Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 6


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”U both know why I called u here right, so I thought about this the whole night and my answer is I love Rithwick sorry Dev ” She said it what she felt which completely broke Dev from inside he wanted to cry out loud but he controlled and attached a fake smile and said ”I’m happy for u Sonakshi” he tried to compose his self but couldn’t and acted to have something important and picked up the phone ”Ya just a minute ya I’m coming” He kept the phone ”Excuse me I have to go” He said controlling his emotions and left from there while Rithwick and Sona were talking amongst their selves.

Dev was driving the car at almost full speed with blood shot eyes and tears coming out of them he anyhow reached home still with tears coming out he went to his room without anyone’s notice. He reached the room and let all his emotions flow out he had no control over himself. Few days passed by nothing was alright Dev was still lost he still couldn’t believe what happened he was fully broken from inside he spent most of the time at home he had nothing to do with the office, his only reason for staying t home was Sona he thought if he sees her any more he’ll fall for her more and soon won’t control himself.

Few weeks passed Sona went to Dev’s home ”Aunty Dev hai ” She asked Ishwari ”Arey woh toh office gaya hai” She said ” Nahi aunty mein office se hi aa rahi hoon woh nahi hai” She said little surprised ”Ok tum kaam karo uske room mein dekho mein Tina ko phone karti hoon shayad usse pata ho” She nodded and went to his room but he wasn’t there then her eyes fell on a small book she went and picked it up ir was a diary Dev’s diary she never knew he kept one she opened it *I never I’ll use this nonsense but what to do there r some things which have to be kept secret like my first and last love Sonakshi. She is the prettiest thing like a goddess from the heaven she is so pretty* Sona smiled reading this she flipped the page *Oh my Sona sorry for I did today I proposed u I never expected to propose u like this I’m so sorry hope u can forgive me for my behaviour* As she read this a drop of tear escaped a eyes she flipped the page *Today Sonakshi finally told her decision she loves him Rithwick I felt really bad I’m broken from inside she was my only love I don’t know whether I’ll be able to mend myself* A fresh stream of tears again started flowing from her eyes reading this she never knew he loved her this much she flipped the page*Few days passed I still can’t forget her neither I have the courage to face her so I’m deciding to end my life over here itself can’t live any longer seeing My Sona belonging to someone else. I’ve decided to end my life on Abc mountain at 1st March 2016 at 9:30* She read this and was shocked like hell reading the last page ” 1st March which is today and the time…on my god!!!! It’s already 9 I need to go now” She left down ”Aunty I know where Dev is I’ll get him” She said and left

She reached the mountain and looked around she saw a person lying unconscious she went close and was shocked to Dev lying there in a pool of blood he had cut his nerves she was shocked he really did end his life she didn’t know what to do she called the ambulance and sat near him and started crying loudly”Dev what did u do for me u killed urself….” She kept crying then the ambulance came and they took Dev and left for the hospital

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  1. Awesome

  2. Haye……dev babu toh extra senti ho ke jaan de behte…… Eeshi unhain bacha Lena ok….. U know doctors se bara kaam tumhara hai…?…..tum hi sirf bacha sakti ho dev babu ko… bacha Lena unhain……

  3. Bharti123456

    Loved it??
    Arey Dev became too senti yaar save him
    Post soon

  4. Rj12

    Wow!!!!????????????? So great. Please save Dev and post soon

  5. Aarti32

    Mujhe to hospital k track se hi dar lagta h..jaldi se track aur mere dar dono ko khatam krdo plzz.. Episode was really great

  6. Manya

    Yeh Dev toh real Dev de bilkul ulta hai agar woh wala hota toh Ritwik Ko hi Marva deta????
    Post soon
    Love love❤️❤️

  7. Niki645

    Awesome! But Dev in the hospital!!!!!!!
    I’m so scared! Pls save him!

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