Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 5

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I went out of the house shaking only his words were echoing in my ears I was shocked. by his words how could he say that maybe that’s the reason he always was in between me and Rithwick now what do I reply I’m sure he’s waiting for my reply. Next day in the office he called me and Elena in the cabin ”I need u both to complete this work” He said and handed me and Elena a file I couldn’t even look into his eyes like before. I left from there quietly while he just stared at me with widen eyes. I went to my desk and opened the file I found a note inside it ‘ Dear Sonakshi, I know what I said yesterday was a little too frank I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself and I won’t lie I do love u. I’ll be waiting for the reply, I’m not pressurizing u. U can take ur time and I’m not forcing u to say yes. ’ All this was written in it I looked up to his cabin I found his eyes full of guilt I know he was guilty of what he said and did.

I went home lost because I didn’t even know how to reply to him I liked him but love………it was out of question but even if Rithwick asked me the same thing thing I would be unanswerable to him too. I was still lost ”Sona beta come eat dinner” Ma called out but I was lost that I didn’t hear then Elena came in ”Sona kya hua ma tujhe khana khane ke liye bulaya aa na” She called I still didn’t pay attention she finally came near me ” Kya hua kisi ne kuch kaha tu bata mujhe ” I had to tell her everything instead of understanding my trouble she jumped out with joy ” Sona isme pareshan hone wali kya baat hai arey khushiyan manao tujhe haan bolna chahiye ” She said happily ” Elena shut up tu meri problem kyun nahi samaj rahi ek taraf Rithwick toh dusri taraf Dev I like both of them but love is a little out of question ” I said little sad.

Next day in office I was again lost in thoughts whom should I say yes Dev or Rithwick. Dev is sweet but at the other end Rithwick is caring, I like both of them and I guess both love me equally they both r same almost but I guess Dev is more caring he left the office for me he came home to take care of me but Rithwick also always cared for me when I was sick. But the care I saw for myself in Dev’s eyes wasn’t there even in Rithwick’s eyes also. This is so confusing I don’t even know what to tell him or Rithwick. God only help me now. Ugh!!! Deciding whom to love from 2 people is so irritating. At home I went again lost just then Elena came shaking me out of my thoughts ”Sona what r u thinking….oh about Dev and Rithwick na leave it now decide later” She said and dragged me out actually she was right y to waste time thinking about both of them.


Oh god what did I say to Sonakshi. Did she forgive me?? All sorts of questions were running in my mind I dozed off thinking about this. Next morning I got a call it was Sonakshi ”Dev come to the XYZ Park I’ll tell my decision over there and I’ve called Rithwick also” She said at a point I was happy but at the other point I was getting worried also what would she say. I reached there Rithwick and Sonakshi already reached there Sonakshi finally came in the middle and was going to tell what she felt and whom she loved ” U both know y I called u here, so my final answer is ……………”

Thanks for reading whom do u think Sona will chose stay tuned to know more and give ur comments positive or negitive


  1. |Registered Member

    Haaawwww….u left me in verge of curiosity…. Who will sona choose….??? Eager to know…. Episode was awesome and amazing…..Loved it

  2. Manya


    |Registered Member

    This is not fair😱😱u left it in suspense😓
    It was Awesomeeeeeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Plzzzzz post soon 😊
    Love love

  3. Princess

    Awesome episode dear I am just desperately waiting for the next episode what Sona answer will be please please please please try to post next episode soon

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