Murderer Mystery Part 5


hey I’m IREENA with next update i think ur confused with last part actually i mistakenly wrote swara’s name in sanky’s dream so sorry for that n further confusion i will clear in next part n thanx for reading n commenting

Sanky entered the police stationand so much was going on in this mind hearing the news about Vikas.

He saw a person sitting opposite his chair, from his view he couldn’t guess who it was. He saw Veeraya standing in the corner looking at the files.

On seeing Sanky, Veeraya gave his usual salute and informed that Kavita’s uncle has come to meet him.Vijay nodded and went to the cell where Vikas was kept.

Sunil was taking few details from him Sanky went near to Vikas and said,

“Are you crazy? What happened to you? Did you really kill Kavita? God!!! Do you know the consequence of your statement?”

Vikas smirked, “Yes, I did it. I killed Kavita. She despised me refusing my proposal, so I decided to close her chapter. I will never allow her to be part of someone’s life other than me”, He blurted.

She never respected my love nor did she acknowledge the truth in it. She walked away that day without even realizing how much pain she had brought in and just crushed my innocent love under her feet. Why should such a person live on earth?“

My intuition has never failed me. Tell me, who asked you to say like this. Whoever it is, I can arrest them and get justice for Kavita’s death. Hundred criminals might escape justice but not one innocent be punished. Have you ever heard of it? You are a true lover, but not a killer… tell me”, Sanky shouted.

CI Parasuram said, “Control yourself Sanky”, as he entered into station.

Sanky turned back and saluted him.

“Sanky, he has admitted that he killed her, so why are you trying to pursue him that he didn’t. Are you planning to drag this case
This is not the only case we have so take his statement and file the FIR and damn close the case. Already we are getting too much media attention on this case”, Parasuram said.

Then he turned to Veeraya and said, “Veeraya, minister is coming for a shop opening ceremony in MG Road. Send few of our people for security, I’ve to go and meet Mayer”.

Before leaving the station he patted Sanky’s shoulder and said “Take it easy man”.

Sanky sighed and sat in his chair. Kavita’s uncle was observing all these drama.

Kavita’s uncle said, “Sir, Kavita had mentioned about him few times . I too have a strong feeling that he could have killed her. Please take my statement and file a case against him. We should not leave these criminals in the society”.

Sanky looked at him in a manner that told him he knows what has to be done and then asked,

“May I know your name?”

“My name is Sudhakar Rao, working in Andhra Bank” and gave his visiting card to him.

“Where were you when she at the time of her death?” Sanky asked.

“I was in Mumbai branch to take care of some office work. I was informed about her death and immediately rushed to Bangalore.

We are still not able to digest the fact”, his eyes turned moist.

Sanky asked, “Please, tell me more about Kavita’s early days with you and your family”.

“Kavita lost her parents when she was studying in 10th, since then she had lived with us. We don’t have kids of our own, so we took care of her like our daughter. She had an independent nature and didn’t want to depend on us. So when she got her job she informed us that she decided to live on her own and promised to visit us when she was free from job”.

he took a break for a while then he continued, “She trusted few and had very few friends. Sir, we had planned to give her away in marriage this year and even started to find bridegrooms for her ,but unfortunately… this happened…”, and he was neither able to complete his sentence nor control his tears.

Sanky remained silent until he relaxed.“When did she tell you about Vikas?”

“During her visit to our place, she told a couple of times. I didn’t take it too seriously”, he said.

“Hmmmm… anyway, thanks for coming. I’ll call you if I need any more information”, Sanky stood and shook his hand.

“Certainly, Sir”, and he left.

Once he left Sunil came near him and whispered,

“For some reason I don’t like his face, he looks cunning”.

sanky laughed and became busy in preparing the FIR.

Some part of his mind was thinking why Vikas did like that.

Later he got a call from CI and he was needed in MG road for minister’s security.

On the way, Vijay said to stop the vehicle all of sudden. Sunil looked startled and stopped the vehicle with sudden break.

“Look that side”, Sanky said by pointing Sunil to somewhere


Credit to: IREENA

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