Murderer Mystery part 12 (1) (final chapter-mystery disclose)


Sanky signaled his constable to give water to him. He gave glass of water to Allush and also cotton to cover his blo*dy nose.

He gulped the water …. And started telling to Sanky,

“I didn’t kill her … when she lost her parents … she become so close with his uncle… he was providing whatever she asked…When she was in her teens, she didn’t know why that rogue pampered her… he took that as her advantage … slowly he made s*xual relationship with her … he continued that relation for many years until his wife caught them in bedroom. After that his wife forced her out of the house … so she left the house and looked for a job … though she got a job… the salary she received was not enough to satisfy her luxurious life … she contacted her uncle again for money … “,

he stopped and took a break for some time.

Sanky and Sunil were shell shocked hearing this …

He continued … “That bastard got a great idea … he used her and through her he impressed his higher officers and got promotion … for more money he made her a high level pr*stitute … he kept it as a secret … nobody knows … she used to go to office regularly … At times she entertained big shots in the society for money… but slowly she realized that how much she had lost in life doing this… one day she refused to do and informed her uncle that she can’t do those things any more… during that time I met her… we became very close… she told everything to me… and we started living together in my apartment happily”, he stopped.

” What happened next?” Sanky asked as he is trying to see how much truth he is telling.

“Don’t know but after sometime she again started complaining that money was not sufficient … she didn’t leave her lavish life style… she wanted more money… I gave my full salary to her… but still she was not satisfied… she had put so much pressure on me … so I had to do something to get more money … about that time… I did a mistake… I did that for her… I decided to steal money from customer’s bank accounts … she also helped me… it continued for a while… suddenly … one day they came to know the fraud… wisely she escaped by complaining about me. They arrested me … I didn’t digest the fact that she complained about me… but still I forgave her thinking about the good times we had. She felt sorry for what she had done and begged me to be with her.

we decided to go Dubai … for that I continued to do many other frauds activities to collect the money … but …. That loafer … her uncle killed her… he didn’t want her to leave to Dubai as he wanted her to satisfy all his needs…”, he blurted everything

Hmm…”, Sanky took a time to grasp whatever he told so far.

“Then why did you escape after seeing me”, he asked.

“I did many online scams and cheated people for money and police were looking for me… soI thought you came to arrest me … but I didn’t realize that you came for Kavita’s case”,he said.

“Do you have any evidence to prove that you didn’t kill her”, he just wants to confirm that he really not killed her.

“No… I don’t have any evidence to prove that… but you please go and check that loafer, her uncle … you will get many evidence to prove that he killed her…”, he grumbled.

Sanky came out the cell and signaled the constables to lockthe cell.

“He might be telling the truth… It is better to obtain a search warrant and do through searchin Sudhakar Rao’s home”, he thought.

While Sanky was deep in his thought’s,The phone rang … Sunil attended the call … he was shocked after hearing the news that was conveyed.

“Sir, Kavita’s Uncle is dead… his servant called … he saw him on floor drenched in his blood”, he screamed.

“What the hell???”, Sanky was shocked.

Sanky rushed to Sudhakar Rao’s home along with his team.

They saw the withered body of Sudhakar Rao soaked in blood.

He was lying face down and stabbed on his back he instructed his expert team to take photos and search for any finger prints.

He looked at the servant, who was in the other room. He was trembling with fear.

Sanky approached him and asked,“How did it happen?”

“I killed him”,

he heard a voice with such anger but when he turned, all he could see was a woman with tears rolling down her cheeks.

A lady was standing in the kitchen corner with a knife. The knife was covered with blood which indicated that it was Sudhakar’s murder weapon.

Her hair, dresses were not proper and she looked totally exhausted and tired. It looked like some struggle had happened before the murder.

“Who are you?” he asked in asurprise.

“I’m his wife and it is shame for me to say that”, she said in resentment.

“What are you saying? … You killed your husband… Why?”

“Not just my husband… I’m the one who killed Kavita …”, She grinned.

Sanky and Sunil looked each other faces in shock. Clearly it’s not a fact to be digested easily.

“You killed Kavita … ”

She said, “Yes… indeed… I will tell the truth from the beginning and I am not ashamed for killing this heartless monster …”,She dropped the knife to the floor and sat on the sofa and started telling her story,

“I’m actually his second wife … he married me because he didn’t have kids through his first wife. Like any other girl … I had dreamed of a wonderful married life. It started off well, he was well educated and worked in bank and financially we were sound. Apart from that he was very good artist. He drew many pictures of me. Iwas floating in air thinking I was lucky to be his wife.

After few years of marriage….Slowly I came to know the real intentions of him… he was a sadist… he harassed me to do things that no married women will dare to do… he drew my nude pictures and showed it to his friends … I become a public joke for them.

I had many sleep-less nights… but I ignored all those pains because I loved him… I wanted him… I didn’t want to lose him. I struggled to make this marriage work and wanted him to lead a decent life with me.God didn’t have any mercy on me and to make the matter worse Kavita entered in our family. I initially thought he was taking care of her as a father… but later realized that itwas all about the lust on her… Ipleaded him not to indulge in these sinful activities … but he continued his relation with her…They continued their relationship in my home, in front of me… it was a worst period of my life…”,

she stopped talking and she wiped the tears that are coming uncontrollably from her eyes.

Then she continued – “They treated me like an extra baggage and ignored me in myown home. I have not studied much and my parents were no more. I have only one sister who is way younger than me and studying in hostel. If I had to support her I had to stay here and endure all the pains inflicted on me. I requested Kavita to stop this incest relationship and advised her about her future life. And the way these activities will affect my life as well. She didn’t listento me, not even a single word not even my plea entered her heart. I had done what I could do and left everything the way it came. About that time … It happened…

God had answered my prayers and I got pregnant… I could see visible changes in him .He started taking care of me and I felt relaxed, he had even asked Kavita to go out from our house. She refused initially as was she afraid that her luxury life would go away, if she would stay outside. But he never gave her any option but to go out. So, she left us…

I thought good days have started in my life… but… but that b*t*h came to my home few months later… she said she had changed…and gave me something to eat and said it was Swami prasad from temple… I was so stupid to believe her and ate that thinking it was Swami prasad and few days later I got miscarriage… You can’t imagine how much I cried when I came to know that… my unborn kid dead … I was helpless… didn’t know what to do. My motherhood was taken from me by that selfish b*t*h…

“Is there anything more worse than that…???”

Sanky was not able to answer her questions. He understood her, a mother’s agony for losing the child.

He had seen his own mother cry over the body of his brother. It was the worst moments of his life.

To be continued.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Very nice n I didn’t get one thing veerayya n sanky father convo n in 12th part continued why sanky father could not face his famil n disappear ?? N other than that superb yaar complete unexpected mystery ……in the end sanky saw kavitha ….is it her ghost or she is alive …are u coming back with season 2?????

    1. Sanky’s father was one of the kavith’s client as she is a pr*stitute… hope so u understood…ireena have told this in 12th continuation part… as sanky told kavitha’s client list was not posted bcaz of sanky….???and kavi’s may be a promoter for kavi’s prostitutional works so as sanky father was a client for kavi so he was talking to kavi’s uncle abt it when sanky told his father abt her death…

    2. bcz of his deeds u read the chapter again u will get the answer.n thanx for comment

  2. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I love it! A little bit sad that you will end your story 🙂

    1. thanx for comment lovely

  3. Wow what a ending… never expected this…awesome story…think so u will come up with more ff like this… so I am waiting..

    1. thanx priya n i have already started a ff “Don and His Roma”so hope u also like it

  4. guyz first read this n then go to previous page n read this part.I’m sorry for inconvience but the next part of the story is posyed before this plz.

  5. superb epi……

    1. thanx kriya.

  6. Oh its very nice yaar… finally mystery got revealed…

    frnds continuation of this epi link:

  7. Hey I’m sorry dear… I was lil busy in past day… thats why didnt cmntd..

    1. hey nive i can under stand n thanks for giving link love u dear n plz come back with a new ff

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