Murderer Mystery Part 3


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Kavita’s case was published in all newspapers and it was devastating to all her colleagues and friends.

Sanky entered the InfoMind BPOoffice campus ,where Kavita worked before she died. He waited in the reception to meet her colleague Rani.

BPO has become a hot destination for young graduatejob seekers. It is not even necessary to hold a degree in order to do the BPO job. If a person has a good voice and problem solving skills then he / she can very well fit into that job. There are people who workin BPO while still studying theirdegree course.The money they earn is more when compared to what their parents used to earn in those days. In fact it is more than their parents’ current salary. Most of them are from middle-class family,were luxury has been a mere word and a paradise that can never be experienced.These jobs and salaries has brought so many changes in their life as they began to spend lavishly and so many other factors led to lot of changes in the society.

Sanky had stopped thinking, when he saw Rani was comingto meet him.Rani introduced herself. She looked too modern with her attire.

“It was terrible to know about Kavita. I still can’t believe that she is no more”, she said with moist eyes. Her accent sounded American.

“Yes, I can understand. Could please tell me what happened that night?” he asked politely.

“We usually spend our Friday night in pubs,and even on that day we had a very good time inthe pub, and we left around 11:30PM.We didn’t have any food in the pub, so we decided to get parcel from Mastan center. She dropped me and went to her PG. In fact, she even called me when she reached the PG”,She said.

“where you under the influenceof alcohol?”

“No sir, we both had only Pepsi”. We went to pub only fora dance”

“Ym… when did she call you?” he asked.

“1:30AM”sanky asked Sunil to note down the time

“Do you remember at what time she dropped you?”

“I think it was around 12:30 A

“Its surprising that you can remember the time very well”!!!

“I got a call from my boy friend when she was about to drop me, so I remembered it well”

“How much time it takes to reach from your home to Megan’s PG?”

“Usually it takes around 20mins.Since it was midnight,15 mins max its possible to reach her place..

“So, if she had started at 12:30AM then she would have reached her PG around 12:45AM, and by the time she entered into her room, it might have taken another 15 mins, that means 1:00AM. But she called her at 1:30AM.”,he mumbled.

“Are you sure she had reached her room when she called you?May be she had bath first and then called you”,he said.

“No, I heard the sound of the door opening when I was talking to her, so I guess she reached at that time”, she said.

b“That means she reached at 1.30AM, so why the hell it took half an hour more time for her to reach?”, his mind voice asked that question to him.Can you think of anybody who hates her or misbehaved with her in the past days?Rani stalled after hearing that, her voice was quivering,

“It might be that guy”


“Vikas, an engineering student”, her voice was shaking.

“Who is Vikas? What was his relationship with her?” sanky asked Sunil to note down the Vikas details.

“Hmmmm… I told her to be careful with that guy… she didn’t listen… see what he had done …Vikas,doing his final year engineering in PES Institute of Technology. He saw Kavita at the bus stop one time, sincethen he tried to molested her. She was unable to tolerate him. Out of frustration, she slapped him in front of his college friends. He felt insultedand yelled at her that he would kill her if she refuses to marry him. I think he did, he killed her. He is a rogue, please hang him”, she said in resentment.

“Do you suspect any other persons?”

“No… she was good with every-body else”, she said.

“Thank you very much Miss Rani. I appreciate for your cooperation”,he said shook her hand and left the campus.

“WoW… This is going to be a dead easy case… the murderer found”, Sunil shouted while driving the vehicle.

Sanky smiled and remained silent. Somehow his intuition was telling him that Vikas didn’t kill her as he knew this kind of road-side Romeos. They just threaten, but not courage enough to commit a crime. Even if they commit, they do with acid or with a knife because of rage, not silently as pre-planned murder.

“Where do you want me to go now, sir?” Sunil asked.

“PES Institute of Technology”, Vijay said.


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