Murderer Mystery Part 4


hey I’m Ireena back with another part i think many of u dont like my story thats why I’m not getting comments sorry for it i will end it soon

Smartly dressed in denim jeans and T-shirt with ray ban glass Sanky stepped off his Royal Enfield, along with Sunil into the PES Institute of Technology.

They didn’t want to scare the students off by going in uniform.

Seeing Sanky getting off his bike, girls smiled seeing his attire and his crew cut hair style and physic.

“Who is the handsome guy”, asked a girl dressed in jeans toher friend and whispered themselves looking at Sanky, wondered who he might be.

Sankuy went straight to the principal room to meet him andinformed him that he had come to meet Vikas as he wanted to question him on Kavita’s case. Principal asked the peon to take them toVikas class room.

The peon said,“Please follow me, sir”.

When they were turning aroundthe corner, Sanky accidentally bumped into a girl and her books fell on the floor.

Sanky said, “Sorry, I didn’t notice”.

She said, “It’s all right even I didn’t notice you coming”.

Her voice sounded musical to his ears. He wondered is it like this to him or for everyone whotalks with her. He causally stole a glance to look the nameon her books.

“Ragini”, he muttered.

He helped her to get the books and while giving it to her, he saw her face and stared at the vibrant glow that dominated the face and the way she had taken care to dress herself amidst jeans and skirts, impressed him.He felt strange pleasure and calmness seeing her face, an unknown bond with invisible strings hold-ed his gaze and he totally forgot that he was in college and staring at her.

Impatiently Sunil gave a squeaking noise,

“Shall we go sir”.

“Ya, we can go”, Sanky wondered what had happened to him.

Vikas was not in his class room and someone suggested to check in canteen.

In the canteen they noticed him and he appeared drowsy. Except his sleepy gesture he looked handsome and casually dressed. Sanky told him why he had come to meet him.

“l loved her so much. She was my life and I was ready to even die for her. Though she insulted and despised me many times, still I loved her so much. But she left me”, Vikas was moaning.

Sunil never expected to see vikas mourn over the death of Kavita but rather assumed that he would be seeing a happy face.

Sanky keenly observed him and said, “She died becoz of poison in her food”, and noted his reactions. It was clearly evident that he didn’t expect this and he was shell shocked.


“We are checking on her friends and others who know her. And we came to know thatshe insulted you in-front of your friends. So u got a motive to kill her for insulting you rightMr. Vikas?” , he said.

“Are you nuts? Are you suspecting me…? I would rather die for her than kill her. In fact, I met her Friday night and pleaded her to marry me”. Sanky frowned hearing that,

“What are you saying?”

“I followed Kavita from Pub on that day. I waited until Kavita dropped her friend ather home then I stopped her on the road. I pleaded her to marry me. I tried to convince that I would take good care of her after marriage”. We argued for some time and finally she said I was younger to her, so she wouldn’t consider my proposal and asked me to forget her.

I was unable to do anything. It’s so frustrating when the oneyou loved never realize your true feelings, but just ignores itbecause of some stupid reason that they think is so strong and valid.I returned home with so much pain in heart and then… then … I came to know in newspaper that she was no more”, He burst into tears.

“How long did you argue with her?”

“Around 20 mins I think”, He said.

“Hmmm… that answers the question of why she reached home late that day”.

He thought,”who had access to put poison in her food?”

Sunil was disgusted to see a man cry and said “Sir, don’t believe him. My father always used to say, we should not believe the words of a sobbing man. We have to take him and give third degree treatment”.Sanky stared at Sunil asked him to keep his thoughts to himselfand wanted him to observe what’s happening.

“Vikas, I can understand your feelings. I will contact you if I need any more details or you can contact me if you would like to share anything with me, here is my contact number”, He gave his visiting card and left the canteen.

“Sir, we should not have left him simply like that”, Sunil grumbled.

Sanky didn’t say anything.

Sanky slept late thinking about the case.

. He got a dream where hewas studying engineering in PES Institute of technology, and his classmates were Ragini, Kavita and Vikas. kavita and Vikas were lovers. And he and Swara were also lovers…And before he could further enhance his dream world …..He got a call from Sunil early morning

,“Sir, I have good news, we arrested the murderer”, Sunil said vigorously.

“Who?” sanky exclaimed

.“Vikas. He had come to police station and surrendered sayinghe indeed killed her”.

sanky sprang up and sat upright, he couldn’t believe his ears hearing the name.

“What are you blabbering? Is it really the college student Vikas that we spoke yesterday?”

“Yes, sir”

“Something is so wrong”, he muttered.

“I’m coming immediately”,

Sank ycut the call and got down from bed to get ready.


Credit to: IREENA

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  1. I like the episode. By the way is this swasan or ragsan?

    1. thanx manasa.

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  3. it can’t be vikas ……omg so much of suspense….next part plz n is it swara or ragini or both??

    1. thanx naimi for comment

  4. Awesome ragsan ff

  5. Wow so much suspense. Reveal the murderer soon and was it swasan or ragsan.

    1. i will n thanx

  6. How he know swara … plz say it’s swasan or ragsan.. as I am a swasan fan.. I can’t imagine ragsan.. can imagine thm only as frnds or Bro sis bond… plz make it swasan

  7. I’m also a swasan fan actually in his dream he thinks about the kavita vikas himself n college girl

  8. superb

  9. No way it’s not vikas…. anyways interesting…. but one thing, why he was with swara in the dream when he fallen for ragini’s innocent face…. full confusion…. yet interesting

    1. thanx anvee i will clear ur confusion in next part

  10. interesting yaar… I think swara had ragini books… he mistaken swara as Ragini… is it right…?

    1. thanx nieve n I’m waiting for ur next update

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