Murderer Mystery part 12 continued (final chapter-mystery disclose)


she continued” I had forgiven her for many mistakes… but he went to the extent of leaving me for her sake… So I decided to kill her and eliminate her once for all from our life…Nobody should get a doubt… I could trust only one person that was my cook…I requested her… she understood my pain… She promised to help me and I told her my plan. As per the plan, she joined as a cook in kav’s PG . She continued in that PG until she trusted her.My cook used to prepare special food for her… no body in the PG knew about it. The time that I waited for so long came … When Kavita returned that night from pub… as per the plan… my cook gave poisoned food to her… Kavita knew her well, so she didn’t question about the food… she ate that food and then she finally died and felt me in peace to relax.

Since it was midnight… nobody knew it”, She blurted.

“But… why did you kill your husband?” he asked.

“Once she died… he came backto me and poured his love at my feet and begged me to forgive him for his mistakes and promised to be good. I thought he changed …After few days he asked me to call my sister, who is studying 10th standard ,and bring her home from hostel and convinced me saying that we can adopt her.I believed him and called her. But… that bastard had some other ideas… today… he tried torape her… I begged him not to do… but he didn’t listen… and I didn’t know what else to do… I took that knife and stabbed him multiple times… that’s it… he died under my feet… now… no one has to suffer… i killed him… I should have done that long before but the love I had for him didn’t let me do it.…”,
she broke into tears and fell onthe floor.

“Hmm…”, Sanky sighed and signaled Sunil to arrest her.

Sunil approached her and arrested her.

When he was about to take her…… she suddenly sprang from the floor and in a second took hold off the revolver from Sanky’s gun pocket and pointed the revolver to her head and pulled the trigger.

Everything happened so fast… no time for anyone to react… the blood splattered ever where… her body fell on floor… it was motionless.


he murder mystery case that created so much hype was closed. Sanky and his team were greatly appreciated for their efforts in solving the case.

After that incident, in guilty, Sanky’s father was not able to see his family especially his son who didn’t reveal a thing to his mother and who requested the client list of Kavita not to be displayed in the newspapers.

Ashamed he left his family and disappeared.


One month later…Sanky and Swara’s Reception…People from different facets of life attended the reception.

Function was arranged in an open ground nicely decorated with flowers and fountains. It was close to midnight but still people were coming and greeting the new couples.

Swaraa looked beautiful and happy .Sanky noticed some one in the crowd. He felt that he had known that person . Some where he had seen her.All he could notice standing from the stage, was a lady with beautiful White designer saree with glittering diamond bangles and ivory white watch and her flowing lose open hair. She stood like an angel from earth in her attire.

He tried to see her face. But he was not able to see clearly. Out of curiosity to know more about her,He asked Swara

“Is that your friend standing there in white saree?”Swara puzzled and said,


he pointed in that direction but to his surprise his wife said, she doesn’t see any lady there.

But he was able to see the wicked smile on that lady face and suddenly it strike him and he thought,

“No, it cannot be possible… Kavi… ??????”


so finally ended so how was it u like it.

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Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Hey i am not getting the previous part yaar ….anyone plz post the previous part in reply sec plzzz

    1. sorry yar i have posted two parts continuously but they posted only one full suspense ko kharab kar diya .i don’t know why they have not posted it.sorry

  2. superb ending……update ur other ff too……

    1. thanx but it is not complete yaar

  3. Allush was speaking in the previous part…here it became she….who is the SHE??? who is her husband ???whom she killed ???why is dp away from his family??? NOTHING IS CLEAR….
    is any part in the middle missing??? sry but I am a bit confused??? can u pls explain…

    1. If there is any part is missed by me pls. Give it’s link….don’t mistake me but ur ff is just awesome with full of trill and suspense…but in the last couldn’t understand anything…so pls. Clear my misconceptions ….

      1. sorry yaar i have uploaded first part before this one but they didn’t posted it.i have again uploaded it hope they will post it now.sorry for the inconvience

  4. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Can U Give The Previous Epi’s Link. I Didn’t Read That One.

  5. hey I am nt getting part 12 its only showing 12 continuation….. & I evn didn’t get who is the killer…

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