How dare you come close to me?” Nikhil gets confused. Tanu eyes him that the person is coming. NIkhil acts”How dare you tell me stupid? You are such a..”

Tanu’ Both are disgusting!” Nikhil”Stop!!! and goes to slap her.” the person who was listening all these comes and stops Nikhil.

Person”Leave Nikkhil.It is no use in talking to this senseless girl.” Nikhil”Yes you are right.Come lets go” and walks away with him.

He looks back and winks at Tanu while she shows Thumbs up sign.

Other side Pragya was deeply engrossed in work whereas Abhi was keeping on staring at her.When Pragya looks at Abhi he would act like working seriously on the computer.

Pragya felt that Abhi was looking her and she looks a tAbhi but sees Abhi working seriously on the laptop.

She looks at Abhi and smiles.Abhi who was noticing all this asks her”Why so you want to smile at me Ms.Anamika?”

Pragya Sarcastically says”Really sir we have to appreciate you for the seriousness in your work.”Abhi smiles and says”Thank you Ms.Anamika. You know because of my work I don’t even have the time to blink my eyes.”

Pragya”Hann. Yes i can see that. You don’t have the time to blink your eyes.But have the time to stare na.” Abhi raised his eyebrows and asked”What do you mean by that Anamika?”

Pragya”Nothing sir. I said you have only time to stare at the computer.” Abhi”Uh.Yes yes. You are absolutely right.”

Pragya smiles at him and gets up from her place.Abhi”Where are you going Ms.Anamika?”

Pragya”For a break.” Abhi”Wait.I am also coming.” Pragya”NO sir.You said na you don’t have the eime to even blink your eyes.Then break how can you come sir?”

Abhi”I am feeling really tired Ms.Anamika.Thats why.” Pragya smiles and they both go for the break to have a cup of coffee.

Guys.Finally done with this chapter. I would really like to hear your comments and revies regarding this.And guys i think you are confused about that person.The caller is not Abhi. I hope your confusions are cleared in this chapter.Thank you for commenting. Bye take care.

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