Murderer Mystery part 8


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“Hmmmm…. So many unanswered questions and I need to find the murderer soon before he strikes again!”, Sanky thought.

“I have not investigated her past yet. Need to concentrate on that”, Sanky muttered.

“We have to find more about Kavita’s past life, I vaguely remember that her colleague in info mind said that she had joined the company two years back, we don’t know about her previous workplace. If we can find those details, we may find few clues”, he said.

Sunil always wanted to prove his intelligence and wanted to do investigation without any help from Sanky.

So, he said, “Sir please gives me a chance to investigate and provide the details”

Sanky said, “Alright Sunil, you can go ahead and any information or clue just give me a call immediately”

“And we have two more things to do,
1) Get her cellphone call log and sms details for past ten days until the day she was murdered. 2) Visit her PG room one more time to see if we can find anything”,

Sanky said and instructed two constables to get her cellphone details and report him ASAP.

Sanky went to PG to inspect it and he was standing before it. This time no corpse and no crowd surrounding the building.

Everyone had forgotten what had happened and they continued on with their life.

He thought, “Sometimes something’s happens without our control… we can’t do anything about it… but time willheal all the hurts and wounds”…

Thinking so he went to her PG room to inspect it. Her room was left unoccupied as per his instructions. He opened the room door and entered inside. There was a body shape mark on the floor to indicate that herbody was lying there before. He went further inside and started observing the premisescarefully.

His team had searched the room thoroughly and taken few items, whatever they felt was useful for the investigation, so it was almost hopeless to search again. But his instinct told that there was something left unnoticed in that room.

There was no separate bedroom as everything was arranged in single spacious hall. He went close to TV stand; he thought there was something wrong with the way the LCD TV was arranged. He lifted the TV up, and he noticeda small paper sticking on the bottom of the TV. He removed it and put the TV back.

He found that there was a nude drawing on paper. When he closely observed it, he surprised as it was Kavita’s picture.There was a note on the bottom saying, “WITH LOVE”.

He kept that paper in his pocket and spent some more time and left the room after that.From there he directly went to his home.

He had no clue about who might have drawn that picture, but he decided to keep it safe as it might come handy later.

He slipped into sleep thinking about it. He got a dream; it was his wedding reception with Swara…Kavita attended the reception; but she was naked, whereas all attendees were properly dressed.

She was standing far from him and was talking with someone. He didn’t recognize the person with whom she was talking. Hewanted to see him closely, so he walked towards that person.Swara and his mother were opposing and pulling him back. But he didn’t listen; he went and pulled that person towards him. It was Sanky’s father; He was stunned seeing him …

He suddenly woke up from sleep… his whole body was sweating and his head was aching from the startled dream… it took some time for him to realize that it was just a dream.

He had no idea why he got a dream like that.Why was his father talking to her? And why she was nude? Did my father know her? And why was she in his wedding reception.

He finished his daily routines and sat on a chair and began reading newspaper. His father came after finishing his usual morning jog and wished him good morning.

For a second, he felt like discussing his dream with him, but he didn’t.“Did you sleep well? You don’t look fresh and fit for the day?” he asked Sanky by looking at him.

Though he asked casually, it sounded as like a military command to depict thefact that he worked in military.“I had bad dreams. That’s it”, Sanky smiled.

“How is your work? I read that you are investigating a murder case, so how is it going?” He asked while sipping his filter coffee.

“No much progress. We are still investigating the case”, Sanky sighed.

“I didn’t remember the victim name. Who was it? “, he asked by putting his coffee cub on the table and ready to take the newspaper on this hand.

“Her name is Kavita”,Sanky said.

“kavita”, he mumbled the name, “What is her full name?”, he put the paper on the table as he dismissed the idea of reading it.

“Pagadala Kavita Naidu”,Sanky said by looking at his father carefully.

“Pagadala Kavita”, he again mumbled the name.

Sanky grasped some change in his face after hearing her full name.

“What is it dad? Do you know her by any chance?” he asked.

“No..No… It sounded familiar, that’s it. Ok carry on”.It’s his way of saying that the meeting is over and end of conversation.

Sanky didn’t understand why he had reacted that way after hearing name.“Is dad trying to hide something from me?”, Sanky thought.

Later he got ready and hurried to the police station as it was late and he needs to read the reports that were awaiting for him.

Reports regarding Kavita’s call details were ready and he started checking it. Constables said they mapped the numbers with the names by checking her cell-phone. He looked at the last page where the call and sms details were given on her last day.

He opened the book where he had noted down the sequence of the events earlier and started inserting the call details with the names from whom she got call or sms.

Friday – 10:20 PM – SMS from “James” saying “I’m here meet me “

Friday – 11:00 PM – call from “X” and spoke around 5 mins

Friday – 11:20 PM – call from “Uncle” and spoke around 2 mins

Friday 11:30 PM – She Left the pub

Around 12:00 AM – She took the parcel

Around 12:30 AM – she dropped her friend

Around 12:40 AM – She met Vikas

At 12:50 AM – SMS from “James” saying “Wht r u doing?Sleeping”

At 1:25 AM – She called “Rani” and spoke around 2 mins.

Around 1:30 AM – She reachedher home

Around 1:35 AM – from “X” andspoke around 10 mins.

After writing all these names on paper, he rounded the person names “James”, “X”, “Uncle” and looked at the constables.

“We have to find who these guys are and what is their relationship with Kavita? I’mguessing “Uncle” means Sudhakar Rao”, he said by pointing out the name on paper.

“Yes, sir, we will come with the details. What about the other callers who had contacted her in last ten days since her death”, one of the constables asked.

Sanky shrugged and said “Well, We can keep these details, as of now only these guys are crucial”, he shoved the papers into a drawer.

They left to find those caller details.After some time, he got a call from Sunil,

“Sir, we have big leap here. I gathered where she worked earlier, and I found important information. I guess that could solve Kavita’s case. I’m coming there”, he said all these without a pause.

Sanky said, “Good, Sunil. I’m in the police station. Come and lets discuss the details you have collected”, and disconnected the call.

Sanky knew Sunil’s enthu and his eagerness to solve the case. At the same time he was thinking, “What could be that information? And why is Sunil so freaked out about it” Sanky muttered and trying to guess.

Credit to: IREENA

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