Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 7


Hi people,
Is my ff that bad y r the comments decreasing if u all don’t like it tell me I’ll stop it on 3-4 epi’s


Sona got in the ambulance with Dev she was still crying badly and started remembering all the times spent with him. They reach the hospital and the doctor comes there ”Shift him to OT quick and please fill the form” Sona nodes she goes to fill the form she becomes blank seeing the relation dash she doesn’t know what to will and without thinking she fills in ‘Wife’. She sits outside the OT then realizes that nobody knows about Dev’s condition she calls at his home and Ishwari picks up ”Hello aunty” Ishwari got relived hearing Sona’s voice ”Haan beta Dev ka pata chala” She replied yes and told her everything and Ishwai got shocked ”Beta Dev kaise khudh khushi kar sakta” Sona didn’t know what to reply ”Aunty I don’t know” she said and Ishwari said”Teek hai I’ll come” She said and Sona kept the phone.

Just then the doctor came ”Mrs. Dixit” she was shocked hearing that but she then realized she itself wrote wife in the form ”Mr. Dixit is really critical because of lot of blood loss. Agar inhe 12 hours mein hosh nahi aya toh inhe bachana mushkil hoga” She was shocked hearing that ”Can I meet him” he nodded yes and she went in and again saw his condition and started crying again ”What happened to u, look at ur state because of me ur like this. Sorry!!!” She kept crying like this the whole time 6 hrs passed he still didn’t get conscious she was getting worried a lot.

She went outside the room ”Kya hua Dev ko hosh aa ya” Ishwari asked her she replied no and went back inside she sat near him and didn’t realize when she fell asleep after 4-5 hours she felt a touch and got up (Guys chill it’s not Dev) it was Ishwari ”Beta u go home I’ll stay here” but she replied no ”No aunty I’ll stay u go Nikki, Rhea need u” Ishwari nodded yes and left ”Panch ghante ho gaye inhe hosh nahi aa ya agar ek ghante mein hosh nahi aa ya toh…. nahi nahi yeh nahi sochna hai” she again sat near him. 50 mins passed by he still didn’t get conscious ”Dev sirf dus minute bache hain agar dus minute mein hosh nahi aaye toh…..” tears again came from her eyes just then the doctor came ”Mrs. Dixit inhe abhi hosh nahi aa ya I’m so…..” Just then Dev opened his eyes little ”Dev!!” she smiled and went to him.

”R u fine Mr. Dixit” He nodded yes. The doctor checked him ”Hmm..he’s fine. I’ll come” He went ”Dev how can u, u would kill urself….idiot fool” she lightly beats him ”Ah!!” he screamed fakely ”Sorry laga th nahi” she asked with concern ”Ok I’m kidding” he said ”Arg!!!!! Idiot stupid how can u, u know I got scared.” she said ”Arey sorry na ur my friend if I don’t joke with u then who will I joke with the doctor” he said and they both laughed just then the doctor came ”U know Mr. Dixit ur lucky to have a wife like her she stayed with u all 12 hrs when u were unconscious she didn’t even leave u for even one minute” The doctor said and Dev was shocked hearing that ”But she loves Rithwick then y she did this and wait a minute how did she find out I was going to suicide I have to ask her” he thought and just lovingly smiled at her.

How was it please give ur views an as I said above if u don’t like it I can stop it soon

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  1. Sami

    it was awesome fab
    post asap

  2. Manya

    Eeshi dear u keep writing and the people who love it will keep commenting???don’t feel low about the no of comments they will increase and don’t forget we love u and ur ff❤️❤️❤️Okay????
    BTW epi was Awesomeeeeeeeeee as always❤️❣???❤️❣???❤️❣?
    Post soon❤️❤️❤️
    Love u❤️❤️

  3. Rj12

    Wowie ?????????? awesome loved it ?????????
    Don’t u dare think of ending it post soon

  4. Amazing and lovely…..??? aur mujhe Lagta hai….saari TU ke writers especially krpkab page ke writers ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hai…. Jis ko dekho….ff finish karne lagi hon….bcoz of less comments…. Like com’on….. Jou Parh rahe hain….post for them at least…… Every writer us facing this problem of less comments….. This doesn’t means that u should stop writing….. Enough of me…. Sorry if u mind my words…..

  5. Uh nailed it

  6. The doctor called sona as mrs dixit , it was awesome dear………ths epi is really superbb dear…. pls don’t end ths ff dear

  7. Awesome episode dear

  8. Fab episode..

  9. Niki645

    It was awesome!

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