Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 2


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I was really feeling weird y was I feeling jealous seeing Sonakshi and Rithwick together what’s wrong with me ” Bhai what r u thinking ” Nikki came and said ” No nothing ” I replied ” Bhai tell me I’m ur sister na ” She said I had to tell her I couldn’t deny her so I told her everything ” Wow bhai u love her it’s love at first sight such a good news I’ll tell ma and come. Ma……” She went and I pulled her back ” Shut up Nikki what nonsense how can I love her u know I hate all this it is a waste of time stay here ma ko mat bula warna woh shadi ki pipudi bajaigi ” ” Bhai u might not be interested in this but love just happens now u think about it ok I’ll leave I have lot of work ” She left me in thoughts was it really love at first sight.

Today in office I saw her desk in front of me I loved seeing her I am dying to see her even on Sunday’s I come too office to see her which I usually don’t only my employee’s work on Sunday not me but since the time she joined I’ve started coming to office on Sunday only to see her which shocked everyone maybe I really do love her but this Rithwick again came in between my view not only him but Vicky, Elena, Ayan and Suresh came to spoil my view so I decided to do something to distract them I went out ” Rithwick, Vicky, Elena, Ayan and Suresh come in my cabin I have work for u fast ” I went to my cabin gave them all work and then went out and then finally gave work to Sonakshi so I could spent my time seeing her I could never get enough of her but one thing I didn’t understand is I never felt jealous seeing her with either Ayan or Vick or Suresh y only Rithwick maybe because of their closeness maybe she’s falling for him and he’s falling for her. Oh no! This can’t happen I’ll die.

I went home tensed just then Rhea, Nikki and Neha came ” Haw bhai u never told me ur in love u never told ” Rhea said I was surprised how did she know ” Bhai apne mujhe bhi nahi bataya bataya toh Nikki ko. Hmph! ” Said Nikki ” Sorry sorry ” I held Nikki’s ear ” I told u not to tell anyone right what’s this haan ” I shouted at her ” Aaaahhhhh! Bhai U told not to ahhhh! To tell ma ahhhhh! Not them ” She said and I left her and she made a puppy face ” Bhai aap usse propose kyun nahi karte ” Rhea asked me ” Can u all just shut up and Rhea I won’t propose her ok ” I said getting angry ” Bhai then what will u do always follow her or go on Sunday’s and stare at her. Huh! ” Neha asked me I got mad at all of them ” Ya problem, Now I’ll show all 3 of u ” I took a pillow and started running after all of them we laughed a lot and enjoyed that whole day.

The next day I went to office I saw Sonakshi didn’t come I went out I didn’t feel like staying in the office so I went out for strolling like that then I saw Sonakshi crossing the road she was busy on the phone my face lit up with joy and extreme happiness I was going towards her but controlled myself as she was coming towards the office itself but she was so lost on the phone that she didn’t pay attention to the forwarding car I went to save her but it was late the banged her at a great speed it was unbelievable I couldn’t believe my eyes I went rushing to her and called the ambulance ” Sonakshi! Anke kholo ” I was so scared I didn’t want her to leave me I loved her a lot everyone came out especially her friends they came out running ” Sir what happened to her ” Elena asked me I told them all what happened ” Sir aap isse hospital le jaye hum iski ma ko batata te hain ” Rithwick said I agreed and carried her to the hospital.

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  1. Manya

    Oh my god Sona ka accident??
    Awesomeeeeeeeeee episode❤️?????????❣❤️?????????
    Post soon
    Love love

  2. Heshine

    Hey Eeshi….!!!the episode was juz awesome…..loving the track….pls do update soon dear….!!!Waiting fa the next….!!!?????and yeah hope sona will feel fa dev after he took care of her in her health condition….update soon dear….!!!????

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome n funny as well

  4. Awesome episode dear

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nice story carry on eeshei sona faces accident how can rhitwick carry sona to hospital poor dev

  6. Rj12

    It was awesome loved i????

  7. Alka

    Awesome n cute episode …. Bro sissy talks ….n Dev is the best here ?❤❤❤??

  8. Niki645

    Amazing episode!!!!
    Post soon????

  9. Fantastic!!!!!<3333

  10. Amazing dear……❤

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