Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 4


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As promised I went everyday to her house after around a week or so she became perfectly alright and because of me going to her house everyday we became good friends also I loved her company even more. Next day Sona finally came to office this lit up my face with joy but the work increased ass many employees took leave I could only trust 6 people the friends so I called them to my cabin ” Look 6 of u there’s a lot of work in the office I can only trust 6 of u and don’t prove me wrong u all have only 1 weeks time after 1 week u all have to submit it or before that ” I completed as Suresh spoke up ” But sir 1 week is not enough for it ” I replied ” Yes I know Suresh but many employee’s took leave this month and work has piled up that’s y I gave this work to u all. U can do it right? ” “Yes sir ” they replied together.

They did start the work which was quiet sad for me because all their smiley, happy, calm, fun faces were lost for that week finally that week was over the time they had to submit the work at my home they all came together except Sonakshi she wasn’t there with them ” Good as I expected u all r on time but Sonakshi where is she ” I asked them ” Woh sir Sona had little work left so she said she’ll come in sometime ” Elena answered I said fine they left. After 10 mins exact Sonakshi came ” Why r u late ” I asked her ” Sorry na here the file ” I took the file from her ” And y was work left I gave u less work than all ” I told her ” C’m on Dev I came here to talk with u and u shouting ” She said ” Ok now what u want ” I asked her ” U know Rithwick said he will propose me soon ” She said this and my world stopped there I could break down any minute ” So what u think I’ll say yes” she asked me ” Um…u…ur….wi…wish ” I said fumbling I don’t know whether she understood me or not but she smiled and went.

I was broken from inside this love story got over before it even started. Now everyday when I saw her table tears always escaped my eyes. One week passed by I never felt good seeing her when she came to talk to me I always ignored her giving reasons so that I don’t fall for her more or I won’t be able to control myself. One more week passed that painful day came where Rithwick would propose my Sona in front of the whole office I couldn’t bear it I left the office immediately with red eyes I controlled all my feelings from inside drivin the car at extreme speed home. I reached home controlled myself and went to my room and banged it shut everyone was shocked with my sudden entrance at home.

After a few minutes there was a knock on my door ”Who’s it” I screamed ”It’s me Dev, Sonakshi” to my utter surprise it was Sonakshi. I rubbed all my tears and attached a smile which was fake to my face I guess she understood ” Dev u r ok right ” she asked me ” Ya..I’m perfectly alright ” I replied ” Then y u left suddenly from office today u know….” she said and I cut her off ” Ya I know u go I have work ” but she insisted me to tell what’s wrong ” Dev what’s wrong tell me. U consider me as ur friend right then tell ” I got angry I held her from the shoulder and pinned her on the wall ” U want to know what’s wrong right. Let me tell. I’m not in the office because Rithwick is proposing u. Nahi dekh sakta mein yeh nahi bardash kar sakta u want to know why kyunki mein tumse pyar karta hoon damn it y don’t u understand that’s y I came everyday to ur house till u were better that’s y I always cared about u that’s y I never felt good while shouting at u because I love u…..I…LOVE …U! Got that ”

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  2. Awesome episode dear…

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  4. Awesome episode..

  5. Manya

    Post soon
    Love love

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    Loved it ❤️❣???????
    Wonder what’s Sona’s reaction post soon

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  9. Niki645

    It was fabulous!!!!
    Pls pls pls pls pls plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Waiting to know about Sona’s reaction?????


  10. Angel20

    It was superb! Just amazing! Post the next one soon!

  11. Aarti32

    Awesome episode.. superb confession..

  12. swarnali ghatak

    It’s awesome

  13. Heyy when will you post next episode? This is my second comment on the same post..just to remind you that we are looking for the next soon

  14. Anjali333

    Read all the chapters in a go.
    Amazing ff.
    Please update soon.

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