Murderer Mystery part 10


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Sanky was too tired and was about to sleep but he got a callfrom Sunil,

“Sir, I saw someone going inside Allush apartment. I havea strong feeling that it’s Allush.What do you want me to do? Can I go inside?” he muffled.

Sanky didn’t expect Allush would show-up in his apartment so soon,

“Sunil, don’t go alone. Just wait outside. I’m coming there”,

He disconnected the call and got up from the bed to get ready.His mother asked where he was going at that time, he said,it is just to meet some important person.

He met Sunil at the outside of the apartment. He parked his bike outside, and they entered inside the complex. They knocked the door after reaching Allush apartment.

Somebody from inside asked, “Who is it?”

Sanky said,”Open the door Allush, this is SI Sanky. I’ve to talk to you”

“Get last… you bastards … “, he screamed from inside.

Sanky surprised for his reaction as he didn’t expect that he would react like that. And he heard a noise from inside;He suspected that Allush might try to escape … so he signaled Sunil to break the door.

Sunil hit the door with hisright shoulder with a full force so that it got open.

The moment they entered inside, they saw Allush was trying to escape by jumping from the patio.

Sanky rushed into the patio, but by that time, Allush jumped to the ground.

Sanky didn’t think of anything but only catching him, so he too jumped. Sunil remained at the patio as he didn’t dare to jump 25 foot floor.

Allush ran towards the basement and Sanky chased after him.

When Sanky entered inside basement, he didn’t see Allush anywhere… he looked around… his leg was paining … may be a hair line fracture because of the jump …He removed his short-gun fromhis gun-pocket and kept it in hand.

“Allush… I know you are hiding here… you can’t escape from me… surrender yourself… “, he shouted.

Then to his shock he heard a vehicle’s accelerating sound with full power and it appeared as though… it is coming very near him…When he looked back… black SUV was coming fast towards him with mad speed… in a mill-second time… he jumped back… and the SUV brushed past him and went ahead.

Sanky understood that it was Allush. The vehicle has gone outside of the basement. Sanky got up and chased the vehicle up to outside. But the SUV wastoo fast, he was unable to reach it and his pain was excruciating.

He looked at his bike, which was parked outside. He managed to quickly start it and drove towards the vehicle.He accelerated his bike to maximum speed, then after a minute, he noticed the SUV.

Healerted patrolling police through radio to look out for a Black Toyota SUV.

He described the vehicle and which side it was going. Since it was mid-night, there was very less traffic.Beggars who were sleeping on pavements were surprised to see the chase and the commotion the speed created.

After few minutes of chasing, he drove beside the vehicle just in alignment to get the driver’s view and shouted to stop the vehicle looking at Allush.

He laughed and showed his middle finger. He really looked so crazy driving at such speed and he tried to squeeze Sanky’s bike by driving the SUV to crush him between the vehicle and the side pavement ;Vijay managed to slow a bit and went back side of the SUV avoiding the crash in pavement.

Sanky desperately waited for the patrolling police officers. But time was very less and any time he might crush him with his vehicle.

He felt, he had no option but to shoot the vehicle, so he aimed his pistol for the SUV tires and shot it, but unfortunately missed.

Sanky raged over the missing and found it difficult to shoot while driving the bike.

It looked like Allush heard the shooting sound, so he increased his vehicle speed. Sanky also increased the speed of his bike.

They entered the deserted Hosur flyover.Sanky was back side of the Allush SUV and trying to over-take, but he was driving like a snake and not giving any changes to Sanky.

Allush smiled to himself…….when he pressed the brake.It was so sudden and the impact was a disaster … Sanky bike strike the back side of SUV and he lost his balance and didn’t have any time to react.

He was thrown into air and his bike plunged into the back side of the SUV…Just like a leave falling from the tree and reaching the ground, Sanky fell to the ground except for the speed and force with which he fell can’t be compared.

Allush drove near to Sanky and looked at him. Sanky was loosing his consciousness.

Allush said,“Don’t ever try to catch me again!!” and drove away.Sanky lost his consciousnes.

Next day when he opened his eyes… he was in a hospital. Hishead had a bandage and left leg as well his right arm was in bandage.He saw his mother and father.

His mother noticed that he opened his eyes.“Sanky, how are you feeling? What happened?” her eyes turned moist.

“I already told you not to join inpolice department, see what had happened now. If something worse happened… just like your brother….” she didn’t complete her sentence and started sobbing.

His father took her outside.When Sanky tried to remembering the things, his head was paining… it took a while for him to recall what happened last night.

After remembering that Allush escaped, he clinched his fist inanger.

In the meantime, Veeraya revealed shocking news to Sunil.

“I can’t believe it, are you sure?”, Sunil puzzled.

“Sunil, even I was unable to believe but I saw sanky sir’s father talking to Kavita’s Uncle”, Veeraya said.

“That’s what I’m asking. Why on earth Sanky sir’s father talked to her Uncle. You might have mistaken by seeing someone else”, Sunil said irritatingly.

Veeraya argued, “No, Sunil. Though I have seen Kavita’s uncle only once, I can still remember him”,

“See, daddy. I don’t know whom you have seen. Right now Sanky sir is in hospital. Don’t bring this topic in front ofhim and make him worry. And more over the killer is identified, it was that Allush.

So please be quite”, Sunil grumbled and left from the place.

“Hmm… May be I’m getting old… so my vision is not good enough to recognize the person… otherwise why sir’s father was with Kavita’s uncle”, Veeraya muttered.

In Hospital, Swara came along with Sunil to see Sanky.

“Oh! You woke up. How are you feeling sir?” Sunil asked.

He shook his head indicating that he is feeling better.

“Yesterday patrolling guys got you on Hosur. I gave your bike for repair…”, then he looked at his watch and said, “Ok, sir I’ll come later… we can talk more about it… take care”, he left.

Sanly looked at Swra side. She looked worried and he can see tears in her eyes. He askedher to sit.She came close to him and took his hand and pressed it.

“Please… don’t do this kind of stunts again… you are hurting many people here”, she said in anger and wiping her tears.

He smiled and said, “Few days back you are in the hospital, now it turned up-side down”.

“I wished, I would have been in your place”, she said. And she continued, “So! How did it happen? Is that part of that murder investigation?You know… your photo came innewspaper… they described you as a brave police officer… now so many people would have become your fans”

“Oh! Then it is difficult for me to walk on roads as many people would recognize me”, he laughed.

“Why do you want to continue on this case … I’m feeling it is dangerous to continue investigate this case… please handover to someone else…” she said.

“You told exactly what I was thinking. I’ve been telling him to quit this job, but he never listens to me. At least ask him, not to investigate this case”, Sanky’s mother grumbled while entering room.

Swara got up from her chair as she saw his mother and wished her.

Sanky introduced her as she is studying in PES College and he met her during this case investigation.

Sanky’s mother smiled at him and said,”I already know her and she came today morning to visit you when you were unconscious”

They had a chat for some time then,Swara said, “Aunty… I have to leave now. Take care Sanky
”, and she was about to

Credit to: IREENA

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