Mushkil yeh ishq (DevAkshi) Episode 1


Hi people,
Sorry for being late please understand my exams r on without delay I’ll start my ff ‘Mushkil Yeh Ishq’


Today again as usual ma spoilt my dreams by waking me up ” Ma let me sleep please ” I mumbled ” Shona wake up today is ur interview know come on get up ” hearing this I got a jump start and got out of the bed. After sometime I went running down ” Beta eat breakfast ” I denied ma as I was getting late ” Bye ma I’m getting late I’ll eat after I come ”. I hurried up I was getting late. I reached the interview late ” Ur One minute late Ms. Bose ” Sir said ……oh forgot to introduce my sir Mr. Dev Dixit as said he was strict I pleaded him to take the interview he agreed. ” Why were u late Ms. Bose ” what would I tell sir ” Sir woh……ma was sick ” he immediately got up ” Then it was ok if u were late u should have told me ” I was surprised how would I tell the truth to sir…I’ll tell him after I get the job.

After examining my file he was happy he gave me the job I was so happy so I decided to tell him the truth ” Sir I lied ” he was stunned ” What ” I told out the truth ” Sir mom wasn’t sick actually I overslept and getting this job was important for me because my brother was removed from the job and we had to repay baba’s loan that’s y” to my surprise he replied calmly ” Ms. Bose if u would have told me this earlier then I would have instantly given u the job because even I have face situations like this ” He said I felt sad for him ” Thank u sir I’ll leave ” I said and again started jumping with joy being terribly happy

I reached home jumping” Ma I got the job now we can repay baba’s loan soon ” Ma got happy ” Wah beta here take this ur favorite ladoo ” I replied ” Ma u knew I was going to get the job ” Ma replied ” Arey beti kiski hai ” I smiled and hugged ma tightly. Next day in office I reached little late about one minute late and sir Mr. Obhodro screamed because according to him every minute counts but the strange part was he didn’t shout shout that much as he shouts at other employees. Am I a special employee? I wonder at times. At first I never knew he shouts less at me I over heard some employees that’s how I got to know. Everyday the same thing would happen I never knew y.

One fine day I went to sirs cabin submitting my file I noticed he was only staring at me y? Something was wrong. Next day a new employee came Rithwick came he was really polite, soft spoken and quite shy this made me attracted towards him we soon became pretty close friends I guess I was his only friend in the office along with Vicky, Elena, Ayan and Suresh we six were really close friends and shared anything and everything with each other sir saw my and Rithwick’s closeness day by day which made him made because he always interrupted between us when we were talking my sir is really a mysterious creature.


That’s it please give ur views positive or negitive

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  1. Manya

    Hey eeshi this seems really interesting❤️
    Post soon
    Love love❤️❤️

  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon….

  3. Really interested.. please post soon

  4. Niki645

    This was really good!!!!!!
    Pls post soon????

  5. That was seriously amazing……???????????……awesome one….. Omg….dev is love at first site…..with sona….??

  6. Alka

    Fab n awesome episode ….????

  7. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey the episode was awesome…i love the way u presented it…?????????????
    keep it up and post really soon????????

  8. Amazing work!! Post soon!

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