Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 8

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First of all I’m not Eeshita she’s my di. I won’t tell u all who I am because u have to guess me by my writing style because I’ve written many articles if u can’t I guess I don’t write well?. Actually my di has her main exams on so she can’t write I’m writing on behalf of her


Third person’s POV

Dev was happily sitting on the hospital bed thinking that Sona had fallen for him s he was going to ask him..

Dev : Sonak…
Sona : (cuts off)Dev I know what u want to ask me but it’s not what u think
Dev : Then what’s it
Sona : Nothing it’s just that I don’t want anyone dying because of me.

She was going outside but stopped and went back

Sona : Forgot to give u this and please don’t stop me this time
Dev : What’s this
Sona : My…resignation letter I’m not staying in India any longer

Dev was stunned hearing that for whom loved coming to office had left it. Few days passed Dev was fine he got discharged he continued his office work but never felt good working. He thought for many days and finally decided to sell his company and go abroad and work in someones company like an ordinary person because even he knew that if he stays in India any longer he will only remember Sona who went away from him. Soon he left for London little did he know Sona was also living there.

Destiny had already planned their meeting. Few days after shifting to London Dev was heading towards his new office while Sona from the other side was also heading towards her new office. They walked forward towards each other in their dream world as a result the clashed into each other. Sona’s eyes were closed in fear while Dev held her by her waist. He was shocked to see Sona over there while Sona recognized Dev’s touch, she opened her eyes and was equally shocked to see Dev. She immediately stood up and went avoiding eye contact.

Dev : (mind) Sonakshi over here?
Sona : (mind) What is he doing here. God how much do I escape, hope this is my last meeting with him

Sona was wrong, unfortunately for her Dev was working in the same company as her(poor girl) she found that out when she reached her office and saw Dev right near her desk

Sona : (mind) Yeh yahan bhi!!
Dev : (mind) Is she following me
Sona : Sorry to ask r u following me Dev
Dev : What u mean I’m following u..u r the one following (mind) if u r I’m more than happy to be followed
Sona : What r u doing here anyway, what about the office
Dev : I sold it!

Sona was shocked

Sona : What!? U mad!!
Dev : What u mean ur wish my office
Sona : Y did u sell it?
Dev : I didn’t want to stay in nahi lag tha kam mein….so I sold it and came here wanting to live a normal life
Sona : (mind) Seriously!! Man nahi lagta tha!!! Whom is he lying to?? I know I wasn’t there that’s y man nahi lagta tha
Dev : Where r u lost do ur work I’ve heard this new boss is khadoos Ramchand

She giggled a bit which gave warmth to his heart. Finally the day ended they both left for home. Sona’s surprises didn’t stop. Dev had rented an apartment in the same building as Sona and in the same floor with adjecent flats (what a coincidence?)

Sona : Y r u following
Dev . What u mean I’m living over here u know
Sona : (mind) What?? Ugh!! I hate my fate why o why is this happening with me

She got somewhat angry and banged her door while Dev was smiling to himself feeling happy

Dev : Love my fate

He smiled and entered his flat


How’s it please give ur views
And ya one more thing do not forget to write who u think I am and I beg Priya to shut her mouth because only she knows who I am. If u all r unable to guess I’ll stop my ff which u all love ?
I hope I gave enough hints

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