Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Prologue


hi guyss…again. with a new ff to torture you guysss…don’t worry this time i won’t make it si slow that can give you sleep…it’s a mystery full intense love story about our cute, sweet, and naughty couple RagLak..whether even till now i don’t know the reason, how i got attractive to them…i think its a spell spreaded by them…i wish i could see them as a real life couple also..i’m desiring for that one news…i hope-larq…so here is the prologue…guys, i thought not to give any intro about themselves because we knew each them very clearly..

Scene 1,
there was a music humming around and a chill icy wind blowing…the sky looked as if anytime it would cry out the rain out of its skin…the thunder lightning starts to appear on sky…a door of a shop’s open up…there was a girl came out…”bye,uncle…meet you tomorrow” the girl said while coming out…”okay, riddhima beti..good night” the owner of the shop waved his hand…
the girl closed the door behind and walks…the chilling and icy cold wind blow on her skin…it makes her skin pale and cold like ice…she rubbed her hand and puts it on her face…but it didn’t change her body temperature..the thunder starts to appear again..the girl looked up…”looks like rain will come at any time” she thinks to herself…
she sat down on the roadside and puts her bag infront of her…she unzipped it and took out a grey colour sweater from…she then got up…”it’ll keep warm” she said to herself and puts it on herself…she then took her bag and again starts to walk..

Scene 2,
the girl reached the railway station. the rain starts to pour down.”thank god, i reached before the rain pour” the girl smiled…she looked around her and saw there is no one..the railway station looked silent..its looks like she’s watching a muted movie..she just hears the sound of the rain pouring on top of the roofs and down on mud…and also the announcements of the platforms…
she sighed deeply..”wow, so silent..there is no one can hear me…i’m a free-bird” the girl smiled…”yes, there’s no one to hear your screams” a voice was said behind her..the smile faded away from her lips and jerked turned around…she saw not a single person there…its gave her shock…”where the voice come from?” the girl said..she then starts to walk from there with thinking its just a imagination…

Scene 3,
the girl came to the platform and waits for the train to arrive…even she thinks it was just a dream, her heart can’t take it …its still beating faster as she ran in a marathon..
a shoes is shown beside the girl…there was a stick beside him…he was wearing a black glasses and is a absolutely blind…he’s a old and coughs…the girl looks at him and turned…”how are you,beta?” the old man asked..the girl looked at him..”me?” she points at herself..”yes,of course…you are the one here” the man smiled while coughing…”oh, fine,” the girl said…”nice” they hear the train coming sound..
“so,uncle where are you going?” the girl asked…”oh, i’m somewhere from” the man asked..”me..” the old man cuts her off..”i’ll say” the old man said..the girl looked on…”you’re going where sahir gone” the old man said..
the girl looked shocked…”how do you know him?” the girl asked..”i knew it, riddhima” the old man said..” do you know my name?” she asked…”i know all the names..” the old man said…thean took out his glasses…his eyes are absolutely fine..he smiled..
his teeths are straight and white..the girl starts to walk backwards..”who are you?” the girl asked…”cool, because you are going to die…i want you to be peace” the man said and walks to her.
the girl looked panicked and scared..she felt want to cry and call someone for help…but it will be in vain because there is no one…the girl turned and starts to run till where her legs can carry..the man speeds like a young man…he manages to grab at the middle of her hair…its carried to her the severe pain..”Ahhh……leave me” the girl pleaded..the man looked at her like stone..while, still not left her hair ,he took out a small knife but it is so sharp..he took it infront her throat…his eyes showed his pain while also the happy in killing her…
without anymore time, he slits the throat of her by the knife…”ehhhh” she gulped the air in and in severe pain..the blood starts to oozing out from the slited throat…he came close to her ear and whishlered…”go and ask forgiveness from sahil”
without any hesitation or scared nature, he threw in the air to the down on train road(i hope you undeestand what i’m saying…i dont know the meaning) she gulped the air and tears starts to roll down …”bye” the man waved and walks away smiling happily..the train came close..and then the sound of the train passing..the screen fades into dark…but still running the sound of the train passing…

to be continued…

i hope guys, you’ll like the way if kavya di is reading, i’ll thanking for giving such mysterious ff ‘it all started with the hate request’ it was a nice ff and i’m waiting next season to start…hats off to her…she have a great future to become a bestest screen writer…if anyone cam then tell her this..because i have some problem to commemt…plz …plz comment and share your thought…

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    By just reading single part
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    It looks like horror & scary yaar keep going

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    Amazing superb
    Totally interesting
    Loved it
    Full of suspense
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly awaiting to read more

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    awesome akka…omg horror story….

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    awesome loved it

  12. WOW Interesting prologue and eagerly waiting for first episode

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    OMG..scary start my dear…

  16. A.xx

    Fab so interesting I wonder what happens next xx

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