Music of the heart {Chapter 1}

Hi guys… I am really happy for your huge response… I will reply you all within a short time.. And sorry I was not able to update the episode yesterday, as I had some works.. And ai am writing this ff in wattpad too.. Ok lets get into the story.. Iwill give longer updates from now on guys..

The meeting ended smoothly and finally Purab said”We will be really glad to work with you.”” I am also really happy to work with you’ said Abhi shaking hands with Purab. Before Purab could speak , his phone rang. He picked it up.Purab”hello. Really? Is that true? Are you sure? I am coming now. I will reach soon. Take care of…you know well whom i am refering too.”Saying this, Purab was having a serious look in his face.He had the same expression while speaking to his P.A. Abhi was standing at a distance talking to his P.A and wondered why Purab expressions were changing all of a sudden.He walked towards Purab to check whether he was ok,but Purab stormed out of the room. Abhi followed him at slow pace, but Purab had left with his car before Abhi could reach him. Abhi was confused with his weird attitude and he faked his anger to Purab’s P.A. Abhi” what he is thinking in his mind? I am waiting for him here, but he left without even saying to me?? Is this your future M.d’s attitude?? Think that i will cancel the deal with you if he shows his attitude to me in this way.”

Purab’s P.A was shocked and said” I am really sorry sir. Sir had an very urgent work. So, he said that he was going to the place to finish the work. He said that he was running out of time and he even said that he was really sorry for the inconvenience. He said that he would talk to you and explain the reason of his absence privately.We are really sorry sir.”Abhi felt an unknown concern over him and said”Its ok.”

Other side, Purab was driving rashly with a serious expression on his face, towards his destination. He had tears on his eyes and was trying to act brave. He reached his destination. It was a hospital in a small beautiful village near Paris.He rushed into the hospital and asked to A person who is covering her face” How is my Teddy?” The person” Teddy is alright now. Go and see her” Purab went inside a room. There we could see a person lying in the bed. The persons face is not shown. Purab”Teddy. Don’t worry Teddy i will take care of you. You will be alright Teddy. You will be alrig..”He starts to sob in the person’s hand. The person who is covering the face comes and says, “Purab, dont worry.. Teddy will be alright. Don”t lose your hope. Purab hugs her and cries. ‘No tweety. Teddy has not opened her eyes. I can’t see Teddy like this.. I cannot. The person pats his back, while Purab cries removing his pain from bottom his heart. Tears rolls down from Tweety’s eyes.

Purab unknowingly sleeps in Tweey’s lap. After a while, Tweety”Purab .Purab get up. Doctor is calling us. Purab wake up and both head towrds to the doctor’s room. Purab” what is the condition doctor?” Doctor” Teddy has improved a lot. teddy will open her eyes soon.” Tweety” really???” she asked with astonishment which was clearly shown her eyes. Purab” I am very happy Tweey.. Iam really very happy. I will inform about this to maa and paa. Tweety” No Purab. You shouldn’t do this. Remember that, we must be very careful.” Purab nods his head. Purab” We will give them tit for tat now!!Tweety” Sure Purab.. We will do it. We will surely show them who we are now!!” Saying this they both joined their hands. Doctor” Dont forget that i am also part of you.” Hearing that Purab smiled.. We will do it.. said trio and hugged.. The screen freezes with their smiling faces.

Chapter ends here.. So guys.. How was the first episode? Please tell something about it na..Love you.. Cutiepie Achu!!

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      Ita not a problem.. i will explain you.. acually, purab has gone to the hospita.. to look at a member called teddy who is a patient… Tweety is the caretaker of Teddy.. Tweety is the one who is covering the face.. And teddy is the one who is in bed.. Dont worry i will clear your confusions soon.. And anyways.. thanks for commenting..

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