Murderer Mystery Part 1


hey guys I’m IREENA back with first part of murderer mystery hope u like it i told u that i will post it on 14 but i got free time now bcz today i don’t have practical so thought to post it n plz comment

Sub-Inspector Sanskar was driving fast towards the paying guest accommodation in 9th block, Jayanagar. Its just a few KM from his Police Station.

Now,Let me introduce Mr.Sanskar– he is 5 feet 10 inch with dark hair and sharp eyes and most obviously an athletic physic to suit his Police style.He has completed 6 yrs of service as acop , severed in rural area and recently posted to Jayanagar police station. He gained respect and popularity among the people living in Jayanagar becoz of his courage and ability to solve any critical case.For the first time after his posting to Jayanagar,a suspicious death was reported in his circle. He was all set to investigate and drove towards the PG.

It is one of the luxury women pay guest accommodation in Bangalore. He got down from his vehicle and wondered at the extravagance of the building. A 5 Floor building with granite front wall and beautiful windows with stainedglass. A grand entrance with teal wood. And the sandalwood aroma throughout the reception area made him relax and wonder the cost involved to maintain such a place. And the amount of rent to be paid by its inmates.He remembered the news clipping that stated how successful and profitable the PG business had become. Especially PG for women who worked in private companies and BPO’s. In Bangalore itself, there are more than 1000 PGs. The rents vary from Rs. 1000/- to 10K/- and based on the rent,the facilities will vary”

His train of thoughts were disturbed by a coarse voice,

“Good morning sir”, hostel watchman saluted sanky with respect and opened the building gate.

“What is her name?”sanky asked by checking the premises carefully.

“Kavita Madam, sir”, He replied.

They walked into her room, where she laid on the floor with her face turned towards floor. She might be around 25 to 30 years old, wearing silky nighty.

sanky observed her carefully forsome time; he didn’t find any sign of manhandling. He cautiously viewed the room and made a note of the amenities provided,a sofa set, LCD TV, split AC and a luxurious bed on corner side.

“Who first noticed her like this?” Sanky asked watchman.

“Kalyani madam, sir, she is her neighbor”, he said showing a lady who was sobbing on the other side.

Sanky asked his photographer to take few photos of the scene and went to talk to her.

Kalyani looked terrified and in deep shock.

“Can you explain me what had happened madam?”he asked.

She took some time to answer his question, then,

“Today morning I went to talk to her. The room was not locked so I went inside and saw her on the floor. I thought she was sleeping on the floor, so tried to wake her up, but shedidn’t move I got afraid and kept my fingers near her nose and there was no breathing and she is dead”, She blurted.

Sanky felt that she was not telling the entire incident on what happened in the room when she came inside un-intentionally or ????So he tired questioning her in a different angle.

“ Did u move her or this was the position of her body when u came in?

”Please do not leave any details, if u had moved her please say so”

“No Sir, I didn’t move her ,just shook her shoulders to wake her up”

“Hmmmm, does she stay alonein this room?”

“Yes, she doesn’t like to share-rooms”.


“Excuse me sir”, someone interrupted him.

He turned back, and a middle age woman was standing in-front of the crowd.

“My name is Radha bai, and I manage this PG”, Sir, to my knowledge such incidents have never happened before; our PG is very reputed in this area. We have very tight security here”, She said.

Sanky nodded and said, “Did you inform her parents?”

“No sir, her parents died in a car accident. She has an uncle.We informed him today”.“I think, she committed suicidesir, I don’t think it is a murder”, she muffled.

Sanky said,“ Lets not decide anything as of now , the body will be sent for an autopsy to know the cause of death. Oncewe know the reason,We will do the further investigation based on report”

After some time, the ambulance came and took the body to the hospital.

Sanky was thinking in mind

“Kavita hmm she is orphan bit still leaves in the luxurious PG stranfe bit i have to collect information about her. i have to know about her friends relatives n enemies”

So sanky beta lets start ur work is begine now

episode end on sanly’s determined face

sorry guys in 2 promo i have said a five star hotel bit according to my further story 5 star hotel doesn’t suit so change it into PG

plz plz dear comment i badly needed ur comment i promise whenever i got time i will post it

i know this part was ok not so good but i can’t reveal his investigation in very first episode. plz comment good bad n suggestion are also welcomes

Credit to: IREENA

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