Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 3

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I was shocked like hell seeing her accident while Rithwick and the others went to tell her family about it I carried her to the hospital. I reached the hospital I was really panicked if anything happened to her what would happen about me I wouldn’t be able to live without having a glance of her a day just then Rithwick called me ” Sir which hospital ur in ”he asked me ” City hospital ” I replied ” Ok I’ll bring her mom and come ” He said and I cut the phone just then the Doctor came out ” Dr. how is she ” I asked him ” Dev she’s absolutely fine but she has cracks in her left arm and her left leg is also little injured” I was hell shocked how can she be fine with so many injuries ” U can see her now ” He said and went in.

I saw her lying down unconscious I felt so sorry I couldn’t save her her accident happened in front of my eyes I can’t believe it ” I’m so sorry Sonakshi I couldn’t save u because of me ur in this state so sorry ” I said and held her hand and put my head beside her just then she spoke out ”It’s……ok..Si….sir” Sh replied in a somewhat trembling voice then I realized she came back to conscious ” Doctor …Doctor” I screamed out I was about to go when I felt a pull I saw she was holding my hand I smiled didn’t want to take it off but I had to and went just then everybody came there and they started enquiring about the matter I told them what the Doctor told her mother was very grateful to me and everybody thanked me.

I left from there even though I didn’t want to. Next day in the office my eyes were only on Sonakshi’s desk I was missing her a lot just then I heard some voices near the door I went there and got the shock of my life I saw Sonakshi on my office door I went there and saw all her friends there helping her come in I got angry ” Sonakshi may I know what ur doing here and u all ur her friends right u should explain her to stay at home ” I shouted at them ” Sir we told her but she is stubborn she didn’t listen to any of us so we had to bring her here” Suresh said ” But she will listen to me right, So now come ” I dragged her out ” Very good humari baat toh manti nahi hai boss ki baat man li ” Vicky said. I was in the car I dropped her home personally.

I reached there I knew she will need help ” Sir thanks but I need to go to office sir the work ” She still wanted to work in this condition hat’s off that’s what makes me crazy about her just then her mother came outside ” Shona tu wapas aa gayi thank u Dev beta yeh toh kisi ki baat man ne se rahi lekin accha mere alawa kisi ki baat manti hai thank u beta ” I couldn’t help but just smiled I went inside and made her rest in her room just then aunty came ” Beta can u sit with her for sometime there’s a lot of work so please beta” I would love to this was like a dream come true but my luck just in 10 mins her tails came following..I mean…..Rithwick, Elena and all so I left ” Aunty all her friends came so I’ll leave there’s a lot of work in office” I said she smiled and thanked me I left but I still was very guilty so I finally decided to come there everyday until she’s better.

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