Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Introduction

Hi everybody I’m Eeshita,
I’m new in TU and this is my first ff so please point out my mistakes it will help me

Mr. Dev Dixit : A sweet person only to his family and in his office he becomes a devil he loves everything to be perfect especially in office work even if one mistake is there that person is gone. He was never like this but after his father’s death he’s become like this. Everyone in his office is perfect because they what will happen if they make a mistake

Ms. Sonakshi Bose : A sweet caring girl sweet to all no complaints no demands she wants nothing from life because she believe she has everything from life. She is new to Dev’s company so maybe she’s bound to make mistakes but she never worries about anything.

Ishwari : A very caring mother she cares for all her children equally she has a dream of getting Dev married but he’s not intrested he’s only intrested in work for him work is worship so Ishwari always thinks of some or the other way to get him married

These were the main characters

Rest of the characters r :
Radha rani

That’s it please tell me weather I’ll continue

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