Murderer Mystery part 11


They had a chat for some time then,Swara said,

“Aunty… I have to leave now. Take care Sanky”. and she was about to leave the room.

Sanky’s mother held her hand and said, “Come home one day”.She smiled and said, ”Sure aunty”Once she left,

“I was surprised when she came to see you. She is a nice girl Sanky. Bring her to home one day ok”, she said.

Sanky smiled and nodded. And he knew that was a green signal from his mother. Who knows him better than his mother?

It took nearly two weeks for Sanky to recover from the accident.

Meanwhile, Sanky’s mother didn’t allow any police officer to discuss about the case.

Veeraya and his family came to see him. Sanky’s superior officers also visited him. They had asked him, whether it was ok, if someone would take up this case.However, he refused for that.

News reporters came few times to take his interview and gathered his progress in the case.

The case created too much sensation in Bangalore and people started discussing about it.

Especially, this created a buzz in IT sector. IT guys were doing betting in online forums discussing who might be the killer.

Swara visited him daily and helped his mother until he recovered fully.

Meanwhile Sunil collected Kavita’s call details with the information of the caller. He was eagerly waiting for Sanky’s return to the station…

They all stood up and applauded as Sanky entered the station, and in chorus they said,

“Welcome back Sir”,

Sanky smiled at them and said, “Thank you “and sat in his chair.

Sunil came near him and said, “Sir, we tried to locate the Allush, but it looks like he escaped to Andhra Pradesh. We informed to AP police and they are trying to catch him…”,

“Hmm…” Sanky  shook his head.

“One more thing sir, we got the caller details. So in her mobile, “X” means Allush, I think she named “X” becoz he was her X-Lover.And the guy ‘James’, who messaged her was her boss.As per that SMS, it looks like he was in that pub along with her”, Sunil said by giving the call detail papers to him.

“What?” Sanky frowned as he didn’t expect that.

“We tried to contact him, but after her death, he moved to Mumbai. We didn’t know why he left to Mumbai. May be that was coincidence.When we enquired few people, they didn’t have good opinion on him as he harassed many of his female colleagues… So we got a suspicion on him”, Sunil said.

“What is going-on? So many suspects are identified in Kavita’s case. Why the hell, he wanted to move to Mumbai after her death? Why Kavita’s friend, Rani, didn’t tell that her boss was in pub? Had he done something? If he had done something, why Allush ran away after seeing me? Why her uncle, didn’t tell about her X-Lover? Why did he hide that information? Who is the real killer?”

his head heated with these thoughts and he wished,he would have continued in the hospital for few more days.

it was almost 2 pm and most of the constables had gone for lunch.

While Sany was about to go out he got a call from Veeraya…He was surprised to see Veeraya calling him,as it happens very rarely.

He attended the call, “Yes, Veeraya …”,

“Sir, I’ve to tell you something… a burring fact… I confirmed it today. But don’t know how to tell”,

Veeraya’s voice was shaking and Sanky knew it and confused why Veeraya was in this state.

“What is it? Veeraya? Why is your voice shaking?”,he was puzzled.

“It is about your f…” that’s it a big crushing sound came and call got disconnected.

It happened so suddenly that Sanky didn’t know what happened or why the call got cut.

“Hello… hello … Veeraya …are you there?”, He shouted.After a while he confirmed that call got disconnected. He felt something was really wrong.

“What is it, sir?”, Sunil asked.
Sanky said, “Veeraya called… he was trying to say something … but all of sudden call got disconnected … something is wrong “

“Don’t worry sir… he is always like that even for small things he will worry so much… he will call again”, Sunil smiled.

“Hmmm…”,15 Minutes later…his desk phone rang, he took it,“………….”

“Oh, where did it happen?”“………….”

“Which hospital?“…………..”

“Ok”, Sanky disconnected.

“Sunil… There was an accident in M.G.Road… A hit and Run Case. Man in late 50’s was hit and had been taken to hospital with seriously injury… we have to go now … ”,Sanky said and looked at Sunil.

Sunil didn’t understand why he was in such a hurry …

“The person was a police officer… but they didn’t tell me the name”, he said by taking his hat and ready to go.

Sunil also came with him.On the way, Sanky tried to call Veeraya’s cellphone … but call didn’t go. Some reason he felt uneasy…and Sunil felt very tensed…They reached the hospital.

The receptionist directed them to the ICU where they had admitted the person.

They went and saw the person through the ICU door, it was Veeraya…Sanky was startled looking at Veeraya. Tears rolled down from Sunil’s eyes.

He turned to Sanky and said,“Sir, please tell me, he is not my father … please … “, He begged him.

Sanky didn’t know what to say …it was hard to believe for himself…“Sunil … be strong … we can save him… nothing will happen to him”, he said.

Doctor came from ICU and said, “Sorry sir… we tried our best … but it was too late… he passed away…”

Sunil fell to the ground and busted into tears after hearing that

“He wanted to see me as an Inspector… but he left before that…”, he was mumblingHe went inside and cried lying on his father’s chest… it was difficult for Sanky to control him.

Sanky knew that he had to be strong at this point of time. He called the police station and informed them about the situation.

Then he spoke with the people,who admitted him in hospital,As per witnessed people, a car hit him intentionally while he was talking over phone standing near the pavement, and it went away without stopping.

“So… someone killed him … “, he muttered.

Doctors completed their formalities and handed-over the dead body to Sunil.

After that incident Sanky tried to trace the car, but could not find any details. He appointed few constables to trace and find that car.


Sunil came to police-station after few days… he appeared normal… but Sanky knew how much pain he must have gone-through.

Then one of the constable came to police station in a rush and said,

“Sir, AP Police caught Allush… they are bringing him here… our team just confirmed it … “

“Great”, Sanky smiled hearing that.

After a while, The AP Police entered the station with Allush, he was hand-cuffed.

AP Police officer said, “We traced Allush based on his SUV description … it’s unfortunate for him that he didn’t leave his vehicle …” .

Sanky instructed his constables to keep him in lock-up and thanked the AP Police for their support.

They obtained Sanky’s signature in a form to confirm that they have handed-over Allush to him and left the police-station.

Once they left, Sanky rushed into the lock-up and clinched his fist and slammed Allush’s nose … blood gushed out from his nose … he crawled to the floor with pain…

“What the hell? Why are you hitting me?”, he screamed by looking at the blood coming from his nose.

“Why did u kill Kavita?”, he shouted.

Allush looked startled…“So you are looking for me …. Because you thought I killed her …”, he muffled.

“Great… I didn’t kill her”.

“What …. What are blabbering about …. “, Sanky said angrily.

“Ok… wait a minute … give me a glass of water … I’ll tell everything from start…”, he said.

Sanky signaled his constable to give water to him. He gave glass of water to Allush and also cotton to cover his blo*dynose.

He gulped the water …. And

so guyz i think u guess the share ur opinion bcz in next update the while mystery is going to finish.if u like plz comment I’m requesting u bcz in last update i only got 2 comment.frankly speaking i never thought i will get such less comments.thanx for those who are still commenting.n sorry if i bored u.

Credit to: IREENA

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