Murderer Mystery part 9


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Sunil hurriedly entered the station and gave a stiff salute to Sanky and started telling whatever he gathered so far,

“Sir, she had worked in ICICI Bank customer care center, and most importantly she had a live-in relationship with one of her colleague”.

Sanky remained silent as he wanted him to say few more details.

“That guy was a fraud. He stole money from customers account. She noticed it and warned him few times, but he continued to do the same thing, so she reported that to her manager… They had filed a police complaint and put him in jail for few months. It was a shock to him, and he didn’t digest the fact that she had complained on him. And later he broke up with her. After that incident, he didn’t get job anywhere. He hated her as she was the reason for his condition. So he wanted to take revenge on her and he was waiting for the opportunity”,

Sunil uttered everything and slurped the water on the table.

“Hmm.. So Kavita had an enemy”, Sanky said.

“Yes, sir, I don’t know how he planned and killed her, but my sixth sense is telling that he is the murderer”, Sunil said and he was so positive about his conclusion.

“Good Sunil, you did an excellent job”, Sanky patted on Sunil’s shoulders.“By the way, what is that guy name? Where is he now?”

“His name is Allush. He is staying in an apartment in J.P.Nagar. Earlier Kavita also was staying with him in that apartment. I have the address”.

“Let’s go and meet him and find out what had happened”, Sanky said as he is getting ready to go out.

They reached Allush apartment complex in JP nagar. They went straight to his apartment and knocked the door. No body responded, they had continued to knock the door.

Next door neighbor came and said, he hasn’t been coming to apartment for the past ten days. They asked him whether he knows where he might have been. Next door guy said,”I don’t have any idea”.They nodded and left the complex.

“Sir, Am sure that guy killed her. See, otherwise why he didn’t return to his apartment since her murder”, Sunil exclaimed.

Sanky smiled and said, “Sunil, the important point here is, she died because of the poison in the food. It was not a rape or acid attack or some other blo*dy manner of attack. So, how do you think this guy could have killed her”.

Sunil shrugged and said,” That can be possible sir; I saw one English film where the murderer killed a kid by giving poison injected chocolates. So, may be this guy did the same thing, who knows”.

“May be … Anyway … it’s your responsibility to find him. From tomorrow do vigilance duty here and see if he comes to his apartment”, Sanky said in a stiff voices Sunil said, Yes Sir”.

It was almost evening, so they decided to have snacks. They had parked the vehicle in the police station and wore casual dresses. Sanky took his bike, and they went to Uppahara chat & Pani Puri center near silk board.

It was one of his favorite chat centers. Since it’s near to silk board junction, onecan see the whole crowd near bus stop from sitting inside the shop. The chaat center was heavily crowded that day.

However, after waiting for some time, they found a place near the corner and had good view of the bus stop and its awaiting crowd. He always liked to sit on that place and see the people on the road, who were busy going to different places haphazardly. So many different people and so much difference yet they are united under one roof.They had ordered chaat and coffee.

Then he saw her, “Swara”, at bus top waiting for a bus. She was wearing beautiful embroidery saree in lush greencolor with simple but pretty pearl set and white stone bangles to suit her complexion. She looked gorgeous and he controlled hisurge to have her in his arms.

He decided to meet her and asked Sunil to wait there and went to the bus stop.

On reaching he said, “Hello, Swara. How are you?” he said.

She turned to his side and was surprised to see him ,

“Oh! Officer, what a surprise! I’m doing well”, she smiled with her eyes.

He felt, “A girl can express sadness, fear, anger, happiness and almost all the feelings with their eyes”.

“I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well”, he certainly didn’t know what else to ask or say.

“So, what are you doing here? Any case investigation?”, she asked.

“No, I just came to have snacks there”, he said by pointing to the Uppahara chat center.

She looked at that chaat center and said, “Oh! I like the chat they serve”.

Sanky had decided earlier on what he has to say to her if he might see her again. But didn’t know how she will react to it.

He said, “Swara, Please don’t mistake me for saying this. But I can’t talk freely with you by keeping this feeling inside… I’m really crazy about you… The moment I saw you in college, I felt you are the woman with whom I should share the rest of my life. I don’t know whether this is the right place or time, but I wanted to ask you this for a long time,… I would like to marry you, will you marry me?”, his voice sounded genuine.

It was a startling moment for her;She didn’t imagine a police officer to propose her that too at the bus stop. She looked around in embarrassment and confirmed that nobody was observing them.

She took some time to respond, “I need some time to think”, she muffled.

“Swara, I just expressed my feelings. But it is totally up to. You know…”, he stopped for a second.Then he continued… “I got a dream that we both got married. It may sound crazy to you, but it’s the fact”.“But, take your time. Please don’t think me as a road side Romeo. If you don’t like my proposal, you can tell me. I won’t feel hurt. I can understand”, he said.

She kept her head down and said, “I can understand your feelings. Give me a day or two I will think about it”

He nodded and said, “Thanks for understanding my feelings; here is my visiting card, you can call me any time to tell your decision”, he gave his visiting card to her.

He said, “Please remember; this is going to be a crucial decision in your life, so take time and think and then let me know. Whatever it may be, I respect your decision”.

She smiled and took his visiting card. He said bye and returned back to the chaat center.

Sunil had already finished two rounds and was getting ready to start the third round of snacks.

He saw Sanky is coming and so said, “Where were you sir! I ate so much just waiting for you”.

“Oh! Sorry Sunil. I was talking with Swara. I didn’t know that you eat more while waiting for someone”, he smiled.

Sunil blushed.

They both spend some more time before they left to their home.

Sunil told to Sanky that he would visit Allush apartment that night to check in case he shows up.

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  1. Allush may be a murderer or not but pls in the name of twist pls don’t make swara a murderer……..??????

    1. u will get ur answer soon

  2. very nice n sanskar proposed swara …it’s unexpected yaar but that part was too good n all the best prepare well n i don’t the murderer is allush may be he is scared so he hid

    1. thanx for comment n also for wishing n u will get ur answer but keep guessing who is the murderer

  3. I don’t think Allush is the murderer. I think he may have an another reason for hiding or I think something bad happened to him too. But I hope like Ria that the murderer isnot swara.

  4. I don’t know but is there any chance that it is Sunil?

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