Murder , Revenge , Love /// RAGLAK \\\ Chapter 5

hi guys… sorry for so late.. thanks for the comments.. this years is now have one day to end.. so pray to god to forgive for your bad deeds you’ve done for a human or this forgive will give you something big and good, guys..
be careful while speaking to a human.. because, if you let’s l let it once.. there is no way to take it back.. be happy and forgive even for your enemy..

scene 1,
laksh and Ragini are sitting and watching TV shows.. there no nothing attract too watch…at last, laksh changed the channel to Animal Planet and watched the Show.. in the show, they’re showing a buffalo bathing..
laksh laughed suddenly when there is no funny w in the program.. Ragini looked on..
Ragini :(concern)laku,what happened? why are you laughing like a idiot?
ragini looked innocent..
Laksh :(laughing) nothing, I just imagining you as the b buffalo..
Ragini got shocked and surprised.. she opened her mouth in O shape..
Ragini : how dare you?

Ragini beats him hard wherever.. laksh tries to stop her..
Laksh : stop, ragu.. it’s hurting..
Ragini :(still beating) leave it to pain..
Ragini beats him even harder.. laksh winced in pain while tried to stop her… but she didn’t let him go.. laksh to stop her, hugged her.. Ragini slowly stopped it and make a face to him.. Laksh broked the hug and cupped her face.. Ragini didn’t look at him..
Laksh : aww, mera baccha.. fed up with me.. ju ju ju..
laksh treats her like a child… Ragini smiled a bit.. laksh noticed..
Laksh : baccha smiled..
Ragini :(making a face) no, I’m not..
Ragini tied her hand together and looked away …she again smiles a bit as he couldn’t control it..
laksh :(pointing at her) I saw you’re smiling..
Ragini smiled out loud.. laksh smiled..
Ragini :so what?

she said.. laksh smiled..
Laksh : I want my ragu baccha to smile always..
Ragini smiled at him.. laksh pinched both her bubbly cheek..
Ragini :(wincing)OUCHH!
Laksh takes his hand away… Ragini massages it both with her hands and stares at him.. laksh stand up..
Laksh :let’s go to swara house..
laksh walks away.. Ragini looked at him and tuned.. laksh came to her in a second.. Ragini shocked..
laksh :(cute) I love you, ragu!
he pulled her nose with his hand..
Ragini :(wincing)ahhhhhhhhh!
laksh ran away.. Ragini shoots a glare at him while massaging her nose..

scene 2,
meanwhile, swara giving ice pack to his wound on head.. Sanskar slowly came to conscious slowly.. he opened his eyes slowly and gets clear vision in seeing swara… he’s mesmerized by her even he’s in pain.. Sanskar smiled at her.. swara saw it and got happyy..
swara :(relieved) you’re alive.. I mean, you’re conscious..i’m safe..
sanskar remember how he’s standing outside… while, she suddenly opened the door and hit him on head.
he jerked sit straight..
Sanskar (wincing)OUCHH! ah!
swara gets concern for him..
swara : are you alright?
Sanskar saw her concern and again remember how she hurts him..
Sanskar :(scared)mummy!

he maintain distance..
Sanskar :(yelling) murderer! murderer!
he yell out his throat.. swara scared as anyone listened to him.. swara shuts his mouth by her palm..
swara : sir. shut up..
Sanskar stopped yelling and looked at her.. he gazed at her.. swara keeps silents for a while to listen if anyone coming but not.. she looked at Sanskar.. they have a eyelock..
the calling bell rang.. they’re eyelock broken into pieces.. swara is shocked and looked in wide eyes..
swara :(scared) who’s that? I’m going to die..
she looked at Sanskar.. Sanskar looked at her bold..
swara :(whisper at him)please, don’t make a sound..
she pleaded him and releases him.. he stands quite.. swara switched on the TV and walks to the door.. she looked out via the hole..
it’s Raglak.. swara relieved and turned… she sighed..
swara : I’m safe..

she wipes her face and ready to open the door.. she looked at Sanskar one last time and pulled the door..
swara :(smiling) hi,
even swara is smiling.. RagLak five that something is wrong about her as her face less tensed..
Ragini :(cupped her face) what happened, swara?
Ragini got concerned.. swara walks aside and showed Sanskar to them.. they first looked shocked but then, laksh smiled..
laksh :(smiling) sanky, you man here?
Sanskar :(happily hugged him) lucky, you here? how?
Laksh : I’m swara’s brother and she’s my wife, Ragini..
laksh introduced.. Sanskar looked Ragini and greets her..
Sanskar : hello, bhabhi!
Ragini didn’t utter a word but smile and greets him with folded hand…sanlak talked..
swara and Ragini looked at sanlak..
swara :(whisper) did brother know him before?
swara looked at ragni face.. Ragini also looked at her..
Ragini : how do I know? your is so open type to say it all, huh?
swara : you’re right. even I don’t know..
they looked at them.. while sanlak talks..
Laksh :why you here? how.?
Sanskar : I’m here for the murder investigation…
Ragini signed swara if it’s true.. swara nod at her.. Ragini nods her head and looked at them ..
laksh : okay,
he says.. Sanskar smile at laksh.. he came to swara..
Sanskar :(smiling) hi, I’m Sanskar..
swara smiles and looked into his eyes.. they shakes hand with each other..
swara : hi, I’m swara..
they looked into each other… while, Ragini raised her eyebrow at laksh with a spreading smile in her face. laksh looked at her and smiles.. Ragini for shy by how smiley face and looked down smiling with veiling her half face by her hand..Laksh gazed at her intensely…


chapter 4s link…
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